Lifehak: The most beautiful Greek villages

«Idillic and charming» Greek villages presented to tourists CNN TV channel. Among them are as famous, for example, by Santorini, others «Wide public» Unknown. But they all combine the comfort of antiquities, delightful landscapes, and many – Exits Popular routes from tourists.

Village Stemetnitsa, Arkady

The village of Stemetnitsa, located in the mountainous area of ​​Arcadia, which was for the well-read tourist and remains an example «Shepherdish idylly». Locals here and still live «Simple rural life». However, a significantly large part of the village brings Silver and Gold Smithery School, the local government jewelry school – Therefore, in workshops in narrow streets of the village there is always an abundance of handmade decorations.

Agios Georgios Nilias, Pelion

Village Agios Georgios Nilias is located at an altitude of 700 meters on Mount Pelion, and here old shale houses with four-tight roofs rise next to the neoclassical mansions of the 19th century. Once it was giving a rich merchant, which is rich in Egyptian textile and built impressive estates in their native land. Tourists recommend to arrive here in the evening – To enjoy sunset paints and local dinner.

Arneia, Chalkidiki

Small town Arneia called «One of the most typical of all traditional villages in Greek Macedonia». The village is located on a wooded mountain Homondas, her «Fill» Two- and three-storey wooden and stone houses with low doors to maintain heat in winter, and borrowed from Eastern architecture protrusions «Hayat».

Ano Syros, Cyclades

Located on the top of the hill overlooking the capital of Hermupoli Island, the village of Ano Syros is considered to be a classic Cycladic medieval settlement. What is interesting, its population in the overwhelming majority consists of Catholic Greeks, descendants of the Venetian settlers late Middle Ages. The town also contains Capuchin Monastery, where tourists are not opposed to.

Pyrgi, Chios

Known as «Painted village», Pyrgi belongs to K «Masticochoria» – 24 medieval villages in southern Chios, where the aromatic resin of a mastic tree is cultivated. The village is known for their own «painted» Houses with gray-white geometric decorations in the style of camp.

Ia, Santorini

The picturesque coastal village is undoubtedly one of the most famous places of Greece – her streets in countless personnel saw probably any tourist. Village became «personification» Greek island and attracts a huge number of tourists. So wishing to admire the view of the caldera of the volcano and the famous white houses with blue doors recommend coming early in the morning, before the arrival of tourist buses, or late in the evening

Litohoro, Pieria

Located at the entrance to the mountain of Olympus village Litohoro reminds observers «Ordered, neat atmosphere of the Swiss village». Also a village – One of the starting points for Peak Mount Olympus, 9,577 feet height.

Lindos, Rhodes

Under the ruins of the ancient Acropolis of the island of Rhodes there is a village Lindos. Her dignity – Passed exclusively on foot streets, ancient ruins and outputs on sandy beaches. Truth, «OverTurism» I got here, and now tourists are recommended to stay here at night or visit the village in the afternoon.

Chora, Folegandros

Cycladic village of Choir Folegandros is known for claims the most photographed alley in the Aegean Sea. Tight streets, once «Calculated» to hide from pirate attacks, now «Unpassed» For tourists who love to photograph similar authenticity.

Assos, Kefalonia

«The best example of the fishing harbor of the Ionian Sea» – So called the Assos village on Kefalonia. Brightly painted houses surrounding green pines and blue water already create an idyllic picture. It is complemented by the fact that Mirtos Beach is located, which is considered the best sandy beach of Kefalonia.

Apirantos, Naxos

Mountain village on the slopes of Mount Fanari, is considered «Pearl in crown» Similar villages. In addition to picturesque species, it has a whole five museums – the Archaeological Museum of Apiranthos, the Geological Museum, the Museum of Natural History, the Museum of Fine Arts and the Folklore Museum. True, some of which are no more than the hotel room.

Lifehak The most beautiful Greek villages on tourism from the tourism

Popingo, Pindos

Impressive stone architecture of the village of Papingo in the Pindos Mountains – One of the 46 alpine villages known as «Torokoria». Arched stone bridges, donkey mountain trails, natural beauty «alpine Greece» – all appear before the tourist. Papingo is also especially popular, partly because of the «kolimbitrov», huge granite rocks, which form a natural «Pools» a short walk from the village. Often the tourists are ready to plunge it in the hot summer.

Kalarites, Ioannina

Mountain Village Kalarites in Ioannina, capital of Epirus region is famous for the traditional gray stone houses. The village is in the middle of the steppe mountain meadows, ideal for the dominant herding culture. In this ethnically villagers – cattle-Vlachs, residents of the southern Balkans, with their own language and culture. The region is still interesting for its wildlife – They argue that there is still possible to meet wolves and bears.

Gytheio, Laconia

The town of Gytheio in Laconia «still exudes a rustic atmosphere and charm». Tourists are especially recommended to walk on its embankment of the 19th century. From the small harbor town «on dry land» you can reach the island of Marathonisi – which say that on this island held the first night of Paris and the beautiful Helen, after their escape from Sparta. The modern tourist will find on the island dozens of exciting species for the best selfie.

Katastari, Zakynthos

Katastari at the foot Vrachionas in Zakynthos – a small village, surprisingly delivered from the large crowds of tourists. This is all the more surprising that it is not far from the resort of Alykes with a significant number of tourists. And while its white houses allow to observe rural life, not really «digress» attention of tourists.

Castro, Sifnos

The village on a cliff on the Aegean island of Sifnos has grown around the castle once, providing protection from the raids of pirates. House, adjacent to each other on their own to form a protective wall. Also, protect the village steep cliffs. The attention of tourists is still drawn to the artifacts preserved in the village – so the old marble sarcophagus of the Hellenistic period is used as a flower garden with not one, but three.

Archanes, Crete

About 16 kilometers south of Heraklion, the town of Arkhanes, which is considered one of the best recovered villages in Greece. For tourists here are offered, in addition to the original species, also workshops of sculptures and two folklore museum.

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