Loaders are beneficial in fact?

Loocosters are low cost airlines that offer passengers cheap tickets. The ticket price includes only a small hand bag. For example, according to the "Victory" rules, manual stain should be placed in a special meter and not exceed certain dimensions (36 * 30 * 27 cm).

All other services – the choice of place in the cabin, baggage, food on board – the passenger pays additionally at will. For example, "victory" Nutrition does not provide even for money. Therefore, those who want to have a snack in flight, you need to take food with you.

How to save Loocoles

To sell tickets at low prices, Lookers save in different ways:

  • Reduce airport fee;
  • reduce parking time;
  • fly on new aircraft;
  • Hire less employees.

Airport Collection – Airplane Service. In newer and central airports, this fee is higher than in remote from tourist centers or old. Therefore, Loocosostans choose airports that are in distance or inferior on novelty and infrastructure. This allows you to reduce the airport fee.

For example, "victory" flies at the airports of Girona and Reuse and does not fly to Barcelona International Airport. At the same time, Barcelona Airport is just 13 km from the city center, and Girona and Reus – 93 km and 108.5 km. And if Kiwitaxi from Barcelona Airport will cost only 42 €, then the journey from Girona Airport will cost 148 €, and from Reus – 183 €. Of course, from Girona and Reus can be reached in Barcelona by bus or train – it will be much cheaper.

Loaders are beneficial in fact

Before you choose a ticket to Loker, add the way from the airport to the city center, where you are going to stay. Perhaps the total amount will be higher than a ticket to the plane of the traditional airline.

Parking at airports is paid, so loocosostans do not delay on earth. "Victory" regularly informs passengers that parking time is limited, so the landing and landing occurs operational. For long parking, Lookers arrive at airports-hubs.

To save on the repair and salary of technical specialists, Loocosostans use new aircraft. But it’s even plus. For example, in the Park "Victory" 30 modern aircraft Boeing 737-800 (June 2019).

Register for flight – another way to save. Loocosters hire less employees, so register on the flight better online. In Russian airports, registration for the flight "Victory" remains free, but in foreign ones – for it will have to pay separately 25 €. To make the cost of the ticket suddenly not increased, register online. Seating printing is not necessary – they are taken from the mobile screen, or you can print free on the rack at those airports where there are no mobile scanners.

How much are the tickets

The most budget tickets to Loocosostans can be bought at promotional tariff. The size of the minimum tariff "Victory" – 499. Tickets "Victory" Non-returnable. You can return them in exceptional cases listed on the official website of the airline.

Take up tickets at the lowest price not easy: as a rule, stocks with cheap tickets – marketing move, which brings a large number of potential passengers to the airline’s website. Some of the passengers configured on the journey and found on the right site will make a purchase even at a higher price, and marketers know about it.

If you are in a similar situation, you can compare prices for flight Louroystrome and flight by the usual air transportation. The price difference may be insignificant, but the traditional airline will include the price of the ticket luggage and feed on the way.

For comparison: flight Moscow-Catania on Victory will cost 9732 ₽ without luggage, food and selection of places. The charter flight of the Spanish national carrier Iberia for the same dates will cost 11,64 ₽ with luggage and nutrition. And tickets for Russian S7 with manual loop, luggage and nutrition more expensive for another 1000 ₽ and cost 12 380.

If you add a small 10-kilogram luggage to the "Victory" ticket, then its cost will increase at least by 898 ₽, and this is the minimum tariff in both sides in the case of luggage registration on the official website. The choice of places will have to pay 149 ₽ / passenger, that is, at least 300 ₽ In both directions on one. It turns out that the cost of the ticket is already jumped to 11 000 ₽. And this is not to mention the fact that at the airport for additional services of louxers take 2-3 times more, and passengers often forget to register luggage or choose places in advance. Details The cost of services is painted on the official website of Victory.

When it is beneficial to fly by lourogenant

There are situations when you fly more profitable. Here is a list of conditions under which the flight, let’s say, "victory" will really help to save:

Loaders are beneficial in fact

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