Lindner Alpentherme – with a small child

For a better therapeutic effect in terms, it is recommended to visit at least every other day. We alternate hiking to the noisy Burgerbad with a visit to the Lindner Alpentherme Esthet complex, located at the hotel of the same name. This is the second thermal complex in Lakersbad, open for everyone, and not just for hotel guests. The main difference from Burgerbad is silence, calm and camera. Entrance to the Terme precesses a long passage with a variety of clothing stores and accessories of fashionable brands – Tommy Hilfiger, Occitane, Brand, Calida. On the way to the reception, the Spa Clarins Spa and come across relaxingly walking after procedures in white coats. In general, everything points to the inherent spa centers of the atmosphere of calm and harmony.

At first we decided that they are not allowed here, and then we clarified that I used to be so strictly, but then the restrictions on age were removed. And still there are not many children at all – few people want to bother to disturb the relaxing people around the sun loungers around the pools. However, I liked the atmosphere of Alpentherme so much that I risked come here with Luka.

Thermal pools in Lindner Alpentherme are filled with the largest in Lakershipad the source of the Holy Laurean, which every minute eats up to the surface of about 940 liters of water with a temperature of 51 degrees. Unlike Burgerbad, there are only two pools (indoor and outdoor) with water, cooled to 36 degrees. A small bathing bath is built into the indoor swimming pool – 40 degrees. In such water, it is recommended to hold no longer than 10 minutes per session. Sun loungers are placed around the pool, there is an exit in the Eau-La-La bistro and there is even a small private area for recreation, closed on all sides by white curtains. Luka very impressed the ceiling with painted sky and huge soaring eagles. He threw back his head and five minutes lying on the water meditated. Then she finally realized that the eagles would not fly anywhere and began to poke her legs towards massage fountains for the back and head.

The street pool is primarily impressive in an incredible view of the mountains. Along two walls in the pool, underwater chaise lounges with soft head restraints and hydromassage jets are built. In the center of the pool, the Jacuzzi is buried – the flow is such that it is difficult to swim into it in the midst of a session.

Also on the sides there are small "nests" From steel tubes with holes – hitting inside, how to keep a swimsuit, starting a dozen water jets from all sides. In the summer there are lounge chairs around this basin, and now, in the frost -10 degrees, swimsters are drowned to show from the water only head – from the water and the breath of people rises. Once a month, in the full moon, there are night baths with a glass of champagne.

  • Complex Lindner Alpentherme
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  • Lindner Alpentherme - with a small child
  • Thermal pools
  • In frost -10 degrees

We tried to bring Luke to the street, but frosty air and the wind he liked much less orls in the indoor pool and he immediately requested back.

In general, with a baby who cannot swim alone and who is hardly sitting in the pool longer than half an hour, you can come in Alpaterterma. With older children who are arranged loud playing in the pools, it is clearly not accepted here – there is a secret rule to guard reigning in Lindner Alpentherme silence and peace.

In addition to the Lindner Alpentherme basin, it is famous for its bath features that almost two floors occupy here. The standard route in Roman-Irish baths is divided by as many as 11 stages and takes about two hours. Reserve a hike in the bath need in advance. It is also worth remembering that women and men climb together, and the dress code is full of nude. Previously, the morning of Thursday was left exclusively for shye women, but then he was canceled.

Bath village Wallenizer is stylized under typical village of region Vale. In a separate pair of pair, decorated in the Spirit of Chalet, there are aromasauna, and hamam, and the Finnish bath with a temperature scattering from 40 to 85 degrees.

More from pleasant bonuses Lindner Alpentherme – very convenient parking, a well-thought-out system of lockers and changing rooms (again winning in comparison with BurgerBad), solarium, as well as a confectionery Gallicria with a fantastic walnut cake at the exit from the complex.

Input ticket for three hours for adults will cost 23 franc. For children from 8 to 16 years will have to pay 17 francs.

In the spa center of the procedure list is worthy of the hotel five stars. Ayurvedic Section (Consultations of the Indian Doctor, Starrera, Definition of Doši), Rituals from Chinese traditional medicine, acupuncture, reflexology, thalassotherapy, LPG’s weight hardware procedures, Herbal and chocolate wraps and much more, sounded like music, after a long day of skating. In general, moms will find here much more than children and surely want to stay for the whole day. We, for example, did.

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