Live the spirit of the samurai

One of my good friend, graduated from the Department of Japanese Philology, went to Tokyo to practice but stayed there for many years. He idolized his youth, John Lennon, deified his Japanese wife Yoko Ono, so I was very surprised when I learned that a friend of mine married a Japanese woman. I was even proud of such an acquaintance, because he had married a girl from ancient samurai clan. These all our fellow students he wiped his nose. Because our Russian, Jewish and Tatar women have in their ancestry except that the old Bolsheviks, jewelers yes shopkeepers at the Gostiny Dvor – in general, a commoner. And then suddenly the samurai! You can imagine how impatiently we waited for the others see Kohl and his wife samurai meowing. "Name some cat!" – friendly verdict rendered our women.

Once a meowing Nick-san arrived in Moscow, the nearest the exit, taking everything you need for a long feast, we went to visit them at Sivtsev Vrazhek. We opened the door dressed in a silk kimono barefoot Japanese girl with shining eyes narrow.

– Hello, girl! – politely I told my classmate Oleg. – We’re friends of your dad. He is at home?
– Dad at home, in Tokyo – the girl said in a small voice. – You nuzen my mus Kohl, it is not.
– Husband? – Oleg stunned staring at a miniature samurayku. – And it is possible, we will enter in your blessed home and wait for him?
– Not bremsstrahlung! – said meowing and smiled sweetly. – Nuzno pass!
– What’s pass? – I did not understand.
– Nuzno pass vlemya.
– Vlemya? – I asked in surprise Oleg. – And how many nuzno pass vlemya, Stobie see Kohl became Długa?! – he became a crowd at a Japanese woman, obviously intending to push her into the apartment.

But meowing gracefully pushed him and said politely:
– Chelled month will be my Denya Lozden. We and you are blessed Xen sit down to visit. With napping, – bowed and covered the door.

– No, well, you understood! – Oleg indignant when we went out to the street. – They are waiting for us with impatience! A month later!

It is difficult to be samurame

Patience is one of the basic qualities that brought up in future samurai. But first things first. Let’s start with the fact that the Japanese are not indigenous people of the current Japanese islands. As the ancestors of modern Americans destroyed the indigenous population of North America, and the ancestors of the Japanese, for centuries, were permanently fought with the tribes of the Ainov, which violently defended their right to live on earth ancestors. In the period of the Middle Ages, there was a civil war of Japanese princes for expanding their possessions, and the clergy defended the rights to monastic possessions and income from them. All these fronts needed warriors, they became samurai. The word samurai (saburai) comes from the Japanese verb "Saburahi" (serve, defend the owner) – in other words, samurai were mercenaries and served as their sword in exchange for material benefits. Initially, samurai were not aristocrats, but were immigrants from a simple people – peasants and artisans.

Since the competition between those who want to become a samurai was strong enough, then the requirements for samurai were elevated. Gradually, the Samurai Code was developed, which included readiness to fold the head for the owner, as well as politeness, tact, excerpt and nobility. Later began to be valued good manners, education, knowledge of history, literature, heraldry. In parallel, samurai was inevitably contempt for "ordinary" Labor activity – Melting Plebeev. With a rich owner, a samurai had enough time for physical training, education of the Spirit, visits to theaters, reading, writing, calligraphy and a tea ceremony under Sakura jam. If the samurai did not want to improve, he was suppressed by others who occupied a more active life position.

So there was a caste samurai – warriors of the highest qualifications, carriers of the Knight’s Spirit, selflessly loyal system, which they served. Historical chronicles show that samurai were a very numerous layer of society and in different periods accounted for up to ten percent of the population.

However, as the country is centralized, the situation began to change. In the XII century, the military dictatorship regime was established, all the power focused in the hands of the Supreme Commander – Sögun, and the role of the emperor was minimized. The estor of samurai, which was then practically merged with the estate of secular feudalists, including the sogun himself, became the dominant political and military force of the country. The Institute of Samurassia, flesh from the flesh of the Japanese lifestyle, existed more than seven centuries (until 1868), its elements were transformed and preserved to the present day, becoming one of the foundations of modern Japanese ideology.

Today’s heirs of samurai traditions do not wear swords and do not pose their belly. Changes the combat color of their ancestors to the costume and tie, and military equipment – to the computer, they continue to serve their samurai God – a state institution or a firm in which they work. Daily painstaking work for the benefit of the Motherland and patient overcoming life adversity is the only meaning of the existence of a modern Japanese.

Our friend Kolya, being in Tokyo, also stood on the path of samurai, began to master the principles of Japanese philosophy, the main of which is patience. He taught the Japanese Russian language, hesitantly studied the Japanese, national history and literature, engaged in Karate and Judo, compiled the art of struggle on swords, took the lessons of hieroglyphics … In general, it was immersed in Japanese reality on the full program. And when it became very bad and Ice longing took for the soul, he traveled to the nearest Yatay – eaten outdoors – and delayed. I bought Sake, Yakitori with baked potatoes, slowly recruited to the Russian condication and brave fucked so that the samurai morning again.


The birthday of his Japanese wife, our friend Kolya celebrated in the national style. Low long table, pads on the floor, sticks, rice, pile cups, sauces and sake in white bottles with hieroglyphs. Little meow rose on high wooden shoes, dressed in pink kimono with some kind of hood behind and kept painted fan in hand. Her high hairstyle was enclosed with something like chopsticks, the face is covered with legens, eyebrows are brought black, lips – red. Our women looked at her big interest. In addition to our company, the guests had a Japanese consul with his wife. Toasts with subsequent long translations to Japanese and back, polite muttering about the weather, silent eating rice, quickly plugging under the table – all this we have passed a little more than an hour. And then came out with Oleg smoke into the kitchen, revealed the reserves of Sake and decided not to return at the table: we already gave the Japanese ceremonial! But soon the meow spoke.

– in the village of Oli? – she asked strictly.
– Yes, I compose poems, – Oleg found. – Want, read?
– Jose! – said Samurai and covered narrow eyes.
– standing Mount Fujiya, – Oleg began with the happiness. – Her foot is a stone ..
– How Clausivo!
– Not all! … standing samurai kolya, his feet lies meow ..
– This is moay. Myuow killed?
– No, she just sleeps. Want a funny poem?
– Jose!
– Little boy played a samurai, grandfather with a clock with a shed. His long scraped with "Kamaza": Grandfather turned out to be Major Special Forces!

Myoweow thought deeply, comprehending the contents of the quatrain.

– Actually, this is not ridiculous, – commented on the entered Kolya. – Judge himself: the boy died hard death – his parents in Mount, grandfather exceeded the limits of self-defense – the prison is waiting for him. And the owner "Kamaza" Unhappy ..

We slightly taken away from such a interpretation of folk poetry, but the action of Sake has already delivered us from excessive delicacy.

– No, you really think so? – Oleg pounced on a friend Kolya, who was previously a big joker.

Live the spirit of the samurai

Kolya-san, seeing misunderstanding in our eyes, began to patiently explain:
– The Japanese is not taken to joke on such topics. Death is very serious. Everything related to the murder and war, for the Japanese closed theme. They are not in itself when extol "Militarist" Past of their countries. Nationalists involved Japan in the second world, pursuing their political goals, sought to exalt in the eyes of compatriots the image of a warrior hero, the heir of the Samurai Spirit. Due to the shameful defeat and bombardments of Hiroshima and Nagasaki word "samurai" Now associated with rigging and death. For most Japanese, the brutal samurai rests with the world in the depths of historical memory and occurs only in the image of the tragic hero of militants or theater of the Kabuki Theater. Time of true samurai came and left, like fallen colors of Sakura, – on the poetic note she finished his explanation of Kolya-San, – but also in everyday life the manifestation of the true samurai spirit.

Our fourth friend Sasha sacrament sacrament with the consul, female crawled on the kitchen. Immediately became closer, but also more cozy, as once in student years. Kolya-san raised the clay cup with sake and still continued:
– And it is also known that the Samurai Spirit is transmitted to those people who are close to samurai. Lives in the Far East of Claudia Novikova, which films are filmed in Japan, they write novels and frank poems. She is about 90 years old, and over the mystery of the soul of women of clauts are fighting narrow-eyed (sorry, consul-san!) Psychologists, trying to understand: why she voluntarily gave his beloved husband, with whom she lived in happiness for almost half a century, another woman. Samurai Yasaburo after the war convicted as a Japanese spy, he did not return to his homeland and became in the distant settlement "Progress" Lady Hairdresser Yakov Ivanovich. When he was searching for the first wife, Japanese Hisako, Baba Klava insisted that his beloved husband returned to her in Japan. And herself remained alone. "I was not a husband Hisako, but an old debt", – said Russian woman. And this samurai in the spirit of the act in Japan is truly admired.

– Yeah! – our women sighed chorus and immediately asked. – And how did you get acquainted with meow?

– Yes, it can be seen, the moment is called, – Crash-San. – Not far from Tokyo University, where I taught, there is a Shinto temple Yasukuni. This is something like a monument to samurai and victims of war, and here everyone is coming down desire. I also wrote on a piece of paper: "I want to return home, but so that I was not planted!"

– Many wanted! – Commented on Oleg.

– Well, then, in general, yes! – agreed Kolya. – And now I look, a schoolgirl is in a striped sailor, and white golfies are lowered on the ankles. I looked at these golfiki, I had so soul hanged, I remembered all my girls. I see – also left a note in the temple. I was caught and reading her intimate desire: "Let I marry!". Well, schoolgirl, I think. It turned out that she is younger than me for five years. And then I learned that she had little dad that the minister, but also a hereditary samurai. "Well, – I think, it will destroy if that!". But when I found out that I should call him (respectful appeal to the minister), I immediately became easier, as if my secret weapon appeared.

– So your dad – Kaka? – Oleg gladly asked meukuk.

The samurais pushed his fan in the chest and said firmly:
– never need to be confused, one hundred is never to be confused!

– This is a samurai! – Sasha delight.

I must notice that the samurai perfume meow was very useful in Moscow life. Neighbors penetrated her respect. On the street, in stores and in transport, the meow behaves so that any manifestation of rudeness dies to the root. And Kolya-san now translates into Russian treatise the ancient Japanese philosopher Reiki Riookho, which outlined the commandments of compassion and wisdom, achieve happiness and harmony. This work was very honored by samurai and is highly appreciated in modern Japan. Father meow will come to Moscow soon. Despite his employment, he decided on this journey, because his daughter should be born a son. And it will be the first heir to the ancient samurai family, which appeared in the capital of our Motherland.

Live the spirit of the samurai

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