List of optional but important cases that need to be done before traveling

List of mandatory affairs before travel Read here.

1. Find out all the nuances of currency

Before traveling to any country, you need to know what currency will pay, where to take it, what course is profitable and which way it is better to pay. Options may be mass. For example, when traveling to Japan is more profitable not to change rubles to Yen in Russia, and go with dollars and at the airport to seek cheap exchanger. On the scoreboard of different exchangers can be the same course, only in one place there will be a purchase rate, in another sale, and in the third they take a commission. In the developed Netherlands it is possible to be very surprised when at the checkout they will say that you have some kind of card and you can’t pay her. In Uzbekistan, you will be offered to change the currency at the hotel or the airport, but it is better to do it with the name of the market. And in North Korea will be able to buy local money only in the hotel, and it does not matter what currency you have, in any case it will be profitable.

As you can see, everything is quite individually, with the conditions may change. It is better to study the issue of money exchange in advance than to lose part of the funds that can be spent on vacation.

2. Find out how to get to the hotel

It would seem that you have already flown and everything is in order. But if you did not take care of your first route in someone else’s country, then there is probability of running on overestimated spending. If you bought a tour with a transfer, then there should be no problems. If you all organized yourself, you may have a choice:

1. Walk on foot (suitable if everything is near).
2. Call a taxi.
3. Donate.
4. Sit on urban transport.
5. Take advantage of the transfer from the hotel (often for free).
6. Rent a car at the airport.

Surprisingly, any of these options may be both the cheapest and most expensive. In Europe, go to a taxi from the airport will be expensive, and in China is very cheap. Meeting taxi drivers can call a high price, but for you it will be a penny, as the country is poor. You can take a bus and leave not there and t.D.

When you were in someone else’s country, especially for the first time, it is rather difficult to understand quite difficult psychologically. If you are tired and skipped with bags in Russian warm clothes on the Cote d’Azur, then immediately attract the attention of all sorts of assistants who may not be the most conscientious. It is necessary to seem to be in a comfortable setting, put things and just relax – usually this is a hotel or apartments.

3. Figure out how it is more convenient and cheaper to move on the ground

List of optional but important cases that need to be done before traveling

4. Install google maps or other navigator

If you are still traveling with a card from a paper guide, try entering any address in Google maps or other similar service. You will see not only this place, but also all possible options, as it will get to it, the price and duration of the trip. This is especially true of major cities with an extensive transport network – knowing the necessary types of transport and stopping the names, you definitely do not get lost. Having tried one day, it is impossible not to use further. Often in such applications you can save the map to use it without internet.

5. Provide yourself with an Internet

6. Make an approximate trip

Many are lazy and do not plan anything with the hope of sorting out. First, there will be even more lazy on site, secondly, once – you need to relax, and not sit on the Internet and understand. Make yourself plans for every day. Most local trips, visits in museums and theaters, visits to viewing sites and other attractions can be booked in advance on the Internet. It will save you from unnecessary queues and save time for the study of the country. Find out the time of the jobs of interest to you, you may have the days of free visits. Do not forget to explore the peculiarities of local cuisine – so you will know in advance which menu items should pay attention to. Travel time is very quickly ends, so it is worth attaching efforts to plan to use it with maximum benefit.

Not only newcomers do not take into account the listed moments, but also experienced travelers, relying on their experience, forget about these basic ideas and upset, missing something interesting. We hope our list will make your travel only better. Use and share your observations

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