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Barcelona – Magnet City. It is only worth being in the field of its attraction – and you become her prisoner. Barcelona is witnessing your plans and intentions, fascinates,. Maybe because she, southern seaside city, reminds me of Odessa? And little Paris? In Barcelona, ​​you, like the Metro of the collective farmers, have little not to each second building. At the same time, you do not have to do my head: above seven-story buildings in Barcelona. Houses behave modestly, but with dignity: they do not rush in height, but they are impressive exterior. Only the immortal creation of the insane Gaudi – the Cathedral of the Holy Family – boldly pulled his candles towers up, height, scary to think, the 23rd floor! In New York, such a height and a skyscraper is considered, but it is – Barcelona: everything is harmonious and appropriate here; All adapted to human parameters. At home is not too high, the streets are not too wide. Legend says that when Gaudi was asked why he thoroughly separates the dome, anyway, no one would be able to see this filigree work, he answered seriously: ?

Gaudi glorified Barcelona to the whole world, but, justice, it is necessary to admit that her modern appearance created not he alone. Catalan Renaissance, who came to the second half of the XIX century, gave the city and the world a brilliant Pleiad of talented architects, sculptors, artists, enough to name the names Dali, Miro, Picasso. However, enough about buildings, otherwise this topic will be tightened. Let’s talk about something else, such as lanterns. In Barcelona – the cult of lamps. Each street in the center has its own, especially for her created . I have not seen this anywhere. Lights are paid at no less attention than houses and parks.. So as not to walk, take the same Gaudi whose first (only) state order was just on lanterns for the royal square. According to his, then already formed aesthetics, he created their tree. Power project accepted, and Gaudi lanterns bang in the square and now.

Barcelona streets are given to the deposit of pedestrians, despite the fact that the movement there is very intense. And in this I see the humanism of its builders. Unlike the highways of New York, where the grandmothers walk in the grandchildren, and the old men fight the domino on the narrow strip of the Earth, blown from all sides by the exhaust gases, in Barcelona cars are ousted on the side of the road, and the entire street width that turned into a promenade is given to pedestrians. Streets at the intersections are poured into round areas, in the center of which – either a fountain, or a monument to some famous figure. And everywhere flower beds, newsstands and comfortable benches, which is important, especially for tourists. For many hours of walking along Barcelona with its stairs, lifting and descent – rather tedious work. Barcelona lies at the foot of Pyreneev. Someone the streets are even equipped with escalators. Barcelona has a cable car, metro and bus network. The sidewalks are posted by multicolored designer ceramic tiles, so, looking at my feet, you will not get bored too. Barcelona is outfit. No wonder it is called .

Contrary to the current opinion, the Catalans are extremely friendly and benevolent to visitors. God forbid, as they say, our. True, they are not very with English, but they reimburse this lack of lively gesticulation and sincere desire to help. Not the fact that the French, who, even if they understand, will not show species. How many times of us with my husband got out of difficult situations, which inevitably eat spaces abroad (may Mark Twain forgive me), cute friendly Barcelonians! There are in Barcelona and . One semi-grocery episode is connected with them, indirect participation in which Christopher Columbus took. Unlike New York, who did not honor, in the youth of the years, to be personally familiar with the Great Seaflorer, Barcelona can boast that Columbus, opening America, arrived in Barcelona to the audience of the Catholic kings, where he was adopted with appropriate honors. Barcelona authorities remembered this event a few centuries later, on the eve of the first world exhibition of 1888, when Barcelona feverishly jerked like a bride in front of the crown. They remembered – and the debt gave a great compatriot, watering at the very sea, at the end of the famous Rambla, an 83-meter column, at the top of which Columbus point to the sea, as if speaking: That’s where the glory of Spain, the lady of the seas comes from. So, at the magnificent foot of the monument (something like a pedestal of the monument to Catherine in St. Petersburg), two young guys from discussed, which may mean graffiti on, which some vandal brought out on the stone. In brackets I note that graffiti is a rare thing in Barcelona, ​​you involuntarily pay attention to it. One of the guys said about an unknown artist: "He did not finish. Sent on, and where – did not say". Everyone understands the measure of his corruption. As the poet said, . What does this alphabetic combination mean, I accidentally learned on the same day, finding it on the sign of our hotel, located on Lincoln’s tiny street in the center of Barcelona. In such a quiet lane, that I even became a shame for Lincoln.

So, these letters denote the Hotel- Apartment and are indicated on many establishments of such a half-day type. They are found much more often than "M" At American catering enterprises and indeed, to our services, instead of close, as a crypt, a hotel room in which we were placed in Munich, there was a real one-bedroom with a kitchen and a full set of dishes. And all this for a very reasonable price. As they say, ready-not-want. It goes without saying, we used this advantage only in the evenings, when there were no strength not only to go somewhere dinner, but in general. When we were calculated, "August" Suddenly presented to us a surprise: a young sports type duty suddenly spoke in Russian with a strong Georgian accent. It turned out, the athlete-non-return. From Tbilisi. Boxer. Did a successful professional career in Spain. Earned a bunch of money. And then took and . Why? Competition? Intrigue? No, no, everything was fine. The guy clearly thinks, not knowing how to explain this turn of his fate. Finally, says: . Such a sport-religious story.

One day was given by Ramble. Rambla – it’s like that in Odessa – Deribasovskaya and Nevsky Prospect in St. Petersburg. It begins with Catalonia Square and flows into the Mediterranean Sea. If Catalonia is the heart of Barcelona, ​​then Rambla is her artery, its essence and the focus. Once at this place was the drone riverbed, along which the fortress wall of the XIII century was.. Already in the XVIII century, when the wall lost its defensive importance, it was demolished, leaving for memory fragments. Rambla splash out. At the expense of the former wall, the royal square was expanded to the street, the one, which Gaudi decorated with his branching lanterns. Rambla – Barcelona Theatrical District, where the two largest her theater are located: the main (and is called) and the Lyceum, which is now on reconstruction. The Royal Academy of Science and Art, the building of the tobacco philippine company, the Bethlehem Temple is one of the few samples of architectural baroque in this modern-Gothic city. On Ramble, the Gueel Palace is the early masterpiece Gaudi, a residential building created by order of his friend, manufacturer and financial magnate Eusebio Guell. Guell financed Many Gaudi projects, but his name is forever connected with the Park – Masterpore Gaudi, which is counted for . Museum of erotica is particularly popular from museums, the Museum of Erotic, Obviously, for considerations of moralism is not included in the guidebook. The entrance to the museum is quite expensive – 10 dollars, and without any discounts to pensioners and editorial and other identity holders. The owners suggest that if a person goes to such a specific museum, it means that he is able to pay the required amount.

Rambla – not only an architectural open-air museum, this is an open-air theater. Along the entire street to the monument Columbus, the pharaohs, mummy Sphynx and other monuments were frozen. When you throw a coin – they come to life and bow. You can only take pictures for money. Some, leaving for four hours on Siesta (this is not an American lunch quickly), leave your fees and boxes. Passersby understanding the coins: it is necessary to relax a person! By the way, about rest: chairs are placed along the most lively part. Not benches, but ordinary home chairs. People are resting like in their living room, watching a rapid flow of life. Ramble attractions – one inventive other. Here . So to speak, the general rehearsal. The hostess in black, with a dark view, ancillary case, sits nearby, glancing at the watch, so as not to put time. Palmed – led by another. And one – like a two-limit Janus: On the one hand, a gentleman, on the other – a bammer. Depending on the point of view. So clearly revealed the duality of human nature – where they gave the self-taught! And one more craftsman-dressed arranged a frog concert. He has a frog virtuoso performed on a miniature piano Brahms. Yes with what expression! Sometimes, forgetting, she helped himself the rear paw, he was leaving in a chair in an exhaustion, and closed her eyes. The public laughs, the pees will fly . It is necessary to come up with this! Artists in one sitting will draw you against the background of the pyramids with the obligatory presence of the full moon, the outlines of which are leaving with the help of an ordinary bowl. If you do not like the pyramids, order a picture on the background of Montserrat Mountain, which is even better..

But Rambla would not be rambly if not a bird market. What is there only not: parrots of all breeds and masters, pigeons, tits, fuses and even: ostrises. As in the village, shouting roosters, confusing the evening with the morning. Kittens, puppies, rabbits, hamsters, mice nest. Crawl snakes, squabbing frogs. Where all this livestock is cleaned overnight – I won’t do the mind.

That Rambla is a nest of crime – I was warned, and more than once. They said that it is necessary to keep the ear in Egor and all valuable – on yourself. I followed the advice. And yet I robbed me. Nothing valuable – pulled a journalist certificate and a travel ticket. But was done virtuoso. I did not notice how he walked behind me, as approached, as he opened a snake on her handbag. His immediately grabbed. Before us grew up a guy with a backpack behind his shoulders and introduced himself by the police. In his hands were mine . Another, also in civil, has already held the hands of the criminal. Jewelry work! Our kopam yes such efficiency!

Living room of Spain from Cycle Catalan Suit

The end of this unforgettable day we spent in the police station, making up a protocol and filling various forms. The head of the police station, who worn in English was in English, causally asked:

– Here you see, – the boss said triumphantly, – today we let him go, and tomorrow he robs someone else. Important not money. The intention is important. INTENTION – He made an emphasis on this word. He had an intention to rob you. And the fact that at the same time he did not get any valuable – it’s already details. We do not want our guests to say that Barcelona is a criminal city.

How much hopeless thieves will be given for his intention I do not know. But certainly, something will give. So that next time it was no way.

To the bus stop we brought us in a police car. The very guy with a backpack. We broke up friends. Impression from Barcelona This episode is not overshadowed.

It was 10 pm: somewhere far lit by spotlights . Barcelona sparkling necklace lying in dark water..

Living room of Spain from Cycle Catalan Suit

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