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In Lisbon, primarily affects the love that residents of the Portuguese capital are experiencing to everything that suddenly became a tourist attraction. Lisbon – City on the hills, and the funicular here are not a luxury, but a means of movement. There are three of all three, and there is another elevator – Santa Yuhurst, real work of engineering art. The trip lasts only a few minutes, so it is better for exploring the historical center Ride tram (for example, the 28th route), which Lisbon is affectionate called "yolk" (Amarelo). Driving along the narrow alley of the old city, small cars ring like a hundred years ago, – This Time Machine.

To get to the viewing Playground statue of Christ and see Lisbon and the Lisbon River with more than Statercore Height, you need to cross the South Coast of Tejo, in the town of Almada. Fifteen-minute swimming on a shuffling yellow boat – a separate adventure and the ability to see the famous bridge named after April 25 from the water.

17.2 kilometers – length Vasco Da Gama Bridge. On the road from the city you will see Berbigo shells (beloved mollusks of Lisbon) and Flamingo flocks, in the rays of the Sun similar to pink clouds.

The history of Portugal comes to life not only in Museum Azulju, But also on the facades of houses in the old center – facing tiles defended the walls from ocean dampness. Great temptation to deal with old tiles on flea FEIRA DA Ladra market, But, firstly, they may not be as ancient, and secondly, to export really valuable samples outside the country is prohibited by law.

Spend evening in one of Casa de Fados – Houses of Fada so that with the light of candles to hear the romance executable under the guitar, in which the songs of medieval pipelov, the melodies of the new light and the rhythm of Africa.

Lisbon oceanarium It is considered one of the largest in the world: more than 16 thousand inhabitants in the grand area (the main stars – Kalans, Charming Sea Otters). If you go here with children, plan something else meaningless: this is entertainment for a whole day.

Unique construction in the style of Manuelino, Monastery Zheronimush – This is the chronicle of the great geographic discoveries written by the language of architecture. And the stone lace visibly embodies the Portuguese concept of Saudade, one of whose meanings – longing for lost greatness.

Great Lisbon earthquake of 1755 spared District Alfama, Saving the interweaving of narrow streets, deadlocks, many stairs and charming tiny areas, where the homemade cherry liqueur Zhinja is still sold and fried sardines right on the street. His way in the heart of the alphama Start from the viewing platform Portas Do Sol – "Sun gates".

Lisbon tourist

The chain of ocean beaches, a small harbor with fishing boats, luxury villas, adjacent to modest rustic houses, many gardens and blooming olendra did Cascais An ideal place to live or at least for a long walk with lunch in one of the restaurants.

The best on this side of the Pyreneev Fried Caracatia, the most beautiful fish market in the vicinity of Lisbon and the beaches with the purest azure water – despite the abundance of tourists, Setubal retained the atmosphere of a small seaside town, Where life obeys first of all the mood of the ocean.

Baskets made of puff pastry filled with creamy custard – Sweet pride of Lisbon. The freshest I delicious pashtel de nat Look for in small bakeries, where you have a pastry in front of your eyes, the pastries are dough and form cakes.

Fabulous synthru from the center of the Portuguese capital separates only half an hour drive by car. Ruins Grand Mauritan Castle, Mystical Kinta da Raaleir and a huge park, similar to the Forbidden Forest from Harry Potter, who crowns Pen’s Palace.

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