Lillafüred It is a small resort town that glorified indescribable landscapes, nature, calm and clean air.

If you believe legends, the name of the city is impregnated with romance. In the 19th century, Count Andras Bethlen visited these edges and fearlessly falling in love with the beauty of the terrain, decided to equip a small resort area, calling her the name of his spouse. Lillafüred is located in the National Park of Buck.

Main Raisin City – The castle that was built at the beginning of the last century. Around the palace, a garden with terraces, a lot of lawn fountains. Today in the castle there are hotel rooms. At the very top of the tower there is an observation deck, you can get there overcoming the screw staircase.

The viewer opens a beautiful painting of green thickets and smooth water of the lake. Tourists from all over the world seek to get here not only because of the unique nature, but also because of the sights. You can visit the house of the Museum, where Otto Herman once lived. It is easy to wander through a few narrow city streets.

There is in the resort town and climate hospital. Here you can undergo a health program. The hills that are exiled by numerous caves are adjacent to the lake. In general, the resort of Lillafüred offers a variety of tourism options.

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What is interesting to see in Lillafur?

Top attractions of Lillafüreda

National Park Bukk

Canyons at the entrance to ..

Stalactite cave Anna

Stalactite cave of St. Ishthan

Lake Hamori

Fortress Dweller in Miskolc

Lillafüred: excursions and events

Lillafüred – A small town and attractions here are also not very much.

The city is best walking on foot, in one day you can cross several times. Excursion routes are organized by specially equipped tourist trails on the hills, located on both sides of the lake. In urban surroundings there are several caves where you can go, using the services of a professional guide, which can tell a lot of interesting about the formation of karst corridors and the benefits of air.

You can admire the lock built in the Baroque style in the middle of the 8th century. By the way, it is possible to go there, because today the hotel rooms are located in the walls of the palace. Thus enjoying comfortable accommodation, you can simultaneously study internal interiors that have kept many genuine parts from the past.

Large festivals in the territory of the small resort there is no. Life flows slowly and measured. Locals advise people who came to the summer of tourists just walking as much as possible, swim in lake waters and study woody hills.

History of Lillafüreda

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Climate in Lillafühur

A moderate continental climate prevails in Lillafüred.

Winter is soft enough, low-speed and not long, and summer period is distinguished by calm, clear and sunny weather. The average annual temperature reaches about 10 degrees above zero. Despite the fact that the resort town is located at an altitude of more than 300 meters above sea level, winds rarely look here. About them are well protected by near-member hilly formations, covered with dense thickets of forests. The climate is very useful for healthcare procedures. Iodized air is useful for people suffering from cardiovascular diseases and pressure.

Lillafured: Entertainment and Active Leisure

Lillafüred – the town is not big, offering predominantly calm, peaceful rest on the Louis of lovely landscapes.

Near the resort is the purest lake with transparent water. Lovers of outdoor activities in the summer will undoubtedly be able to take themselves with water treatments. In addition to standard swimming, you can ride a boat or catamaran on water stroit, at the same time to explore the surroundings. As you know, the town is located at an altitude of 350 meters above sea level, in the middle of a hilm. Through the forests, tourist trails who are ready to accompany new tourists for the highest points. For such a walk, comfortable shoes and a bottle of water. You can walk to a waterfall formed by the waters of the river. Height reaches 20 meters.

Several caves were found in the city, which invite tourists on excursions. In one of them even has an underground lake. And recently, scientists came to the conclusion that the air in one of the caves has a special healing effect due to the presence of special compounds.

Transport features of Lillafüreda

In connection with the small area of ​​the city, public transport is not developed very well.

It is best to move around the resort on foot. First, the city can be crossed several times a day, and secondly, it will be possible to more thoroughly inspect the sights and to imagine fresh air. In the summer, a locomotive from the nearby city is regularly comes here – Miskolts. The locomotives are running through a narrow-core road running the free lake. There are also a few bus flights. You can rent a bike and go on a little journey around the resort area or go on the ship.

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