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How to save in Venice, eat in a restaurant that is recommended by local and see the city without fuss and crowd .

Economic accommodation

According to statistical data in 2013, Venice visited more than 60 million tourists from around the world, and most arrives only for one day. Buses, trains, cars and huge cruise liners wait for their travelers and at the end of the day are departed from Venice to all possible destinations. It is at this moment that you can enjoy the peacefulness and deserts of small streets, canals and bridges.

The question arises: and where to spend the night so that the night becomes part of the Venetian sacrament, and not turned into an economic collapse? A decent place in the Venice itself is not budget, so I propose to pay attention to the island of Lido, which is just a few stops from San Marco on Vaporetto (these are small instead, which run in Venice and Lagoon as a vehicle). A huge number of apartments and villas in the traditional Venetian style are offered to tourists as housing. The neighboring city of Mestre is also happy to place those who want to save an impressive amount, from where the railway to the cherished destination is 20-25 minutes. Many agricultural villas – also economical accommodation near Venice. As a result, overnight with a traditional Italian breakfast, one person can spend € 25-40 (depending on seasonality), and if you agree, then the dinner with a glass of wonderful wine can enter this cost.


425 gondolors will be happy to offer you their services. But on the gondola they will not leave: only on a certain route and for € 80. Promised 30 minutes in reality – this is 15, from force 20. But since everything is prepaid, the maximum, which can be achieved, is a few musical variations on the topic "Oh, Sole Mio!".

Less romantic, but very nice and economical Vapornetto will cost € 7 in one hour or per five-hour ticket. It is better to take a ticket for a day or more, and if you plan to enjoy local hospitality from the soul, it is worth thinking about the acquisition of Travel Card. Cost per day – € 20, a week will have to pay € 60.

In € 20 will cost ROLLING VENICE for three days for young people from 14 to 29 years. With it, you can arrange a "regatta" on the Grand Channel, Venetian Lagoon and use the bus on the island of Lido.

Budget food

If we turn with the question of the owner of the institution: "For what they pay in the restaurant money?"- He will answer:" For the location, behind the ambient (interior, musical accompaniment and t. D.), for the service, well, and, in fact, for the food ". Therefore, if we are not ready to overpay for the convenience, let’s exclude everything except food. We go away from the tourist trail, we find an accuracy or a grazing, come in. Yes, standing … Yes, uncomfortable … But but, looking into the wallet, there will be no feeling that we left with us, and not we.

Or you can buy fresh buns in the supermarket, sliced ​​Parm ham or Italian cheese, a bottle of wine (on average, all this will cost you € 10 for two or three people) and sit down on the steps leaving for the Grand Channel.

If you still want to visit the Trattoria, be prepared for the fact that in the score a separate line will stand 10-13% for the service, and you will not have due attention. Nothing amazing, the mass of the tourist flow in Venice is not on the benefit of a random visitor to the Tratatorium.

Lifehaki Venice

Ristorante Riviera Venexia Dorsoduro 1473 I was advised by a native Venetian. Be sure to order a table by phone 041 522 76 21. In the warm season you can dine on the street, on the embankment. The average price for a stunning evening in a quiet Venice on the embankment, exquisite dinner, excellent service – € 50-60 per person.

Prices for maps visiting museums

Venice, as a floating gallery, can be called an open-air museum: the famous artists and sculptors lived and worked. But if you pay for the entrance to each museum separately, then at the end of the trip, curiosity will cost a very round sum. Therefore, I propose to turn to the card system again, but already visiting museums.

Prices for visit the Palace of the Doge, more than ten civil museums, more than 16 churches:

  • from 6 to 29 years – € 29.90 per seven days;
  • from 30 years and older – € 39.90 seven days.

Prices for visit the Palace of the Doings, three museums located on San Marco, three churches to choose from:

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