Lithuania currency: personal experience

On the occasion of Christmas Eve, most banks are closed, but money, if necessary, can be changed in the bank from the station or in some trade center. In general, we had to go back to the station again, t. To. he was closer to trade centers.

As you know, Lithuanian national currency is Lithuanian. 1 liter approximately 12 Russian rubles. Accordingly, 1 BCS is approximately 2.67 litas, 1 Jew – 3.43 litas, and 1 lat approximately 5 litas. Of course, the courses may change, I led those that acted at the end of December 2011. Go to Lithuania, I think it is better done with Jews or bucks, although it is possible and with rubles. However, it should be remembered that, firstly, there are no rubles in all exchangers, and secondly, where they are taken, it may not be a very profitable course.

For example, in one bank for 100 rubles were given only 5.6 litas (t. E. Almost 18 rubles were sold instead of 12!). I want to hope that this is just a mistake on the banner of the exchanger was. If you are lucky, then litas can be purchased at 12.35 rubles, and back it is later in the case of which they will take 11.5 rubles. Change better large amount, t. To. In banks there, as a rule, a fixed chub is charged (2.5 – 3 litas per operation).

Banks there are fairly early closing (watches at 17, in my opinion), however, as already mentioned, shop centers remain. And the train station (to the right of the building, if facing the entrance) is a branch of Citadele Bank, working around the clock, if you believe the schedule for doors. When I went there, there was a turn, but I didn’t have to stand for a long time, t. To. worked as many as 5 cash registers.

Yes, if you wish, you can buy litas in Moscow, only this is unlikely to be profitable: for example, in the exchanger on the metro station stations they sell 14 rubles, and they are taken on 8, you seek the benefit for what. Although, maybe they can be exchanged somewhere and at a more advantageous course.

The cost of meeting a new year in the Baltic States

Since we have already had visas, we have thought about the travel agency, we counted an excessive occupation and decided to book themselves and the air tickets, and at night at airBaltic (we all booked there and 2 years ago before traveling to Riga). On the loot, the alignment is the following:

– Flights Moscow – Vilnius (Utair) – 306 Jews;
– Flights Vilnius – Riga – Moscow (AirBaltic; AirBaltic + Aeroflot – 197.16 Jew;
– A night in Vilnius for 4 nights (4 *) – 285 Jews;
– Overnight in Riga for 2 nights (4 *) – 130 Jews.

In both accommodation rooms, the rooms are standard with breakfast and with the ability to cancel the reservation.

Lithuanian currency Personal experience

Prices are given with all the shavers that, by the way, make up the lion’s share of airline tickets. As you can see, for everything about everything happened less kosar. Booked at the end of October, and if I booked a little earlier, the air tickets would cost even cheaper. But the nights could be cheaper if we booked them, on the contrary, later. So it makes sense to think about a separate booking, despite the chiri-neighboring discount on the AirBaltic website for booking a bedroom with tickets.

About the need to acquire medstrashov, I think you do not need to write. They cost 8.4 Jews per person.

Food & Bookstores in Vilnius

In Vilnius 2, the main networks of stores Iki and Maxima. The larger the store – the lower the price. One supermarket IKI is located on the second floor of the bus station. Prices for products are approximately Moscow, something is slightly cheaper, something is slightly more expensive. Liked the dark beer Baltas.

There are many of them in the center, but most of the books, of course, in Lithuanian. There are small departments with books in Russian. I want to advise a very good bookstore on the railway station, it is in the right wing, if you look at the station. Very big store with a good choice of Russian-speaking literature. Moderate prices.

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