List of things for campgrounds and hiking

Solven! You are going on a trip to the USA. Tickets purchased, the route is made up, housing in cities is booked and you understand that, for example, in national parks you want to stop for overnight stays in campsites. What you need to take with you to be ready for hiking conditions?

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Immediately note, because the speech about the campsites is in binding to Traveling in the USA, then a set of things will be somewhat different from the classic hiking campaign. Why? Yes, if only because you will be transported from the place to the place of the point, and this means that they can be much more than if they had to carry them everywhere. Do you know, with thirty kilograms behind the shoulders not to romance and landscapes))

So, we turn from the words to the case and make up List of basic things (check list) that will be needed in a tent camp and campaign. Plus I’ll show you that we took.

The essentials need

  • Tent

The choice of tents is now huge and sometimes it is necessary to determine which one is needed, very difficult. In my opinion, the main thing is that it is waterproof. Even better if it is two-layer: grid + cape. Such a tent and ventilate better and saves from condensate.

The size, in fact, does not matter if you are going throughout the transport of things on the car and do not plan to go to the long-term hiking trip when you have to wear gear on yourself. In this case, you can not be fined and take a bigger tent. As the experience showed, it is more convenient than to close in a small.

We, for example, bought a triple tent before traveling Coleman Hooligan. When they collected her first time, still at home, she seemed huge. I thought we were on us, so small with such a big tent, all in campsites will laugh. It turned out that the people do not limit themselves at all, sometimes holding the whole tent palaces. In the big tent it is more convenient to change clothes, breakfast, or dinner in bad weather, and just rapidly.

For all two months, our tent did not let us down, withstand and rain and wind.

Tent price: 90 dollars.

Acquaintance with equipment

If you bought a new tent, and even more so, if this is your first tent in life, practice collect it in advance so as not to suffer then somewhere in the park, and even on the dark. For example, we once watched with Andrews, how four guys collected a freshly accepted tent for more than an hour, although things were there for 10-15 minutes.

  • Sleeping bag

Sleeping bag to choose easier than a tent. The main thing – Do not frozen. As it turned out, in some national parks at night it is very and very cold. For example, in Yosemite in July, the temperature was lowered to +3 in July. So choose a sleeping bag better at the extreme value of the temperature with which you expect to encounter.

We bought the simplest bedrooms of the same company Coleman and survived with them all the American «frost», True, sometimes slept in the pants, flies and wool socks))

Price sleepbooks: 30 and 35 dollars (except the color they did not differ anywhere).

  • Rug

Rug (some also call it «foam») – the thing is necessary and useful because it helps to smooth out all the roughness of the pebbles, twigs and shishk, plus sleeping on it is significantly warmer than without it. If you roll up its top of a roll, then you can easily do without a pillow.

Rugs We also took the most simple.

Price rug: 12 dollars.

  • Headrest / Inflatable Pillow

You can take, you can not take, depends on the desire. As you wrote above, you can do the rug, you can use it, for example, a jacket, a flirt, shirt, a towel instead of a pillow.

We used prisoners.

  • Backpack

If you are going to go to small hiking or just a lot of walk, you can’t do without a backpack. I do not mean big backpacks for all things, they can ride with you in suitcases, and in any more. We are talking about small backpacks that are convenient to take with you into radial bars, in order not to wear food, water, sunscreen, camera, when it is not needed and t.D. I have a personal backpack with Andrews.

Such is a set of things that will necessarily need to all gathering to stop in camping. Further list no less necessary accessories, but their set may vary depending on personal wishes and preferences.

Kitchenware and supplies

Anyway, cook will have to. Go every time somewhere breakfast and dinner, spend on this precious time, as for me, not too comfortable. If a day or two, it is still possible, but if you spend the night in campsites, it is more convenient not to depend on any cafes and restaurants. Yes, and then what is the meaning of camping? It’s so romantic to wake up, wash, immediately, without departing from the tent to have breakfast and go to meet impressions. So what will be needed?

  • Food

Purchasing better in advance and with a margin in some supermarkets such as Walmart, Safeway, etc. Why? Then, that in the towns adjacent to national parks, small shops are unlikely to delight with their prices. Almost all of them live at the expense of tourists and enjoy this by the full program.

  • Water

Water should always be with a reserve, it does not happen much. We used the water that was gained in the parks (it is clean and suitable for drinking and cooking) and bottled. If you are experiencing about park water, you can use special cleaning tools, but it seems to me that in this case it is easier to buy water in the store. We drove with you one big spare canister and constantly bought packages with small half-liter bottles (they and use it convenient, and you can always throw it into a small backpack).

  • Plate or gas-burner

Going to cook yourself? Will have to purchase a compact gas stove or burner. Yes, in all organized campsites there is a place for a fire and grill grill on which you can cook, but to breed a fire every time, when you just want to boil the water or quickly cook pasta, at least inconvenient.

We bought a gas burner, or rather two. First bought a little but it turned out that it is not the most convenient because the flame «hits exactly in target», a small stain in the center of the pan, not heating the bottom evenly. Later acquired a large burner, which was too big for our saucepan)) and did not find their ideal option.

Gas cylinders with a mixture of Bhutan and Propane will need for burners. It is better to buy immediately with a margin, because there were no places in stores. Bought, mostly in Walmart.

Prices: Little burner – 11 dollars, big burner – 8 dollars, small gas cylinder – 5 dollars, big – 10 dollars.

There are entire portable plates operating from cylinders with pure propane. They are not particularly expensive, and we have seen a lot of people who use them. Cylinders with pure propane, by the way, occur much more often.

Protect the environment – fuck!

In the campsites it is impossible to collect firewood for breeding fires, you can use only purchased (if the rules are not otherwise indicated). Why? because «Putting unnecessary» wood – These are nutrients for other plants. So on firewood and money will have to spend. Several frontiers cost from 3 to 9 dollars.

  • Pans / Kotleki

Pans (or at least one) will probably need, otherwise how to cook? We had trendy expensive titanium saucepans firms Snow Peak (300 and 900 ml) that we kindly lent in addition to the car. If we did not spoil one of these people and I would not have to buy a replacement, I would not know how much they stand)) spoiled, by the way, an uncomfortable little burner, «beating in the goal». This «baby» managed to breathe titanium saucepan!

So, we had a small bowler of 300 ml, in which we boiled water on tea-coffee and a large bowler of 900 ml, in which soups, side dishes were prepared.D. By the way, this size was quite enough. Plus a lid from a large pot can be used as a pan.

Tableware Snow Peak is very high quality, light, compact and comfortable. The only problem – price. I think at once you can buy something and easier.

Price saucepan: 900 ml – 40-60 dollars, 300 ml – 20-30 dollars.

  • Dishes

There is no compulsory set of dishes, everything is on personal discretion. At least the mugs, plates, spoons, forks, knife. It is possible that containers will be useful, especially if you are going to take a hike. Believe me, it’s so cool somewhere in nature in the middle of the park and dine.

Inexpensive plastic dishes can easily find in any Walmart’E.

  • Soap biodegradable
List of things for campgrounds and hiking

Good thing for washing dishes, which allows not to harm the nature by all sorts of not very useful components contained in ordinary detergents.

You can also buy the Walmart supermarket in the department with hiking stracches for 5-10 dollars, it seems.


Navigation question is important, but mainly when moving from the city to the city and on the settlements. In the parks, in general, there are no problems – It is very difficult to get lost, since everywhere is full of pointers, schemes and other aids. In any case, the following things will not be superfluous:

  • Cards

Great with me paper maps of states and cities. They, unlike GPS, give the overall picture. Looking at the big cards in the floor of the car, everything, oddly enough, immediately becomes clear)) Plus, almost all campgrounds are often marked on them. We used such cards a lot – many times during the trip.

You can buy cards, for example, at refueling in states or in any Visitor Center National Parks. You can order on Ozon in advance.RU, in a labyrinth or eBay.Com.

  • GPS and car navigator

GPS – Faithful assistant in any journey. We already have been using the Garmin Oregon 450 navigator for a year and do not imagine how you can move without it. It is thanks to this faithful friend that we can go anywhere and not be afraid that I will get lost. We use it when hiking.

For a comfortable ride on the car, it is desirable to have a car navigator with a large screen, in a different way in someone else’s country will be difficult to ride. If you rent a car in a rolled office, then most likely the navigator will be attached to it.

  • Compass

We did not take the compass as unnecessary, but you, if you are going to get into some distant gave and not equipped with a navigator, take. Suddenly come in handy? For example, in the valley of death there are not so many trees, especially with moss, according to which you can define the parties of the world))

  • Guide

Guide – good and useful thing not only while preparing for traveling, but during it. You can always be asked for technical information: how to get there, work schedule, where to spend the night and t.D. As usual, one of the best guidebooks – Lonely Planet. This and other Russian-speaking guidebooks can be bought, for example, here or here.

First aid

  • Aid kit

It is not necessary to take a complete set of medicines with sleeping pills and means from ignition, but here is the peroxide of hydrogen, bandages and something painful is better to always have at hand, that is, at the bottom of a small backpack. Like something? «Fell, woken, gypsum…»

The plaster is also better to grab, especially if you bought new sandals or sneakers before traveling.

I still have a raincoat in my photo. And what? Quite yourself a means of first aid during the rain))

A first-aid kit is a first-aid kit, but before the trip absolutely not hurts to arrange the traveler’s insurance, you never know what. Medicines and medical services in the states of Oh, what kind of expensive, it is better not to save several thousand rubles.

You can choose insurance by using this convenient mold:

Protective funds

  • Sunscreen / spray

Used creams Banana Boat, Brought from Mexico, then dusked the eponymous spray for 8 bucks in the States. By the way, it protects well from the Sun and pleasant to use.

  • Means from mosquitoes and other midges

Mosquitoes almost did not disturb us, with rare exceptions. Sprays used to force a couple of times.

  • Sunglasses

Even if you do not like this accessory, it is better to wear, because the glasses protect the eyes not only from the sun, but also from dust. In any supermarket you can buy balance points for 10-20 dollars.

  • Lip balm

Even Andriusiks used my lip balm, for, for, when you walk through the scaffolding sunny rays for whole days, lips without protection, like the skin, burn. Neightened sensations!

  • Hat / Panama / Bandana

Without a headdress is generally better not to stick out in the parks. Earn a thermal blow easier!

I note that in some parks in souvenir shops sell pretty hats (about 30 dollars). One such I was just bought in the Visitor Center of the Land Horse Park.

Additional useful things

  • Personal things (with this everyone will understand himself, as with clothes)

The main thing, do not forget to warm things: if possible, capture not only a jacket / flies, but also a light jacket. Warm socks will also be very useful. In the morning and evenings it happens very cold (Yosemite, Bryce Canyon, Sequoia).

  • Towel
  • Toothbrush and paste
  • Toilet paper
  • Personal hygiene items

All sorts of handy wipes, antibacterial liquid, because, firstly, not all campsites have water, and secondly, those things easy to use directly in the campaign.

  • Lantern or not even one

We use naked – very convenient, especially when you have to collect a tent on the dark. In principle, any cheap Chinese will be consolidated – We have already worked for many years not worse than fashionable Petzl.

  • Spare batteries and All sorts of different batteries
  • Bank / Bear Container

What it is and why it is necessary? This thing can be useful in the parks, in which there is a probability the assassination bears on your food. In general, in such parks on each tent case there is a special iron box, in which you need to lock the whole food and everything that smells (more here). That is why we actually this bank never came in handy (we used simply as a container for all sorts of trifles).

Such a container is relevant to take if you are going to spend the night in «Medvechasts» The park is not in the camping, that is, where there is no special boxes. In this case, all the odorous better hide in a jar and take it for a night away from the accommodation space.

If you believe the manufacturers and advertising, bear a jar will not be able to overcome all remain intact.

Price Banks: 90 dollars.

Bear or the bank – who will win?

  • Food container

At one time it was thought, how to order food stocks in the trunk and not come up with anything better than to buy a Styrofoam container in a supermarket. It turned out very convenient.

Container Price: 3-10 dollars.

  • Whistle

It also includes a whistle, which is often highly recommended to have in order to scare away any critters. I do not know if that helps? Do you think a grizzly scared if the whistle on him?

Where to buy things for campgrounds and hiking?

Options Million, ranging from Ebay and Amazon, ending with domestic Internet and offline shops.

For example, you can see the range and prices here will find a lot of useful:

Here, perhaps, all. I hope not forgotten anything important. If you missed something – supplement, please list in comments.

Enjoy your fees, dear readers!

Sheboldasik and Andrews

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List of things for campgrounds and hiking

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