Little secret Phangan Island: Bottle Beach

Bottle Beach Beach, also known as Haad Khuat, is considered one of the most beautiful places in Pangan. With a bottle, the beach binds not a form, as it may seem at first glance, and the story about how travelers, getting to this secluded place through the jungle, used bottles as ; Landmark flags ; For marking travelers.

Beach Book Bottle Beach. Photo Credit: Franz Ryan Hilario, Flickr

About the beach

Bottle Beach is located in the north of the island of Phangan in an isolated small bay. To the beach easier to get by the sea, t.To. on land get here not just just. There are two land options, the first ; go three kilometers on the forest trail, the second ; Almost extremal ; on the bike, but on the road.

On the motorbike to go to the beach you need to be very careful, t.To. closer to Bottle Beach asphalt road is replaced by the ground, which, in turn, is pretty steep. The probability of rolling the bike or falls from it very great. As a result, it is difficult to heal in the tropics of scratches or worse wounds in the hands of legs, as well as almost inevitable scratches on the bike, for which it will be necessary to pay.

Sea path. Photo Credit: Henrik Juell-Sundbye, Flickr

Cut the picturesque road to the beach. Photo Credit: Soma-Samui, Flickr

On Haad Khuat, most often come for a couple of hours, usually on boats from Caloclum ; swim, sow on the beach and back. Some travelers stay to enjoy the sea and a relaxed atmosphere on the beach, for a long time. First of all, this place is like silence and beautiful nature. It is not surprising ; Wide beach strip and green powder palm trees picturesque contrast with turquoise, transparent water.

There are no pronounced casting and taking, swimming on Bottle Beach can be swimming in any season. Sea deep, places ; Strong underwater flow. The only minus of the beach is its northern location that does not allow to observe enchanting sunsets or sunsets)

Picturesque beach ribbon. Photo Credit: Randomtuesdae, Flickr

Before the rain. Photo Credit: Eddyvm85, Flickr

What to do on Bottle Beach

Day entertainment on the Bottle Beach is a hammock, snorcling, diving, kayaking, relaxing massages and walks through the jungle and / or look. In the evening ; Fayer show and barbecue for nice music.

There are no ATMs and supermarkets here, but it is where to buy beach accessories, naturally prices are all slightly higher. Weak reception Wi-Fi and mobile communication (at the time of writing an article).

Cozy playground restaurant. Photo Credit: Eddyvm85, Flickr

On the way on the view, Point. Photo Credit: Christian Haugen, Flickr

View Point. Photo Credit: Christian Haugen, Flickr

Beautiful beach view from the observation deck. Photo Credit: Christian Haugen, Flickr

Little secret of the island of Phangan Bottle Beach

Friesbi game. Photo Credit: Josie Antonina, Flickr

One of the most pleasant classes. Photo Credit: SGORALNICK, FLICKR

Fayer Show ; evening entertainment on the beach. Photo Credit: Josie Antonina, Flickr

Where to live on the beach Bottle Beach

The choice of housing on a small beach, naturally, is small. The main format of housing ; Cheap bungalows a few stepships. Housing options on the beach:
Bottle Beach 1 Resort
Haad Khuad Resort
Smile bungalows
Bottle Beach 2 Bungalows

Bungalow on the beach. Photo Credit: Trisgti, Flickr

How to get to Bottle Beach

The beach is located in the northern part of Pangan Island. The most convenient way to get to it on boat-taxis, which go from the Chaloklum bay on the following schedule: 9:30; 10:30; 13:00; 17:00 and vice versa from the beach in the bay: 10:00; 11:00; 13:30; 17:30.

The fare from Chaloklum to Bottle Beach from 100-200 Bat. The price depends on the ability to bargain and from the place where to take a ticket. It will be more expensive at an advertising stand, where they sell boats and cheaper tickets ; On the place of the pier boats, immediately before sailing.

Little secret of the island of Phangan Bottle Beach

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