Liguria – One of the smallest and at the same time of curious regions of hot. The total area of ​​the territory reaches just over 5 thousand square kilometers. Freaky edge extends from the border of France to Tuscany. Region surround high mountains. On the other side, blue Ligurian Sea stretches. Conditionally, the region can be divided into several provinces.

Ligurian Sea, washed in the region of the region, is famous for clean shores, snapped in small pebbles. The district’s economy is maintained in most of the tourist sector, so travelers will be surprised by the developed infrastructure with modern hotels. Cutting to this corner should we taste the local fish, which is preparing, almost on every corner. Moreover, the Liguria produces excellent olive oil.

It is said that this is the most picturesque coast of the country. Many wealthy residents of Europe without thinking go to this point of the globe for their holidays. Once even Byron himself was looking for inspiration in Liguria, which perhaps contributed to the creation of the best works of the author. Calm, peace, lack of bustle, amazing nature – this is exactly what Ligurian Riviera makes an ideal place to relax.

The best cities and resorts of Liguria

The picturesque region of Liguria includes several provinces. In the western part of the edge there is a spice. Once in this part of Liguria, it is certainly worth visiting the National Park, which includes it is difficult to believe, several ancient cities. The most beautiful of them is Vernatza, which is famous for the beautiful samples of the medieval period architecture. It will be nice to walk through the old streets of the city of Levanto, who slowly spend you to the shores of the blue sea.

Genoa Province consists of a variety of Comoom, about a third of them go to the sea. Genoa is considered to be an administrative and cultural center of the region. It is in this place that historical and cultural objects are concentrated. And how many theaters, museums, exhibitions, galleries and other no less interesting places. For nice climatic conditions and natural beauty the way should be kept towards the Area.

Most popular resorts are located in Savona Province. Local beaches Extended and cozy, everywhere opens beautiful views of marine spaces. Resorts literally buried in tropical greenery.

Flower fragrance reigns in the empire, another province of Liguria. Flower business is fully developed here. Plants are dedicated to a huge number of holidays and festivals. By the way, one of the main annual celebrations takes place in San Remo. And dedicated to the music festival.

What is interesting to look in Liguria?

Climate in Liguria

Climatic conditions reigning in the territory of the picturesque Liguria, in favor of successful rest. The climate of the region is characterized by special softness. The fact is that from cold air masses region is protected by a mountain chain. Almost at any time of the year at the resorts is wonderful weather.

The sun shines most of the days a year. But at the same time in Liguria is not too hot, thanks to the winds, bringing by the sea. Even in the middle of summer, the thermometer will not risk climbing above 30 degrees. In winter, the temperature never falls below the zero threshold.

Video from Liguria

Excursions and events in Liguria

Liguria’s excursion programs, first of all, imply trips to the protected areas of the region, acquaintance with tropical nature and surroundings, as well as four provinces of the region. There are about 10 natural reserves in Liguria, and one at least worth a visit. Take a little journey to Tinkwa Park Terre, in Park 5 medieval cities. The most romantic place in Italy.

But, hot Italy is famous for its holidays, and, of course, this region is not an exception. Behind the spectacle, keep the way in San Remo, where a bright musical festival is held annually. New holidays are ready to appear in the region every year. Before traveling to Liguria, we recommend you to familiarize yourself with the holidays in advance, to make a brief calendar of events and whele in the region in search of interesting events.

For example, at the beginning of the year, a flower fair is conducted in the region, plants parades. The main task of the festival is to familiarize the viewers with the extraordinary beauty of colors. Lovers of all that is associated with the sea will be delighted with the plate of sailboats and ships. Such an event pass several times in the year. Still Liguria became famous for the competition for violin masters.

History of Liguria

Where better to stop, traveling in Liguria?

Liguria, Italy - Rest, Excursions, Reviews, Attractions Liguria Travel Guide

Activities in Liguria

What else to do in Liguria, how not to investigate the natural wealth of the region. In Luguria, several natural parks and reserves, as well as a large number of old towns, carefully keeping decent monuments of medieval architecture, cultural and historical objects.

The presence of a variety of landscapes allows you to talk about campaigning in the mountain, where the view of the maritime expanses and coastal sand stripes will open. It is worth sticking with them water and put on comfortable shoes. Rated shore coves allow you to do a beach holiday: swim in transparent water, make trips to the boat in the open sea, sunbathing, and play active beach games.

Beautiful half of humanity we advise you to pay attention to shopping. During the week, a flea market works in the region, where you can buy everything that your heart. Enjoy local products standing market «Oriental». Older lovers will be able to appreciate the antiques market. Also, the cities are famous for shops in which you can buy clothes from designers, crafts and souvenirs from local craftsmen and masters. In the evenings, it will be nice to stroll in the area of ​​the pier.

Transport features of Liguria

In the cities of Liguria, transport is mainly represented by cars and buses. It is necessary to take into account that enter the bus is only through the back door. Tickets are usually purchased in advance at the box office. These tickets have one major advantage – they act on all types of transport. Paying approximately 4 euros for a whole day.

Taxi service is also popular, but it’s not accepted on the streets of the city. For this purpose, there are specially designated places near the squares, stations and stations. Getting to another region or city of the country is most convenient for the railway.

Liguria: how to get?

Getting to the region from our country it is more convenient through the aircraft. Airport hosting international flights is located in Genoa. In the summer, high season is added charter flights from many cities in Russia. During the rest of the year to place, you can also get a change in major cities in Europe.

From Genoa to other cities the most convenient way to get by train. Railway communication in Italy developed at a high level. Even small settlements are connected by railway tracks. Alternative trains will be the bus.

Liguria, Italy - Rest, Excursions, Reviews, Attractions Liguria Travel Guide

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