Small, cozy and surprisingly picturesque – All this can be said about Lithuania. Its green plains, thick coniferous and deciduous forests, beautiful lakes will give travelers unforgettable impressions. Here everyone will be able to find rest in the soul.

Vintage medieval cities with unique architecture and majestic castles, sea coast with magnificent sandy beaches, therapeutic resorts of the European level – All this makes Lithuania extremely popular among tourists from different countries.

Lithuania is suitable for both family holidays and active tourism lovers. For the first, there are many spa hotels and sanatoriums here, where you will be offered a recreation program of various focus, and for the second – A large number of interesting attractions: this is the historical heritage in the form of medieval fortresses and castles and natural objects.

  • language: Lithuanian
  • population: 3.3 million
  • telephone code: +370
  • currency: Lithuanian lit
  • visa:Visa entrance
  • traffic: Right-hand
  • National domain: Lt
  • voltage: 220V
  • current frequency: 50 Hz
  • Outlet Type:Forks and sockets type C, plugs and sockets type F
  • time: 19:32 (UTC + 0300)

Top cities and resorts of Lithuania











The best regions, cities and resorts of Lithuania

Territorial Lithuania is divided into 10 counties. However, even the Lithuanians themselves recognize more dividing the country into 4 large zones, each of which is distinguished by its traditions, adverb and culture.

For tourists, more vintage cities and resorts are of interest. Therefore, we will stop more on them.

The largest cities are the capital – Vilnius, one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. It combines medieval architecture, baroque style and modern windows of glass and concrete. For tourists, first of all, of course the old town of Vilnius is interesting.

The next city, which is worth a visit will be Trakai, in which the magnificent medieval castle has been preserved.

Be sure to go to the Baltic seaside, namely in Klaipeda and Palanga. Here you can enjoy sea air, magnificent coast views, sandy beaches, and Tamge to experience the atmosphere of medieval towns.

Lithuania is famous for its balneological resorts. One of the most popular is the resort Druskininkai. Thanks to therapeutic mineral sources, he in the 19th century has gained popularity among aristocracy. Now this is a modern wellness center in which several sanatoriums are located.

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The second most popular therapeutic resort is Birstonas. He is famous for its healing mud and water. Mud from its sources deliver to many hospitals even outside Lithuania.

What is interesting to see in Lithuania?

Top attractions of Lithuania

Trakai castle

Kaunas castle

Gate Auschros

Cathedral of Vilnius

Vilnius Telbashnya

Video from Lithuania

How to get to Lithuania?

For residents of Russia there are several ways to get to Lithuania. The fastest is, of course, the plane. Direct flights fly from Moscow and St. Petersburg to the capital of Lithuania Vilnius. Carry out airline Aeroflot and Transaero. Flight will take a little more than an hour. If you are planning to fly not from Russia, you can use Kaunas airport or Palanga.

The second way is the railway. From Moscow there is a direct train to Vilnius and Transit, next to Kaliningrad and a stop in the capital of Lithuania. The road takes about 13 hours.

The third way to get to Lithuania is very common among residents of St. Petersburg and the North-West of Russia – This is a bus service. Daily, several regular flights leave from the city on Neva to the capital of Lithuania. Also on the bus you can get from Moscow and Kaliningrad. Time in the way here is determined not only by the distance, but also how long the bus will be held by the Russian-Lithuanian border. If you have a car and a green card, then, of course, you can visit Lithuania on personal transport. Be, however, ready to lose on the border about 3-4 hours.

How comfortable move in Lithuania?

Lithuania is a small country and navigate it in it in several very available ways.

Method No. 1 bus. If you need to get from one city to another, it is preferred to use the bus service that is very well developed. In addition to the usual bus buses, there are high-speed, they are marked with the letter «G». As the distances between cities are small, comfortable buses, and the types of the windows are beautiful, then you will not notice how travel time will fly.

Method 2 car. If you have rights and desire to see Lithuania, then the best way will be the car rental. You can rent a car in almost every city of the country, it will be not so expensive, but you get complete freedom of movements. Another plus is that taking a car in one city, you can pass in it in another.

Method number 3 train. Lithuania permeated by the railway network. Trains are all very comfortable. Especially popular train in the summer at the weekend, when the probability of the occurrence of traffic jams increases on the roads – Train always come on time. Tickets are better to acquire at the station, because the conductors will cost more.

Inside cities, public transport is represented by buses, trolley buses and taxi. There are many bicycle rental points. If you are a budget tourist, but I really want to see Lithuania, you can move with the help of the highway, in Lithuania as in all of Europe this way is widespread. Taxi, how and everywhere it will no longer, in Lithuania, taxi drivers are charged on the meter.

If you decide to continue traveling from Lithuania to another country, you can use the ferry message. Claipeda departs huge liners in Denmark, Germany and other Baltic countries.

Where better to stop, traveling in Lithuania?

Top hotels in Lithuania

Climate in Lithuania

Due to its location on the East European Plain, Lithuanian climate is moderately continental. However, the influence of the Baltic, with the kitter, the air will be cooled.

Winter in Lithuania lasts from December to the beginning of March, at this time the air temperature holds at 7 degrees Celsius. Snow is not very much, and the humidity is high.

Spring comes into their own right from mid-April. Air quickly warms up and nature comes to life.

Summer in Lithuania Cool, average monthly temperature +20 degrees.

On the shores of the Baltic Sea in Klaipeda and Palanga, the air is sometimes warming up to higher temperatures. Fresh sea air and summer sun make rest on the coast in summer unforgettable pleasure and besides very healthy health.

The beginning of the autumn makes it still warm and amazing paints, but from mid-October, tightening rains begin, and the air temperature goes to 13-14 degrees.

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