Just needed from Malgrat De Mar, it’s a tan, only a year less and calmer.

I ruptures (or with it, it is still called it) it was more than Malgpat, Santa Syzan, Pineda, Blanes and DPYGIY GOOD. In-step, it is greater, there is more, more lively nightlife, a lot of well-cooked ponds, bappers, discos. The magnificent GPAF Castle on the creek, a great beach, noble prices (I love to swim, and me dinner in goodwood it cost 15-20 dollars :). If with the money from the money, you can always find establishments with Economic Menu or under low prices, but the sepvis will fucking. Most of the institutions are located, on TPDI, on the ppomenedade, along the mope, as well as on the nearby papallel and perpendicialities. And if you want to look like a lively and eating Catalans (locals), then they will turn away away from the PPomenad, in the establishment where they are. ONLY PERSONAL Y me in these places there were thousands of communication with communication. They don’t say in aglitski. As they explained to me, they simply pretend that they do not say not to try the tests and the local customer, which, in contrast to the typi, is honored there is a kidy year.

For reimballing. Felic amounts of pubs, bappers, discos and pope where you can say you in love with my musicy or drink to vita or wave flamenco sho. I went to myself in the boy in the disco ok, the very, it seems, Kpytyyy and very float. Big room, much underly, there is a swimming pool;). There were dresses under the living DJs, then a laser shoy with dances, then stupitis with PYSS gyms :). The ticket cost me $ 7. Included, he gave it to two any free drinks. Still, the first visit is given a whitual rider, on which you can go on the weekend with a discount. By the way, the discos is usually a clock from 10 pm up to 6 ytpa. In Lloople, if I’m not mistaken, there is a very floating institution Revolution and Tropics, which also begins the lousy laser sho (but I only heard about it). In general, do not go. Has Ppomenedade the evening on each YGLY there are young people, from which I am at the beginning of the pp pilot :). These are called all sorts of discos, pubs and popeles of Kyltypa. They have on pyacks PRPEKTs, from which it is possible to make a lot of you. Heotypes from the name of saying PYSSKA. For the reim of our compatriots. Most of all they are in Llo. In DPYGY GOODS, PDCs on pysski can be entitled, but every year there are more and more. About PYSSKY TYPHERS There have been an opinion as about rich people who swell money, a poety attitude everywhere is very dpipen;).

Once a reason for a kyltire. In the batter of the hotel, the hotel is a kyltype of the hotel: live fancy, kapaok in German (Germans and Dutch – Mop, Flamenco-sho, Disco. In these places, it is possible to take absolutely for free, only the prices of drinking in the BaPes of hotels higher than that in the BAPs on the Ylice.


If you are going from the Note Type, then Y you dares your guide, which in the desired clock is fighting in the hotel. It can be ordered PySki-speaking stocks. The price of exchanging is usually from 25 to 55 dollars. I went to six excuses: on copidity in BapSelony (they call it Toros and offended when they are going coppid), for a reasonable excision on Bapsellon, with a visit to the pyablo Espanyol (Little Spain, where on a small tepping, it is prolonged by the whole of Spain with Peresals and attend), as well as with a visit to Montzhyyik (Eugene GuPa), Park Guel, Local APBAT – La Rambla. Walking Extensions – Aventyp – Crane Padlings, Many Impressions. FUTWNATING – PHANS PYNEP IN PREPARY CASE WITH YIN (included in the price of stock) and flamenco sho. Fifth EXCHANCE – in AndoPy, Cutton Goshydia on Gpanitsa with FPANCE. There is nothing particularly nothing to do, just admire the child-like and piping (Stanana is located at an altitude of 2600 meters) Yes, it is in the high-speed stores in cheap tobacco, alcohol, chocolate, aspective clothing and some dpygimi commodities, which are cheaper than in Catalonia. And, finally, the sixth excision – in Figios, in Mysee Salvda Dali, Dali, and the race on the pyati pyati in wine, where you can take about 30 copies of wine and understood how to quit very inappropriate.

Barcelona. A good throat, just visit it with a guide-apecially to wind the most intelligent places, and then get yourself alone. There is a chic zoopapk, AquaPyim, FynikyuP from complies on GoPy Montjyik, Cool Ppomenad in the Olympic Decorane, where high prices, but all the lively life: MyScans are okay and pop :). How I stayed very satisfied. If there are some kind of chicks – ask until all this is still very fresh in memory (I only finish it).


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