Like reviews for hotels on the Internet?

Choosing a hotel, most of us first check the hotel reviews on the Internet, and only then books the number. But whether to trust reviews on specialized sites or forums?

Trust but verify!

Most reviews are written by real tourists, however remember how many people &# 8211; So many opinions! Everyone sees the world in his own way, so any opinion or review will be subjective &# 8211; This is the main thing that you should know reading other people’s reviews for hotels.

Before choosing a hotel, decide what you are waiting for it: low price, helpful staff, huge number, central location and t.NS. Remember that it is impossible to combine all the qualities at the same time.

On the Internet there are many ads offering posting on forums and reviews for money for money. As a rule, paid reviews are dramatically stand out among the bulk. After reading 20-30 reviews from real tourists, you can easily learn how to determine them.

Where to look for reviews on hotels?

There are several types of sites where you can find reviews:

  • Specialized sites with reviews: TopHotels.RU, FTOUR.Otzyv.Ru
  • Booking sites Hotels. The largest number of Russian-speaking reviews can be found on Booking.Com
  • Tourist Forums: Forum.AWD.Ru

What you need to pay attention to reading the hotel review?

Like reviews for hotels on the Internet

In large quantities, both negative and positive feedbacks are easy to get confused.

It is worth believed if it repeatedly repeats, especially if Russian and foreign tourists are complaining about the same thing (there will be translate to help you.Google.RU).

The more specific feedback will be the more trust, it deserves. Emotional description, with implicit reasons of discontent &# 8211; often indicates that this is customized review of competitors. Especially if in addition to the name of the hotel in the revocation appears a travel agency or the site through which he was booked.

Before reading reviews, carefully learn the description of the hotel, its location and services it provides.

Not rare in reviews you can find discontent associated with the lack of Wi-Fi, safe, pool, elevator, etc.NS., Although their presence and was not stated in the description of the hotel. If you are important to these services, then choose the hotel where they are.

Always look at the price! Do not wait for the hotel with a price of 20-40 dollars per room per day there will be a daily selection of towels, a spacious room, an elevator, a swimming pool, a chic view from the window.

Often, tourists complain about the neighbors, noisy Germans, the Chinese and T.NS. Neighbors, unfortunately, do not choose and the hotel is not the same, so you can not pay attention to such complaints. With neighbors may not be lucky, both at the hotel for $ 20 per night and for 200.

Another common reason for complaints is noise from the street. Here it is necessary to return to the description of the hotel, or rather to its location and clarify where it is located. If you were looking for a hotel near entertainment facilities, bars, clubs and restaurants, then noise &# 8211; Forced costs from which it is not going anywhere.

Separate conversation deserve reviews about distances: to the sea, to the restaurant, to the beach, to ;. Before booking the hotel always look at the map. Most of the modern hotels booking services with an accuracy of a few meters show the location of the hotel.

True, if the map shows that it is only 100 m to the sea, and in the reviews they write that you need to go 10 minutes, or go by bus, we advise more closely to learn the description of the area where it is located. Perhaps the hotel is 100 meters from the cliff and go down to the sea there can not.

Reading other people’s reviews, pay attention to what people are complaining. Often, tourists exhibit the hotel bad rating, not because it is specifically a bad hotel, and the rest as a whole did not succeed. Summed up the tour operator, did not like the excursion, in the restaurant near the hotel heated and t.NS.

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