Lithuanian culture: personal experience

In the evening we decided to go to Snekutis Pivnyak, where several varieties of pouring beer were collected by small local brewers. By the way, it also owns former brewer. This breakfast is located at POLOCKO G., 7A, in district u&# 382; UPIS (this is also a little outside Starogod). The church of St. Bartholomewee. From him you need to go east along the street u&# 382; Upio, which then goes into the street. Polocko.

Brewery Hall is pretty small (two tables: for two, on four and on six), and gather there mostly local. Beer there 5 litas, quite tasty. Snacks too, naturally, inexpensive. I do not know whether they say in Russian, t. To. With a bartender, I communicated all the time on Lithuanian, but there is no menu in Russian. In general, the bar for lovers "wildlife". If you love institutions, "sharpened" near tourists, you are not here.

BUSI TRESIAS Restaurant in Vilnius

In the evening of that day we went to the restaurant, the name of which resembles the Soviet Epoch, T. To. translated it means "Third you will be". It is located at Totoriu G.,eighteen. Own beer with the same name there is 6 litas (so-so), dark beer for 7 litas (like nothing), but my advice to you: if you go there, drink better German "Franciscner". He is there too only 7 litas. There are also beer cocktails with various tastes (for example, currants or Irish whiskers), however, they are only served in beer circles and look like a beer, and nothing to taste with it (just sweet drinks).

Swing there stands 23 litas per kg, a plate of shrimp – 7 litas. Small they are there, though.

The waitress is a pleasant and open girl, the courtesy itself, says in Russian, t. To. Russian itself, but lives in Lithuania. It does not have to wait for it, everything pretty quickly brings, but do not relax – "Money and checks Check without departing from the cashier". In general, when calculating "Cleanted" on chirik, naturally, not in our favor.

The menu is there only on Lithuanian and English, and the swinewheel there is in English called for some reason "Pork hand". The waitress, see, is not friends with English, t. To., When I asked what it was for "pork hand", She was surprised. I am still pinned, they say, maybe it meant the front pork leg?: D But she replied that it was just a pork naked, and promised to pay attention to the attention of the translation of the translation.

There is in this restaurant and the second floor where local young people love to gather. But, at least that day, the young people turned out to be decent: there were no terk-disassembly-scuffle-Mordoboev.

Restaurant Forto Dvaras in the center of Vilnius

Next, we went to the central street of Pilies, by the way, having loved to the church of St. Anna and Church of St. Francis and Bernardine, as well as the Orthodox Church of the Blessed Virgin, and soon they were near the Forto Dvaras restaurant, located in the house number 16 on this street, where they decided to go. Beer there is quite inexpensive: the mug of Schwituris, dark or light, it will cost only 5.9 litas. By the way, the Dark Shvirutis is pretty good, there will be a lot of bright.

We decided to try there with chapelins (chopped meat in the dough – something like dumplings, only much more) and dankov (potato pancakes). As a result, I was found and got drunk plenty of only 47 litas with kopecks.

I do not know if the bartender says in Russian, t. To. I communicated with him in Lithuanian, but the waitress in Russian spoke excellent. True, the menu is only in Lithuanian and English, but there are photos of dishes.

Dinner in a restaurant "Lokis" – for game lovers

Walking on the evening Vilnius, warming the cup of cups of Mulled wine in the chicken coop on the town hall and resting a little at the bedroom, we went to the restaurant "Lokis", Located at: Stikliu G., 8/10, which is not far from the same Town Hall. It is located in the building of the end of the XV century, built for one of the merchants and used by him both for both accommodation and trading. Game out there, so to speak, not cheap. For example, a hot dish of wild boar costs 55 litas, and Venison – 65. Beer snack in the form of garlic croutons and cheese balls – 19 LTL. Needless beer, &# 352; vyturys and Kanapinis – 7 Litas. It should be noted, both quite analytical.

In general, for the game, you can go there, but the true beer connoisseurs definitely not there.

Yes, about the language do not worry: the waitress in Russian they say, the menu in Russian, too, have.

Beer restaurant "prie Katedros" Vilnius

With an introduction to the museum values ​​us, as we have said, abruptly broken off. But there are also alternative sources of pleasure, right? Here in one of these we go, remembering that closed it was to be a 24 December. And, indeed, it turned out to be open pivnyachok. At the entrance to the interior is decorated with beer barrels made of Cu (who forgot chemistry can look at the periodic table, which means that character), and they are even sort of like acting, rather than purely decorative.

Themselves rooms are decorated with the bottoms of beer barrels of different caliber, protruding from the wall. Beer where light is supplied to 7 LTL, and honey and dark 8. I recommend the dark. Bright and honey – so-so, nothing special. Although the taste and color. Soups fun there still is, for example, soup kartpyure with beer and bacon (7 lits) and soup in boletus "ease", made of a small loaf of bread (LTL 12). Svinrulka (whatever her in Russian called everywhere "Shank") Cost 28 litas (try in any Moscow restaurant to find such for less than 350 rubles.!).

As a result, we sat on the 86 litas. If you have children who go to the fifth grade of secondary school, you can ask them a task, how much beer we drank and how many of them were light, when you consider that the circles we took only 0.5. Tipping is not taken into account, they were left alone.

Yes, for those who do not like to bother even with the English: the waitresses and there very well spoken in Russian. Menu in Russian is also available.

How do you like the price of beer? Impressive? However, this is not all. Want, I will tell you how to drink this beer Already 2 times cheaper? Yes, just take it to takeimoint and drink, say, in the room (not on the street: there is a penalty for it up to 300 litas, and this is already unprofitable)! The price in this case will be all the same 8 litas, but already per liter, and 2 liters will cost only 14 litas. And if you still have a corresponding club card, then prices are generally reduced to 7 and 12.25 litas, respectively.

Lithuanian culture personal experience

Christmas Bazaar in Vilnius

In the reports about Riga and Tallinn, I wrote about the so-called chickenurs. They are usually located on central squares, and there are selling Mulled wine, tea, coffee, pastries, honey, cheese, ribbons, and also gloves and hats. So, in Vilnius, the system of peasants is organized a little differently. There in the town hall stood one large chicken coop in the form of a tent, in which the trays were located from which all of the above goods were sold, except for trinkets, gloves and hats.

Robbles (magnets, plates and other souvenirs) were sold, however, in separate smokers made, however, unlike Riga and Tallinn, not a tree, but from metal and stone, and resembling Rustic bus stops rather rebound, only round shape.

Gulled wine cup cost 6 litas, Minting bottle (0.5 l) – 3 litas (already 2 times cheaper than at the duty room, but still expensive; in the store, we took a bottle of 1.5 liters 2.2 litas). And also local enterprising dudes traded in a paired marshmallow. Palen not in the sense of fake, but in the sense that they shed him with a soldering lamp. They scored in the store of ordinary marshmallow, see, for a penny, and here they are planted on "Shampurians", Out of the solder lamp and squeeze everyone "Marshmallow Scheshlik" 7 litas for "skewer" (I was sold for 6 for the second time, like a discount as a permanent client, although in fact they were simply not the surrender with a chirik, but I had only 6 without surrender).

Even in this chicken coop, one famous Historny-New Year’s Character periodically visited and photographed with all those who wish. By the way, he was not a beard from his wool – it seems like self (maybe, and the invoice). However, be that as it may, I would have looked more effectively.

Restaurant and bar at Europa Royal 4 * Hotel in Vilnius

Finally, we reached our at night, and – about a miracle! – We were caught a working restaurant, which turned out, as it turned out, a restaurant with our stay! Well, at least a chirigo-neighboring skid and a couple of cups of mulled wine on coupon will be – and the fact! Taking into account the beer skid "Schwituris" (Emphasis on the last syllable) there is 6.3 litas (here and then the price of beer is given in 0.5 liters, unless otherwise specified), GRIMBERGER beer – 8.1 litas, salad "Caesar" – 17.6 litas, Salmon steak – 32.4 litas. The furnishings in the restaurant is very different – such as a medieval castle, that’s just somehow too quiet. Waiters and bartenders speak Russian perfectly. The main menu is there on Lithuanian and English, however, there is an additional menu in Russian, printed on the blue sheets of A5 format.

Having rested after the restaurant in the room, we came to the conclusion that it’s just nowhere to go to the pre-Christmas evening, otherwise, like a hotel bar. Nothing works anymore anymore! There we drank beer, as well as local sturdy liquor products with a fortress of 50% and various cocktails, which we kindly offered a local bartender, also well-owning Russian. I communicated with him and in Russian, and in Lithuanian.

Café and Cafe Vilnius

Inexpensive and popular network of Cafes Chili. There are several options: Chili Bistro is the cheapest: soups 3-4 litas, hot 8-12. Just more expensive Chili Picca – hot 15-20 litas. Bistro is on the first floor of the bus station, the pizzeria is here near, across the road – on the corner of Sodu and Sopeno Gatve. When you give an invoice – see more carefully, together with the score, more and a piece of discount in a few litas are attached – depending on how much you. This flyer is valid throughout the SHILI network.

There are many specialized coffee shops (Kavaren), different prices – depending on the class of institution. Coffee in McDonalds (there is everything on the same attribute area) – 2.5 litas. Especially convenient when you came early in the morning, and still closed. In Vilnius, also coffee is sold in all kiosks with seal, and not soluble, and freshly breeded, quite decent – 3 litas. In Kaunas, drank coffee in a small pastry shop for two tables only 1.5 litas (this pastry shop is located. VYTAUTO, 50 meters from the bus station aside from the center). In Druskininka drank coffee in a small family cafe on ul. Kudirkos Gatve, 11, this is a couple of houses toward the center from the bus station. Unlike all other coffee shops, coffee is boiled here in the Turk and bring. It turns out very tasty and strong. Cost 2 Lita.

Lithuanian culture personal experience

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