List of things on the road

Before traveling, many faced baggage packaging problem. This is especially true of those who decided to fly on the plane, because for the advantage I do not want to pay ; So how to fit all things in a small suitcase and at the same time nothing to forget?

The first and most important rule &# 8211; make a list. Second and the most difficult &# 8211; take things strictly according to the list. After all, so I want to take another blouse or jar, but suddenly come in handy?

You need to include only the most necessary things, without which you cannot do. Do not forget to take it with you, so before leaving, pumping a suitcase again, you will not forget. On this list, you can also check if all things are in place if you arrive a damaged suitcase.

Here is an approximate list of things, without which you can not do for those who go to the sea:

Clothes and shoes

  • 2-4 T-shirts / Top / Shirts &# 8211; one of the males is preferably taken with a long sleeve, in case you burn and need to cover shoulders and hands. T-shirts, covered shoulders will also be useful if you decide to visit some religious places (Mosque, Temple and T.D.)
  • 2 Pair Trousers / Jeans (Shorts) / Skirt
  • outfit for evening outlets
  • 3 pairs of socks
  • 3 sets of linen (it is desirable to take cotton things, especially if you eat to the country with a hot climate. Synthetic promotes the spread of fungal infection) if you do not plan to erase things yourself or use the services of the laundry, then the quantity depends on the duration of the trip.
  • Swimsuit / smelting
  • sweater or jacket, in case of cooling or evening walk
  • List of things on the road
  • Shoes: One pair for every day, one on the way out (for example, beautiful shoes / sandals), slippers / sandals


  • umbrella
  • Pareo / Sarong &# 8211; This is not only a beautiful, but also a useful accessory, they can cover the shoulders to not burn or legs, if you plan to visit religious places.
  • Cap / Hat &# 8211; will help avoid sunlight
  • sunglasses
  • decorations &# 8211; It is advisable not to take expensive jewelry and catchy accessories. It is better to take things that will not feel sorry if they suddenly stole them or you lose them.

Money and documents

  • Passport (do not forget to check the visa). It is advisable to make a photocopy of a passport, and the original is stored in a safe.
  • insurance
  • Tickets / Route receipt
  • Confirmation of hotel reservation / shuttle / tourist voucher
  • cash
  • Bank card
  • Driving license (if you plan to take a car rental)
  • Sheet with address and telephone hotel

TForest accessories

  • razor
  • Foam or shaving gel
  • Toothbrush (if the brush is electric, then do not forget about the charger for it)
  • Toothpaste
  • Shampoo and balm (preferably to take universally &# 8211; 2 in one)
  • Deodarant
  • towel (only if it does not provide a hotel)
  • Lotion before and after tan
  • comb
  • Cosmetics (try to take the minimum amount, only the most needed, as a rule it is: powder, mascara, eye pencil and lip gloss)
  • makeup remover
  • Cats and wands

Aid kit

  • Allergy remedy (must be in any first-aid kit, even if you never suffered allergies. Never know which unusual fruit, flower or insect can cause allergies)
  • anesthetics
  • Antipyretic
  • Cardiovascular
  • Anti-inflammatory &# 8211; Even if you eat to the country with a hot climate, t.To. catch the cold is very easy because of the air conditioner in the room.
  • from the disorder of the stomach and poisoning (activated carbon, polyfien, smecta and t.D.)
  • patch
  • bandage
  • Antiseptic for disinfection and processing wounds and scratches
  • Tools from burns
  • Means from dummy
  • Little scissors
  • Insect remedy (if you eat in the tropics, it is better to buy it in place)


  • Mobile phone
  • Charger
  • laptop and charger for him
  • Catabase, Batteries and / or Charger
  • Memory Cards for Camera
  • adherent (adapter for socket, if it is relevant for the country where you eat), it is advisable to buy universal

Useful little things

  • sewing kit
  • Book / Journal
  • Beach bag, preferably foldable, so as not to occupy a lot of space in the baggage

Naturally, every traveler must recycle it. It is desirable to draw up a list a few days before the trip and gradually enter things there or, on the contrary, shouting, leaving only the most needed.

In addition, it is important to pay attention to how you pack things. The right organization of personal belongings in the suitcase allows you to accommodate more and deliver your clothes not mint.

List of things on the road

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