Little pleasant zurich surprises

"I can’t recommend anything special in Zurich. Especially and do not know him. Town small. But there is a lake", – I wrote to me former classmate living in Geneva. "And Geneva, you might think, megapolis!" – Parissed in the profile LJ community, where I asked Zurich and naively quoted a friend. Optimism it did not add it. Things were collected, and Zurich remained a white spot on the shore of a big lake. Initially, the Swiss city had not so much chance to impress me: he was the third, the last point of the trip after Berlin and Paris.

And yet Zurich took possession of my attention even when it remained three hours of way to the high-speed TGV train. On the Paris East Train Station, the March Sun shone, it also bought unwriting Paris suburbs and the striped yellow-green fields swept outside the window, for which it was absolutely not clear what time of the year was now – early spring or early autumn. Such idyllic paintings are often decorated with French wine labels. Under the chatter of our neighbors by the car (it’s funny to hear how adults are lacking with a lack of one-stop and briefly, they don’t like the pronunciation in French, German and English, – they do not like the pronunciation) The landscape changed: Mountains appeared on both sides of the railway, the mountains had rained rapid. Strasbourg. Rain over. Started. The border.

Switzerland, as you know, in Schengen recently. Her border guards with this Regulation did not accept. Documents checked in good half of passengers in the car. The detailed answers to the questions of the border were not satisfied. But it costs to pronounce a keyword "Travel", how they immediately have lost interest in us, our passports and visas. It is noteworthy that on the first after the station border the documents selectively checked on the platform. Our neighbors did not stop, which caused a light disappointment: it would be interesting to observe from the window, how they will appreciate the focus of border guards.

  • Original sculptures in Zurich
  • Yachts near the shore of Zurich Lake
  • Zurich – picturesque city

When snow and rain, mountains and plains have changed each other several times, the train finally arrived at the desired station. Rocking associations with fictional Valadilee from the famous Socalvskaya "Siberia", we descended the escalator in the station, went to the kiosk for the map, found that there are no on sale, and they remembered that the Switzerland did not join the Eurozone. After removing a couple of hundreds of Swiss francs in the ATM (the money was the only bright spot of this cold rainy evening – looking at the rainbow pieces, you begin to understand why the Swiss lives so well: earn and smoke such beautiful money – double pleasure), we finally gathered with the Spirit, went out on open air and. Found in void. Stop tram, parking tourist buses with closed stall, and nothing else. Although not. Intelligent homeless, who asked money first in German, and then, realizing that we are foreigners, in English. The forecasts of classmates were justified except that the lakes could not be seen anywhere.

Little pleasant zurich surprises

Having accepted a volitional decision to catch a taxi, we downloaded a suitcase into it, loaded themselves, exhaled (not blowing and not dripping!), I stood three minutes at the traffic light and the driver announced: "Arrived, to your hotel 10 meters straight". For a trip to a length of five minutes I had to pay one and a half dozens of francs, but on your two we would get wicked up to the thread, and, most importantly, we would not find the selected hotel in an unfamiliar city without a card.

Having settled, dressed warmer and went to examine the city (the benefit at the reception was given a map and the objects that may interest us were noted – before everything is half a walk). Since the rain did not think to end, the examination was brought to the search for the restaurant ZeughausKeller, also marked on the map. It turned out to be very popular, and Friday evening and bad weather did not add a chance to a free table. If it were not for a waitress who asked if we would manage to help me for an hour and a half, and cheerfully suggested us, three, for a long table to the three same Swiss grandfathers. Grandfathers were distracted from their (if not blackberry, then the hedgehogo exactly) beer and at first looked at us with suspicion, but when we brought a corporate dish "Sword Burgomaster" – Meat, roasted on the present, though blunt sword, – they pierced with respect and began to give advice on English, as it is more convenient.

  • Swiss National Museum
  • Angel under the roof station
  • Embankment in Zurich

After dinner, life has acquired the meaning. True, whether from fresh compared to Parisian air, either from the height difference, whether the head sniffed dizzy from the local draft beer. Sleep under the noise of rain lay down with thought "At least tomorrow snow", And woke up. From the windows fled right in the window under the roof of the Bright Spring Sun. On this occasion, we decided to start acquaintance with the city anew. Returning to the railway station and leaving the suitcase in the storage chamber, the foundation of the exchanger took. At the same time, a tourist bureau was discovered with free cards and guidebooks, and at the same time what the day before we just came out from the other side of the station. From the main exit, a view of the embankment and the old "lower" City with small houses, quite near the Swiss National Museum. Focusing on the spiers and processing with the map, we went through the medieval churches, walked along the oldest bridge across the Limmat River, where it was once ancient Roman cross, in the place of which the city arose, and, of course, went to the lake.

One shore of Zurich Lake on a velvety-blue stroy parked astronomical number of snow-white yachts, boats and just motor boats. Another (Zurich, if so you can put it, is located "in the corner" The oblong lake whose width is only 1-4 kilometers, but the length is all 40 kilometers) is a lively embankment, where the crowds of locals walk – young people, families with young children and elderly couples, as well as a few tourists. It is a pity that the shipping season has not yet begun – a journey on a boat for such a lake should be unforgettable. We were able to be satisfied with the views from the coast and to represent how, it should be pleasant here to swim and sunbathe on the bedding in the summer (the sun, by the way, even in early March is very strong). By the way on swimming: In Zurich on the Limmat River and her tributaries, the bathing is still preserved, some of which are divided into men’s and women’s.

  • Church of Enge
  • Restaurant Zeughauskeller
  • Streets Zurich

In general, the fact that the lake in Zurich is and it is fine – it is true. But besides him in the city there is something to see. This, for example, the Cathedral of Grossmunster in the old (Lower) city, built in the XI-XII centuries. The scale of the already huge church gives what it is located among small houses and narrow streets, for which, of course, it makes sense to walk. Or the Gothic Church of Fraumunster, which is doubly noteworthy that decorated with stained glass stamps. As well as the Wooden Rathausbrucke Bridge near the Town Hall, he is Gemusebrucke, that is "Vegetable Most" – The oldest bridge transition to Zurich with the Roman customs post Turicum.

And in Zurich good, but quite expensive shopping. Swiss watches we, alas, not bought, but purchased in the store at the station of real Swiss chocolate. We spent half an hour left in reasoning that Zurich is a very neat and cozy city, in which it is quite possible to go for a couple of days, but it is longer in it, probably boring (and from it even more!), and in contemplation of the sculpture hanging under the ceiling in the form of a 15-meter full lady with wings. She appeared (or he: the official name – "Guardian angel") there for Valentine’s Day.

In general, the impressions are unexpected and rather pleasant. And yes, Swiss has very nice voices and unusual accent. And in his native German (Zurich – the German-based Canton), and in English. In french, for sure, too.

Little pleasant zurich surprises

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