Literature, Music and Beer

Dublin, the capital of the Irish Republic – the city for us is largely exotic, existing more in the imagination than in reality. The idea of ​​him among Russians was formed solely on many Irish pubs and the fun holiday of St. Patrick in Russia. And musical and beer image in general is true. Although it is worth adding that the city is also the birthplace of several world-famous writers.

You have to go to Dublin through London: there is no direct flight from Moscow to the Irish capital, "Aeroflot" canceled it a few years ago. 12 airlines fly from London to Dublin. Flight duration less than an hour. The cost of tickets from 65 to 100 Irish pounds (1 pound is 1, 27 euros). You can get to dublin and ferry from the nearest English port of Holyhead. Travel time 1, 5-3 hours.

With the placement of problems No: Suite hotels, cozy guest houses with an individual approach to the client, more modest hotels. One of the most luxury hotels in the city – Conrad International Dublin. From five stars You can also recommend hotels The Shelbourne, where the famous English writer William Tekcker, Berkeley Court and Clarence. It is important to book rooms in advance, since because of frequently held in Ireland of cultural and sports events of vacant places in hotels may not be.

Dublin – a special place for intellectual literature lovers. The city gave the world of three laureates of the Nobel Prize: George Bernard Shaow, Samuel Beckett and William Batler Yetsa. In the list of worldwist writers, the life of which was associated with the Irish capital, the Oscar Wilde, James Joyce, Jonathan Swift and even "pop" Bram Broker, author "Dracula". They all knew how to firmly hold in hand not only the feather, and a mug of beer. You can make sure that you can go on a campaign along the metropolitan kabaks, in which the famous Irish writers grew. From the pub to the pubs of tourists who have chosen the Literary Pub Crawl tour, accompany the actors who introduce them to the life and creativity of the artists of the words, read poems and excerpts from the novels, tell the jokes, play scenes.

Tour of the duke pub starts on the street of the same name. Next, everything goes to the Davy Byrne’s and The Byrnes, located in the same place, famous thanks to the world famous Roman Joyce "Ulide". The novel describes one day (June 16, 1904) from the life of Leopold Bloom, and in DAVY BYRNE’S, he just quenched a hunger with a grated gorgon pressed cheese. "Ulide" I became a cult novel in Ireland, and the portrait of his author Irish was even placed on a decid-pound banknote, and annually on June 16 is celebrated "Bloomsdea" – Blooma Day, when representatives of Bohemia, disguised in the costumes of the beginning of the 20th century, declare excerpts from "Uliva" And along with the crowd of citizens and tourists traveling in Dublin, repeating the path of the hero of the novel.

Cheerful tours of the Kabaks, of course, does not do without consumption of the living symbol of Ireland – beer "Guinness". Irish people often add and "trailer" – Glass of Irish Whiskey. Still in Ireland are popular varieties Smithwicks, Harp, Kilkenny.

Literature, Music and Beer

So that excursants do not relax, each stop in the pub ends quiz, whose winner gets a bottle of Irish cream liquor. Ends beer tour in The Old Stend Pub on Exchecker Street. And at this point, the fairly loaded participants of the excursion seems to be ready to come into contact with the literary ghosts of the old days.

In general, the pub is not just a place where you can sit with friends and drink beer. This is a mandatory attribute of Irish life, then without which it is impossible to do. Wherever you find yourself in Ireland, there will be a pub near you. In a small dublin with a population of only 470 thousand. The people they say about 700. And no one looks like another. The Brazen Head, the oldest in the city of Pub, founded in 1198. Baggot Inn is famous for the best in Ireland Rock Music. Here are the famous groups U2 and Thin Lizzy. Long Hall has the longest beer rack. Some pubs have their own brewery. The most famous of them – Porter Hous. The entrance to it costs about 12 euros. Pint (0, 56 l) "Guinness" In the pub – on average 4, 20 euros. You can look at the firm museum "Guinness" – the largest brewing plant in the world.

In every self-respecting, the institution can listen to live folk music. Often she accompanies folk dances, the generalized name of which "Irish Step", In our opinion. Irish generally very musical people. Even on their state emblem depicted.

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