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Italy always looks elegant, and in life, and on the screen. Make sure this personally, having been in the most famous movie places!


In the atmosphere of this city always vitates romance and a mystery. No wonder film "Tourist" With Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp shot exactly here. More than 50 seats were used for filming, starting with Saint Mark and Rialto Square, ending with the famous CIP’s Club club at Cipriani. "Shooting in Venice added film piquancy and beauty", – Says director of the film Florian Henkel.

And the main heroine itself "Tourist" Angelina Jolie fell in love with this city on the water. While three months went shooting, Jolie, together in children and husband, delirium pete, enjoyed walking around the city and visiting sign places, such as Hotel Cipriani. "People in Venice are very friendly, museums are beautiful, and the food in restaurants is just unusual", – said Angelina. "And without a local pizza is simply impossible to live!"

Venice, like a gorgeous movie star, beautiful and always different. It can be romantic as in Summertime film with ketrine Hepburn and "Everyone Says I Love You" With Woody Allen and Julia Roberts. And in films "Don’t Look Now", "The Talanted Mr. Repley" and "THE MERCJANT OF VENICE" With Al Pacino Venice – mystical and mysterious. And remember the scene with the pursuit of boats on the channels from Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade with Mark Wahlberg.

Well, of course, James Bond himself was once in Venice: in films "From russia with love", "Moonraker" and "Casino Royal", in which Deniel Craig parked his boat next to Cip’s Club. Now there appeared a sign, which reports to visitors that the famous agent has been visited here 007.


For many years, Splendido Hotel has accepted and continues to take such star actors as Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton and Rita Hayworth. Italian director Michelangelo Antonione filmed her film here "Beyond The Clouds" with John Malkovich in the lead role. He captured the most beautiful types of Portofino and such a bright bay, which is best to enjoy from the veranda of Splendido Mare.


Oskarone actress Susan Sarandon stayed at the Caruso Hotel in Ravello during the children’s festival Giffoni Film Festival last year. And Scarlet Johanson worked here on the filming of the film "A good woman" on the novel of Oscar Uald. The actress was incredibly inspired by the squares, streets and houses at the shores of the sea.

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Heroine actress helen bonm crankcase from the movie "A Room WITH A VIEW" truly falls in love with Florence. Not surprising, because there is nothing better than the city view from the balcony Villa San Michele.

Anthony Hopkins also stayed at Villa San Michele, preparing for the role of Hannibal lecturer – in the film Hannibal, where Florence appears to the audience Gothic and mysterious. No less important guest, actor and director Mel Gibson held a long time in Villa San Michele, working on preparing for the filming of his film "Passion of Christ".


Every a kinoman must certainly visit Sicily – such famous films were filmed here "The Leopard" Luchino Wisconti, "Cinema Paradiso" Giuseppe Tornator, well, and one of the most famous films of the 20th century Francis Ford Coppola "Godfather". Grand Hotel Timeo’s concierge will be glad to organize a tour of you for signs "Great Father", For example, in the famous 18th century bar Bar Vitelli. You will be able not only to feel like Don Carleone, but also truly plunge into Sicilian life.

The city of Taormina at one time inspired director Woody Allen, who removed some of the scenes of the film "Mighty Aphrodite" In the Greek Roman Theater, located next to the Grand Hotel Timeo.

Light Sofitov

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