Lifehaki from Papuans

If you consider Papuans primitive savages, then you just did not live with them! They are inventive in their own way, familiar with the surrounding nature, and they have knowledge that traveler can come in handy.

1. Mosquito repellent

If you do not have a mosquito net with you, and you sleep in the house and you are lit by the mosquitoes alive, then turn on the light. Then insects will bite you much less.

2. How to warm up in cold

In the mountains of New Guinea, it can be cold enough in the evenings, but the old people from the tribe of Dani local weather does not scare. They are generally calmly walking around the vicinity of the valley Balia naked. No, they are not yoga. But they have one secret. They are covered with pork fat, which helps the body to keep warm. So when you get gather in a winter campaign, take a fat. Yes, nasty. But you will have another way to warm up.

3. Forest source of protein

The diet of Papuans from the tribe of cowes is pretty zubud. So they are lying in their forest trees that are so left there lie. After a while in the decomposing wood, sagovy worms are breed. This is the fleshy insects of white, which are similar to the giant laundry. Extract them will not be difficult, and the taste they are like peanut paste. Eat them usually alive, but you can and fry. The main thing is to put them with closed eyes. Otherwise the worms will immediately be asked.

4. Catch a fish

Can be fishing not only on the hook or network, but also the spoke from the umbrella. True, in shallow water. Just just go to the sea and do not move. When the fish itself swims past, Papua Russian boys cleverly pierced her back from the umbrella. The needle from the bike wheel will also fit.

5. Cook meat

Meat can be prepared not only on fire, but also in the pit. For this need stones. Their Papuats are the first thing to make a fire. When the stones are rolled enough, they are transferred to the depth of meter and a half in the pit. There stones are covered with banana leaves, slices of fresh meat thrown on the leaves, sweet potatoes, corn and spinach. Then the pit is covered with grass and wait. After a few hours, the meat will be ready.

6. If there was no bandage at hand

When you live in the jungle, bandages are scattered as hot cakes in the train of long distance. And if you have nowhere to replenish them, then plastic bags are going to move. There are no problems with them even in the most deaf regions where the traveler’s foot is rarely steps. Papuats tear packets on the patchwork and tie their wounds. Yes, the wound will not breathe that, of course, bad, but it will not fall into it and the annoying flies will not climb.

7. Instead of backpack

Lifehaki from Papuans

Papuans had no backpacks, so they used the knocks – traditional mesh bags with one long strap. Previously, they were spilled from the threads that were made from the bark of the tree. Now there are modern materials. Stamping Nokes is fixed on the forehead and lies on the back while walking. And he does not hang out of side to side, and keeps in his place. In these bags, Papuans transfer firewood, sweet potatoes, pigs and even children!

eight. Means from scattered

If you are scattered, then you forget what pocket put money, a phone or a lighter, then you will come in handy a Papuan bracelet. He is put on hand in the biceps area. Bracelet tight, and therefore he holds small objects. If you are right-handed, you put it on your left hand, and if the left-hander is right. Works trouble-free!

nine. Alternative cosmetics

Papuats deact themselves about and without. So drawings on the body and face have become an attribute of tribal self-identification. Without them they do not go to war or a party. But where are Papuans took their paints? Black Color – This is soot, white – Ground seashells, red – local fruit juice.

ten. If there is no lighter

It’s no secret that Papuans are able to breed fire by friction. But what to do when you need to go through the forest to another village, and there are no lighters with you? You won’t be every time you want to smoke, plant fire! In this case, Papuans take the fire from the fire, with which they go on the road. This is still Nikolai Nikolaevich Miklukho-Maclay wrote in his diaries.

Lifehaki from Papuans

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