Life Stories on the Edge of Light

My mother has taken time when the brigades of the reindeer herders were 14 people. At all it was necessary to cook food, wrapping clothes, sunmate. Plus cleaning. In general, things are grabbed. Now brigades are two times less.

We are family of deerrevodov. Grandfather was the founder of the collective farm, has the Order of Lenin. I got deer from my father. I got married, too, for a reindeer breeder, now "We live in one thing". I, like mom, is a chumberscant. When men follow the herd, I cook food and check that the circle was clean and order. The other day, our family came to the base in Tundra, to the calving, where it will remain until the summer. In June, we will return to the village of Lovoztero, as the herd goes to the sea, and in August – back to the tundra, where the day it is already until December. When we are in the tundra, mostly live on the basis of where there are two wooden houses, there is a bath. But the deer graze not here, and not to overcome every time a lot of kilometers of the road, men put on the spot Kuvaksu (portable dwelling. – approx. Red.) and arrange duty. Regretted – I returned and wait again with my turn. I’m on the basis of children.

With our husband, they are four of them, and they go to the tundra from five months. It’s good here, calm. I myself grew in the wake of wildlife, due to which I read a lot and walked, invented various games. When the parents asked where I want to go: to the camp on the sea or in Tundra – always chose the second. And now it’s very hard for me when I can not return to the database for a long time. Right in chest pressed. And it happens every fall, since the eldest daughter is studying in the third grade. In the spring easier: the teacher gives the tasks, and we do them immediately in nature.

I think that we, reindeer breeders, lucky. We do not work from vacation to vacation, how many citizens make, and we enjoy what we do. And during the rest in the village we dream Rather back to Tundra, to work.

Communication is enough and inside the team, and inside the family. And recently we put a satellite plate on the basis, and the Internet appeared. Now we can maintain communication with the people you are interested in remotely.

I am a representative of the indigenous small people of Sámi, and for us reindeer herding – the main thing in life. True, civilization hit him on him. Sometimes tourists on the basis more than on the Arbat of people, and no one pays attention to herd. Dispersed deer, and we again collect them on the tundra. And this is not the easiest work. On the peculiarities of the life of Russian Lapland "My Planet" wrote earlier.

I was born on the Kola Peninsula’s Teksk in the wooden hospital village Umba on the Bay. It was a furnace, washbasins, there was no sewage, but everything looked sterile and purely. Now even this is not, and the woman in labor has to leave for other cities, usually in Kandalaksha, Murmansk. (Is it so dark in the polar night that the inhabitants of Murmansk serves the cottages and why Murmansk should not be called Murmans, read in the review "11 secrets of Murmansk".)

Despite the fact that the nearest village is 30 km away, tourists have. Some asked permission to live for a while simply so that in the mornings and evenings with us fishing gear check, or even decide to remain volunteers

I am 26 years old, and fishing for me is primarily fishery. In the garden of our house, as in many others, the fertilizer for potatoes is laminaria, which is also often used in salads. But the main field of the Pomora – the sea. Fisheries is first work. However, if there were dozens and tens of ties on the shore (the farm, including a fisherman’s house and other buildings. – approx. Red.), now commercialists can be counted on the fingers.

Unfortunately, our family of industrial attachments also had to leave. We will try this year to get permission at least on a small catch. Many refuse. Even commercial plot did not give some neighbors. Now we are preserving the history of the Russian North in the Historical and Ethnographic Complex "Tonya Tetrin". We have restored Pomeranian commercial buildings, the Saman rate. Despite the fact that the nearest village is 30 km away, tourists have. Some asked permission to live for a while simply so that in the mornings and evenings with us fishing gear check, or even decided to stay by volunteers – so carries the sea.

Photo: Dmitry Komarov

There are not many fishermen in the village, even less commercialists, but the fishing rod is probably in every family. My father and I felt. Sometimes we leave separately on the fishing rod, when, for example, I want a little cod on the table. But it is not fishing. Fishery is a born of a non-day, and they better do it together. You can and alone, but then more chances to miss the catch. About loneliness do not have time to think. It is necessary to under the wave of the nose of the carbas (a large boat for fisheries. – approx. Red.) put, then the nemid catch, then the paddle is removed, then the cable tighten. Talk there is time only on oars. Then another work begins: to remove the fish in the drawers, drag to the shore, the boat on the stones to do up to the cable, pull it out onto the cortex. Details and nuances a lot. Not bored! We, by the way, fish mostly only sall.

Life Stories on the Edge of Light

The current self-insulation has little influenced our way. Except that time appeared tone to engage. We have a saltwall there, we cook the White Sea salt as it was 500 years ago, at the same place. As before, load the snow and ice in the cellar – a glacier where it can go to the end of the summer. We are still preparing documents for obtaining permission to catch, Smolim Carbas and repair the bath.

The current self-insulation has little influenced our way. Except that time appeared tone to engage

Rest is a change of activity. And on the tone there is always a job. On any. And on such as our, where there is a bath, barn, sender (traditional construction on pillars for storing fishing gear from mice. – approx. Red.), hollow, and on tone with one trailer and mandrels (designs for drying fishing gear. – approx. Red.). If the catch was big and you plunged, for example, a whole "loaf" of herring and humpbacks, sending it to the fish, then after that you need to rinse the carbas, the network is cleaned, the firewood is forced, the fence is to correct if the seal in the neport or the network came, you will have a boat again drop and save a catch. So to infinity!

Photo: Dmitry Komarov

Pomor is a man living by the sea. From our village, many left because there is no work, the fish farm is closed, a scene farm, a foodstrybank. But the shore will always accept the owner and give it the fish, the means and the meaning of life. Pomor should be. Only lazy can not be here, and work will always be rewarded.

Meteorological station – the most distant shelter of the National Park Taganay. Before it is 25 km along the lower trail, five of which are a protracted rise. The duty room is a wooden one-storey house, calculated by about 16 people. Inside two rooms with bunk beds for tourists, kitchen, duty room. Restroom is on the street, and each time it has to be tuned: the winds of the wind reach 30-40 m / s, so that the trail demolishes only so! For communication with other shelters I have a radio. Mobile communications also catches. But it is more made for tourists. There is gas, and electricity comes through solar panels. My job is to accept visitors and place them.

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