Liverpool – One of the largest cities of England, among other things, there is an important seaport. It was here that the famous Beatles began their careers, at first giving concerts in small restaurants and bars. The population of the city almost reaches 500 thousand people. In the town – A large number of museums, one of which, naturally devoted to the work of the legendary four. Arriving to the city, it is worth sure to join the cultural heritage of the Beatles, through visiting museums and clubs, where the group.

Liverpool – center of festivals and exhibitions. And the city is famous for two sports clubs, rugby teams and several huge golf courses. The foundation of the city belongs to the 12th century. Already then the city was important for the economy of the country, because through the sea port of Liverpool there was a lively trade with neighboring cities and countries.

The city with a rich history is ready to show the tourist diverse architectural decoration. The main attractions are located in the central part of the city: Temples, the famous cathedral, neoclassical architecture. And how many art galleries in Liverpool, where masterpieces and the best works of leading Masters of Europe are collected.

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What is interesting to see Liverpool?

Top attractions of Liverpool

Museum of the group "The Beatles"

Speco Hall

Liverpool port

Liverpool Anglican Cathedral


Liverpool Catholic Cathedral

Walker Art Gallery

Gallery Teit

Liverpool: excursions and events

Liverpool is known to the world mainly at the expense of the famous club of the same name, as well as the famous group of Beatles, which is dedicated to little excursion tours. During an excursion to tourists to visit the club, where the concert was given by talented musicians, as well as a museum who will tell about the life and work of the Great «Four». A planetarium is built next to the museums in which interesting performances give daily.

Traveling around the city just can not do without visiting the most vast Anglican Cathedral of the world. With children, it is determined to get on the territory of the Safari Park «Knowsley», Where can I get to know wild animals.

In the city especially like sports fans, because it is on the territory of one of the city stadiums a football matches and championships pass. There are not few unusual expositions in the city, for example, some may tell about the history of smuggling.

The main excursions pass through the richest sights of the district: Albert dock. Today in this part of the city there is a large number of restaurants, shops, shopping centers, exhibitions and museums.

History of Liverpool

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Climate in Liverpool

Climatic conditions of Liverpool are close to moderate, oceanic. Thanks to the effect of warm golf stream, even in the winter in the city there is no cold. The average temperatures of the coldest month of January fluctuate in the region of 3-5 degrees above zero. Once the rain is different, this month, the tourist season is coming to an end.

Despite the positive climate, the nature of the terrain is not too diverse. Summer The sun warms the air to maximum up to 15 – 0 degrees. Climate is greatly influenced by the proximity of the city’s location to the ocean. And autumn is characterized by an increased nebula.

Liverpool: Entertainment and Active Rest

Lovers of active image and life and sports in Liverpool will definitely like. After all, the city – Motherland known to the whole world of the Soccer Club of the same name. Annually at the local stadium are the most important competitions and matches. Among other things, the city is rich in nightlife, clubs and bars are waiting for their guests. Liverpool is famous for shops and markets where you can buy anything.

City surroundings invite travelers for hiking, during which there are not few objects dedicated to music. For example, one of the hills is crowned by a monument «Singing tree». It is worth visiting the stadium to which excursions are held daily. It will be possible to even visit the seats for training and changing the famous players.

We offer children to go to Safari Park, where you can see on wild animal edges. With children you can visit the center where you are offered to play football, while having to go into bulk suits. In another entertainment center, you can jump on trampolines. «In the footsteps» Beatles It is worth visiting the club, where the first performance of the group was, as well as skip a glass of beer in the pub, where four talented musicians rested after concerts.

Transport features of Liverpool

Liverpool – The city is quite large according to the country, therefore various types of transport are presented in the city, the most popular of which – bus. Routes pass through all areas of the city, so transportation can be reached to neighboring regions.

Not well developed railway transport. At the trains and trains you can travel for long distances. Taxi service is very popular, the cost of the trip is calculated on the basis of the number of driving kilometers. By the river you can ride a ferry – Excellent opportunity to admire the city from.

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