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No in Poland another such region with so many resorts like Lower Silesia. For 200 kV. km located already 10 springs.

Everyone is beautiful and only in their own way. Wherever they are, you can walk along the park alleys, although each of the resort parks looks quite different, but everywhere you can try delicious spring water driving out of the ground. Interestingly, each of them will help get rid of different ailments. In addition, in every place you can open something new for yourself, something special and unique. In Droanchi – Schopin Festivals and Museum of Paper Production, Polarice, Dressup and ************************ Cutting Mountains, in Lyondka – Mountain Film Festival and Arboretum , and in Dulgopol – Separation and Privacy.

It is here on the healing water of Lower Silesia in 1847. Russian publicist and critic Vissarion Grigorievich Belinsky came to be treated.

Lönek-Zdroa Located at the foot of the Golden Mountains, and this is the oldest resort in Poland. Here you will find wonderful resort facilities built by the pattern of Turkish baths. Treasure Lyundka – Radon water has long been used in the treatment of rheumatic and heart diseases, neuritis and allergic diseases.

History Dlugopol-healthy Testernly linked. Spring water appeared here in the XIV in., When the mountain slope was collapsed with the quasans mine. Spring as such arose a little more than 100 years ago, and health heded to this day remains a separate resort lying at the foot of the Byshtsy Mountains, between two hills covered with thick vegetation. Here are treated with gorgeous paths, liver, pancreas, anemia and hypertension.

There were already known about the properties of the water of dushkitsky sources in the Renaissance Epoch. Professional resort equipment appeared, however, only 200 years ago. Today Dressy-healthy belong to the number of the most fashionable resorts of the landwoman. In memory of the stay f. Chopin, here commemorate Chopin’s festivals every year. The mineral composition of local waters contributes to the treatment of some diseases of the esophagus, stomach, pancreas, bronchi and lungs.

Although its sources enjoyed fame already 400 years ago, history Polyana-Zdroj There has been about 150 years old, but among the health resort of Poland, it takes one of the leading places. A small, picturesquely located Polyana is famous for carbonate calcium waters. Are treated here peptic diseases of the digestive tract, diseases of gorgeous paths, hearts and anemia.

Life-supersonal land - Kudova Zdrojniznaya Silesia, Poland Blogs and travel notes of tourists by

In covered at the table mountains Kundow-Healthy The most soft climate in the courts, but about therapeutic waters located there, wrote already in 1622., When this area was called "Huddoba", that is, "Need". Today it would be difficult to believe that someone could come up with this name. Today Kudov refutes it at every step, and thousands of tourists attract the tourist attraction of Kunda and its surroundings. Water Mineral Waters are useful for people with heart diseases and for children with stomach ulcer disease, as well as with obesity and liver inflammation.

When you already get acquainted with the charming of the resort park, and the taste of local waters will sharpen a desire to acquire new knowledge, go to the museum of the craft. Here you can imagine, how worked in the past times a shoemaker, tailor, culp, chain, master, making leather products, bondar, blacksmith.

Children and, of course, adults will be delighted when they are in the premises of the museum of toys. Here, in glass windows, the heroes and scenes from fairy tales are presented. You will find out the story and purpose of some toys, for example, the dolls from Peru took into the graves with the cult goals, and the Bulgarian dolls distilled off evil spirits.

An extremely original idea is. Museum of Lygushki. As exhibits here, many items from different countries of the world related to the image of frogs. The purpose of the exposition is not only closer to get acquainted with these pretty shoes, but also to instill the idea of ​​their protection.

Life-supersonal land - Kudova Zdrojniznaya Silesia, Poland Blogs and travel notes of tourists by

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