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Easy Metro Tunisia is a terrestrial railway transport system in Tunisia (Capital of Tunisia). Consists of a TGM train branch that connects the center of the capital with the suburbs of the La Guellett, La Mars and Carthage, and 6 branches of the usual tram. Trams call the "easy subway", as the ways are fenced off by the fence from roads.

Officially, the TGM branch and trams are separate transport systems, even tickets for them sell different. However, simple tunisians and tourists do not share them, and both of these systems call "Easy Metro".

TGM branch is very useful for tourists, it is possible to get to Sidi-bu sida or Carthage. In the trams, we still do not even advise! Why? Read this article, we will tell about TGM and trams in detail.

It is important – not to confuse!

In Tunisia, two transport systems are called the word "subway". The first is a light metro of the city of Tunisia, which we are talking about in this article. The second is the branch of the train between the cities of Mahahdi, Monastir and Sousse, which is called "Subway Sahel". Do not confuse these two transport.

TGM branch

This is a railway line 19 kilometers. Starts at the Tunis Marine station that at the end of Avenue Habib Burbibiba right behind Tunisian Big Ben. From Big Ben, go under the overpack, immediately behind the overpass on the right side of the road will be Tunis Marine station.

Next, the branch goes to the east to the suburb and port of La Guellett, then north to the suburb of Carthage, the city of Sidi-bu-Said and the suburbs of La Mars. The branch of only a few kilometers "does not reach" to the resort area of ​​Hammart.

Interesting moment, that this is the first railway line in the country Tunisia. It was built back in 1872, even before the establishment of the French Protectorate (read our article "History of Tunisia"). The name of TGM of this railway was already allowed French in 1905.

Work and intervals

Trains go from 4:00 am to 24:00. At the peak hours of the traffic interval – 6 minutes, the rest of the time – up to 15 minutes.

Zones and ticket price

TGM branch is divided into two zones – from Tunis Marine to La Goulette and from La Goulette to La Marsa. To get from the city center Tunis (Tunis Marine station) to Cartagen or Sidi-bu sida, you need to buy a ticket for 2 zones.

A ticket for 2 zones costs 680 million (0.68 Dinar) for the 2nd class and 1150 million (1.15 dinar) for the 1st grade. Current exchange rate of Tunisia See our article "Tunisian Dinar".

We recommend immediately buying a 1st class ticket, so as not to "bother", where in the train. With 1st class ticket Sit where you want, and there is no risk of claims from the controller. You can save a bit and buy a ticket "Tudu-back" for 1300 or 2150 million (1,3 or 2,15 dinars).

Important stations

Tunis Marine – First branch station. Tourists sit here to get to Carthage or Sidi Boo Said.

Carthage Dermech – The nearest station to the hill of Biz in Carthage, where the Museum of Carthagen, the main excavations and the Cathedral of St. Louis. From the station to the Birça hill go 500 meters.

Carthage Hannibal – Next after Carthage Dermech. The nearest station to the terms of Anthony is the second most important and popularity of the excavation site in Carthage. From station to Term Anthony 800 meters on foot. Station Carthage Hannibal Also closest to Roman Villas, Odeon, Amphitheater.

SIDI-BOU-SAID – Sidi Bu-Said closest to the city. From the station to the entrance to Sidi-bu-Said go on foot about 500 meters.

L`aeroport – station-mockery. Seeing this name, some tourists naively believe that you will come to Tunis-Carthage International airport, and when they leave the train, no airport detects. From station to airport 14 kilometers!

Tram branches (light metro)

In 1981, after a complete dismantling of ways of the old tram in Tunisia, began to build a new. In 1985, a branch was commissioned 1. In 1989, a movement on branch 2 began, in 1990 on branches 3 and 4. Line 5 entered service in 1992. In 2005, began to build and partially launched a branch of 6.

Despite the efforts of the authorities of the capital to address the transport problem, trams (light metro) do not satisfy the needs of the growing city. The giant movement intervals of the movement – 6 minutes in the peak hours and up to 15 minutes away.

Wagons are clogged, people in them as "herring in a tin can"! For this reason, we strongly do not recommend tourists to use trams in Tunisia (easy metro). Believe it is terrible.

Of all the significant attractions of Tunisia, the tram can only be reached before the Bardo Museum, the station "La Bardo" on the branch 4.

Look below, see a few photos, they will see a stuffed wagons on them, and how many people are waiting for the tram number 4 at the stop. And these photos, our chief editor did not at all in the peak hours, and at weekdays on a weekday.

The next huge problem is a pocket pocket, which in the trams in Tunisia are no longer surprised. You are a tourist, and the hotel’s bracelet will act on pockets as a red rag on the bull. They also understand that you do not know either French nor Arabic, you will not go to the police.

If the money and documents are stolen what you will do? We call, do not use trams, do not save, go by taxi. Taxi in Tunisia Cheap, details in our article "Taxi in Tunisia".

By the way, our chief editor was robbed, stolen 10 dinars from pockets and several coins. I did not get to the main money, I know how to hide.

Ticket price and price

Light metro Tunisa

Trams (lung metro) in Tunisia works from 3:00 am to 24:00. Motion intervals – 6 minutes in peak hours and up to 15 minutes away.

The ticket price depends on the distance, the city is divided into 6 zones. When buying a ticket at the ticket office, name the destination station, the cashier will find the price. On average, tourists pay 400-500 million (0.4-0.5 dinar) for the trip.

Important and interesting moments

TGM and trams are divided. If you need to transfer from one transport to another, you will have to go out and go to another station to buy another ticket. The place of intersection of TGM and Trams is Tunis Marine stations. Different stations under the same name serviced TGM and trams (1 and 4 branches).

Please note that part of trams look old, and some are very new. Used to go here only trams of the TW 6000 model manufactured by Siemens (Germany), which were they who were purchased in 1984-1997, and it looks very old. If you think about it, then another 15-20 years of their operation, and they can already be called "antique".

In 2004, the Government of Tunisia and France concluded a contract for the supply of new trams of Citadis brand from Alstom. Now from the entire park 136 trams only 39 new Citadis. It is the lack of trams – the main "trouble" of the lung metro Tunisia. There is no money in the country when this problem will decide, it is not clear.

Now in the lightweight subway of Tunisia 43 kilometers of paths and 67 stations.

It’s important to know

– Neither trams or trains do not go from the airport. Options to leave from the airport only two – taxis and bus. Details in our article "From the airport of Tunisia to the city";

– Pockets are not the only danger for tourists. We recommend to familiarize yourself with our article "Hazards for tourists in Tunisia".

Successful movement in the capital, and read our articles about Tunisia (Links below).

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Thank you, but what I did not understand – how to me at the station Tunisia Marina to sit in the right car TGM, and not in the tram, if I need to in Sidi-bu sid ?, and where to look for me the checks ? wagons 1 and 2 classes how to distinguish? And, more, what will be the duration of the trip? And if not on the subway, and on a taxi to go from Big Ben in Sidi-bu-Said or Carthage, how much it can cost? Thanks again.

Alexander – Glavred site

TGM will not be able to confuse. Big inlet blue and white. Casses there inside. Speak at the checkout station name Appointment and on the fingers show the number of tickets.

About classes. I was given a ticket, I just sat down where it fell. There on the ticket in general everything is in Arabic.

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