Life space Lermontov

Life space Misha Lermontov It was not easy. When meeting with the Father, it is a rampant and enjoying, after which the feeling of lightness and burden of life. In the house of grandmothers – hard order, stability and overwhelming personality. Thus, the boy from the Small years realized that his identity needs to be protected and no one could not allow his soul. Also Misha Saw path manipulation powerful and strong people like grandmother and ways of impact on the weak spirit of people like father. In his surroundings, there were not many friends, but they could fall under the shelling of caustic and hurts. Lermontov, communicating with a man, immediately defined the weak points of personality and took to weapons: if necessary, applying tactics of stroking in a word or causing a verbal blow to achieve his. An example of such friendship and communication can be the relationship between Lermontov with Belinsky. Visit Belinsky House Museum in.G. For you will be just a storehouse of ideas and ways of upbringing, and the child is developing critical thinking.

Belinsky House Museum in.G.

Town Chambar has his own unique story, Located on the river Chambar, got its name. And the modern name received from the last name of his famous resident Belinsky in.G. Critical thinking, and progressive views of Belinsky had a big impact on the course of events in the history of Russia. Influence of Belinsky B.G. On the minds of youth of their time, it was so great that everyone with whom he was friendly, with prails talked about it.

Consider the features of the education of Vissarion in childhood. This is possible in the House-Museum of Belinsky in.G. (Working since 1938, and as a manor museum since 1969). Manor includes himself Belinsky house, The building of the county school and the mansion of the former merchant Antyushina. Thus, the entire center of the town is a museum-memorial complex, and everything else Rustic community serves it. The town can be held literally for an incomplete hour. In the outskirts he rests on the forest and meadows. The border nature between the forest and the plain has always selected, both forest mordes and steppes, so the rebellious moods, inherent in the natives of these places.

When passing on the exhibitions of the museum, pay attention to: Formation of the image and word of your presentation about Belinsky in.G. How Little Vissarion grew and lived, in which atmosphere of family warmth, how he was constantly fought with officials his father, being a lake and how to play this battle, saved. Answers to these questions are given in the restored house on the old foundation of Belin. Personal belongings and household items are collected here. Pay attention to the Belinsky library, which has formed Initial understanding Life of Vissarion.

The second exposition shows the life and study of Belinsky in the county school. It is located in the building of the former school built by architect Aplisandrovsky. Pay attention to the architecture of the building and the interior of the recreated classrooms, Let the child compare with his class and his school, and you will become clear what has changed or left from the old education system. Here are the textbooks and the chic library of Russian and foreign authors, for which students studied in the past.

Third exposure Located in the former merchant mansion, where the works of Belinsky printed in life are presented, as well as a large local lore material of life criticism in St. Petersburg. Pay attention to the episodes of clashes and the secular friendship of Belinsky with Lermontov on their correspondence. Interestingly, Belinsky appreciated his skill in Lermontov create a word image. In his critical comments, he often admired this particular ability of Lermontov, but did not love the biliary attacks of Mikhail for fun.

In the estate there are interesting sculptural compositions "Belinsky gymnasium" and "Zhuravushka". Reflect with the child what can show Combination of sculptures. Determine the step-by-step algorithm for critical analysis of events:

  • What is the security of what is happening;
  • What knowledge is needed to understand this security;
  • What actions are needed to solve the issue, and what result will contribute to the satisfaction of the individual.
Life space Lermontov

This algorithm will help the child in school life in the future.

Lermontov Museum-Reserve Tarkhan

Culmination of weekend hikes should be Visit the Museum-Reserve Lermontova M. NS. Tarkhans. Everything is unique here: the history of the manor, the name of the manor, the owners of the manor, the nature of her. Visit these places and the expositions of the museum, and better get to Lermontov literary meetings, will allow you to understand that atmosphere, the space of childhood Mikhail, where the foundation of the person of the future genius was laid.

The name of the manor, Tarkhans, already Holds to think. The peasants of the village (in the past boxes) were engaged not only by agriculture, but also bought the canvas of flax, hemp, skins on other Villages of the province (Tarkhani), and then traded at the fairs. Grandma Arsenya A.E. was an enterprising herself and encouraged it from peasants, opened the fair in the village itself. Therefore, the name of Tarkhan was fixed behind the village. Pay attention to the territory of the manor, as it is equipped, how it is preserved to show the space that Formed a future genius.

Museum-Reserve includes: Barsk Manor, Family Necropolis Arseny-Lermontov, Apaliha estate (Aunt Misha Lermontov Shang-Gire.A.)

First museum complex "Barsk Manor" Presented by the house that brought grandmother after the death of Mikhail Mary Mikhailovna Lermontov (Arsenyeva). In this house, Mishe Lermontov had to Survive a lot of events: License with Father, Mother’s Death Awareness. Here were the days of knowledge of Azov of different sciences and arts. Here, taking a pencil for the first time, he created his paintings. Here, from under his fingers, the estates, romantic sounds of the piano.

Look at and pay attention to the child to Mikhail Lermontov’s paintings, as I change Transfer images With a pencil and color with the age of the author. Read the first poems in the exposition and compare with those who teaches your child. Go around the amazing park, look at the mill and in the house of Melnik, see the wagon, feel the image of the world that was loved by Lermontov, no matter what. Spend parallel between paintings and poems images of Lermontov artist and Lermontov poet. Let the child understand that the word can also be drawn the image, which, when reading the poem, story, story, Roman presents the reader to the best of his fantasy. And fantasy develops creativity.

Wide in the manor church of Maria Egypt, which Grandma Arsenyev built.A., How to tribute the memory of the dead daughter. Beautiful slender building in ampir style. Inspect the screwdriver’s utensils and pay attention to which the exhibits are saved with. Feel awe Love to the Middle Man.

The second exposition complex – This is the temple of Mikhail Archangel In the center of the village of Tarkhan (Lermontovo). Spend a parallel between the drawings of the village of Lermontov and the modern perception of it. Let the child compare the image of the past and the image of the present, analyzes the differences.

In the third exposition complex – estate apaliha (estate aunt poet Shang-Gire.A.) take a walk in the park among the age-old lip, on baking a park river with a creek, scattering water lily. Hear the singing of birds and the murmur of pure spring. Immerse yourself in the world of sensations that formed the feelings of the little Misha Lermontov and you also want to sing or speak verses, Or maybe hear music in my head or want to dance from an excess of feelings taking away from you.

Try Getting in the summer for the celebration of the anniversary Lermontov M.NS., to find yourself in the world of poetry and feel the magic of the word. Show the child how the foundations of our world through images and the word are formed.

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