Lifehaki: 7 tips for those who go to Tunisia

The oldest city of Tunisia, Sousse, which is also called the "pearl coast", is considered a youth place. Bright nightlife awaits you here. Discovek lovers come here. Hammamet – a quiet beach holiday and a wide variety of hotels that will appreciate more adult comforters comfort. Well, the island of Djerba is also suitable for both. It is always a bit warmer here than in other areas, as well as gorgeous sandy beaches with transparent water. Traditional bathing or extreme sports on Djerba – solve only you.


In Tunisia, pay local currency – dinars. At the same time, you do not need to change money at the airport where it is often a disadvantaged course, or urgently look for the nearest office in the city. In almost every hotel, this can be done at the reception where the exchange policy will be the same as everywhere.


Residents of Tunisia are sociable and love to study foreign languages, most speak two or three, and recently became very popular Russian language.

It’s nice that there is no obsessive service or unnecessary attention in Tunisia, which can sometimes meet in other Eastern countries. "Climb on a camel – $ 2, get to the clutter – $ 20" is not about Tunisia. If you refuse the proposed entertainment, smile and go away. And always help if you ask. Just…


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In Tunisia, you can afford to drive around the taxi, without fear to lose all means. This type of transport is very in demand and practically equal to the public. A trip within one tourist zone, for example, on Djerba, will cost $ 2-4. Machine can be divided with other passengers. Therefore, if you see the covenant car on the horizon, and the driver is not alone, do not hesitate, vote. You will capture if you are on the way. The price is most likely you pay the same as if you were driving alone, but save time.

Rent a Car

Independent travels can be more rich than official excursions, and rent a car in Tunisia is very simple, including online. For two days you pay $ 70-100. Take a car for a few days – you can count on a discount. Next, just ask your destination in Google Maps, and Voila! Adventure you are provided. During a self-trip to Tatooin, for example, you will see the herds of camels in the desert (pay attention to the appropriate road sign), you will be able to gain salt from pink lakes, which will not meet you along the way (it is unsuitable for food, but you can take a bath ), and more than once enjoy a real flavor of small settlements.

Where to stay

Lifehaki 7 tips for those who go to Tunisia

Hotels in Tunisia abound. Want to comfort and confidence – book the room in advance. If your goal is to save, ask how much room, right in place. Almost in all cases, if we are talking about a small hotel, cash you pay less. Secret – in the Commission, which is charged Internet service and which you pay, booking online. In addition, some hotels are not registered on such services. But they can be found, talking with local. Just ask their recommendations, and you will be happy to answer and even take the same address.

What to buy

When shopping, pay attention to the state stores of the chaperation network. You can find them practically at any resort. Prices there are an order of magnitude lower than in other outlets, and almost everything is sold – from food products to souvenirs.

Dates. If you want to find the most recent fruits, then know that the new harvest is collected from August to November. However, you can buy them all year round. Or on the market, or in large supermarkets.

Spices. Go hunt for them to the local market. Such can often be found right on the side of the big road. You pay the price, in a couple of times less shop. And the freshness of the product can be checked independently – the spices when you die out of a large bag in a plastic bag. Pay attention to Harissa. This is a pasty sauce that is a mixture of red chili pepper, coriander, Kumin and garlic. You can buy as a home option sold in the market and shop. Another interesting mixture is called Baharat. It is made from black pepper, cardamom, kumin, carnations, nutmeg and rose petals. Also capture home wonderful quality saffron, coriander and white pepper.

Still from Tunisia worth bringing beautiful Natural cosmetics (It is better to buy it in specialized stores and centers), cheap products made of genuine leather (all sorts of bags and wallets), silver and gold, ceramic and glass crafts, hookahs and oriental sweets. From drinks Interesting Father Liquor (200-300 rubles.) and citrus tincture Sedratin (about 500 rubles.). Well, on the notes of shopping lovers. If the fixed price in supermarkets seems to you a boring idea, and in the small market it was not all that you need, – try "taste" all the colors of the real Eastern bazaar! Each city has its own bitches – the very bazaar and the Center for Trade. It is said that local merchants receive special pleasure from the discussion of the price and dignity of the goods. Bargaining, like tea with a shoproom, here part of culture.

Lifehaki 7 tips for those who go to Tunisia

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