Local Egyptian alcohol

What are local alcoholic beverages in Egypt? Which of them are bottled all inclusive? Where can I buy alcohol? What are prices now? Read the answers in this article.

Prices and other information in this article are relevant for April 2021.

If you go on All inclusive

Then this article is just for you. In Egypt, alcohol of local production is bottled on All Inclusive. The first part of the article will be not particularly interesting to you, but read the second necessarily, in the second part we will talk in detail about the varieties of Egyptian beer, wine and strong alcohol.

Important moment!

In Egypt, various rules for trade imported and local alcohol.

Imported alcohol

Not for sale free. For trade in imported alcohol, you need a special license that only expensive five-star hotels and shops Duty Free can be obtained.

Imported alcohol can be brought with you, you can buy in Duty Free airports, you can drink in the bars of expensive hotels. On the norms of importation, prices, refractory rules, read in our detailed article "Alcohol in Egypt – prices and rules".

Imported alcohol is served in hotels only on Ultra AI. On the usual All inclusive offer local alcohol.

Alcohol of local production

Sold relatively free. Licenses for the sale of local alcohol issues local shops, bars, hotels of almost all categories.

However, there is an important nuance. Once again, under the president of Mubarak (until 2011), the licenses were distributed without problems. Then, under the President of Mursi (2012-13), the license was not issued at all, since Mursi was Yarym Islamist.

After the overthrow of Mursi in 2013 and came to power al-Sisi licenses began to issue again, but with "big creak". New license hotels are easy. But new stores are not issued with rare exceptions.

As a result, in Egypt now alcohol traded mainly those stores and bars who have received a license while Mubarak. The number of such stores is gradually decreasing, as new does not appear, and old periodically closes.

Get ready for the fact that the store with local alcohol is still searching.

Where and how to look for shops?

Their little but they are.

Look for an alcoholic shop in most cases. It is easier to sit in a white or yellow (orange) taxi and tell the driver of the phrase "Likurore Stor" (English: "Liquor Store") or "Drinkis Shop" (English: "Drinkies Shop"). The driver will accurately understand and brings to the store with alcohol. True probably brings not to the nearest, but to the store away to earn more. Fortunately, taxi rates in Egypt are the lowest in the world, read about the tariffs in our article "Taxi in Egypt".

In Sharm el-Sheikh now (April 2021) about a dozen stores. In Dahab three. In Nuweiba one. In taba one, and he is not specialized, but just a supermarket with beer on the shelves.

In Hurghada, a dozen stores with alcohol, including supermarkets with beer, but without strong alcohol. In El Guna, one alcoholic store. There are no alcoholic stores in Sahl Hashish, but Hurghada is very close. In Makadi Bay, Soba Bay, Safaga, El Causer there are no stores, there are only bars. In Mars Alam has one store.

In Cairo and Alexandria dozens of alcoholic shops.

Chain of stores Drinkies and manufacturer Al Ahram Beverages

Now about a third of the specialized alcoholic stores in Egypt belongs to the network Drinkies. This is the official partner of the manufacturer Al Ahram Beverages.

The main advantage of shopping in Drinkies is safety. Here do not sell counterfeit and smuggling. You can not even go to the store Drinkies, but order delivery by the "hotline" 19330 or through the site. But to make an order, local SIM will be required, we wrote about them in the articles "Internet in Egypt" and "How to call from Egypt".

One store Drinkies is exactly in Hurghada, three in Sharm el-Sheikh. In Drinkies stores, only Egyptian pounds take on orders for delivery! Read our article "Where and how to change money in Egypt".

Al Ahram Beverages (ABC) is the largest local Egyptian manufacturer of alcoholic beverages. Now Al Ahram Beverages belongs to Heineken Group, owns five large plants throughout Egypt.

It is believed (there is no accurate digits) that Al Ahram Beveragees produces about 80% of all alcohol in Egypt. Most hotels on All Inclusive spill alcohol from Al Ahram Beverages. Next, in this article we will describe them mostly.

Alcohol prices in Egypt

Once upon a time (until 2014) alcohol in Egypt was worth "Vesti Kopeiki" on Russian standards. But in 2014, in Egypt, they raised alcohol taxes twice, and the ruble exchange rate collapsed in Russia. Egyptian alcohol in recalculation of rubles went up by 2.5-3 times.

Then in 2016, the "edges of the Egyptian pound" occurred when the pound / dollar rate rose from 8 to 18 pounds per dollar. And alcohol naturally rose, although not sharp, but gradually.

As a result, at the current moment (April 2021), the price of alcohol in Egypt on average as in Russia. Strong alcohol and wine in Egypt is slightly cheaper. But beer 1.5-2 times more expensive. Now the beer is cheaper than 20 pounds for 0.5 in Egypt do not find. Current pound course, see our article "Money in Egypt".

Why the beer in the stores is expensive? Because in Egypt, very large beer taxes. Beer tax – 200%, wine tax and strong alcohol – 150%. Why the Egyptian law does not like beer so? It is hard to say.

By the way, it is very funny to read some sites on the Internet that tell about beer for 5, 8 or 10 Egyptian pounds. There are no such prices for a long time! Read only sites with current information, such as our website.


The most consumed in Egypt beer. It is boiled on the Brewers of Al Ahram. In most hotels, the Stella beer is distinguished. The name in Latin is translated as "Star".

There used to be many STELLA varieties, but now only one variety remained, which is called "Stella". Alcohol content – 4.5%, density – 10.5%.

Price in stores – from 20 to 23 Egyptian pounds for a bottle (bank) 0.5 liters.

Sakara Gold and Weizen

The second most popular beer brand in Egypt is named after the village and Nekropolis of Sakkara in the south from Cairo, it is in the center of Sakkara is a pyramid of Josrara. Sakara beer is also boiled on Al Ahram brewery.

Sakara Gold – Light, Alcohol – 4%. Sakara Weizen – Light, Alcohol 5%. Sakara beer is much less common in hotels of AI, and sorry, because it tastes even better than beer Stella.

Prices: Gold – 25-28 pounds, Weizen – 30-32 pounds per bottle (bank) 0.5 liters.

Sakara El-King

Sakara El-King – Mustched, Alcohol 10% or 15%. Beer with 15% alcohol appeared just a couple of years ago. Compared to this, our "hunting strong" is not so strong.

Of course, the high content of ethyl alcohol in the drink could not but affect his taste and not for the better. This grade "on an amateur". Although … you can say "on a professional". We hope that the joke has succeeded.

Price sakara el-king – 32-40 pounds per bottle (bank) 0.5 liters.


This beer releases EIBCO (Egyptian International Beverages Company). Stylization at height, on the bank depicted sphinxes from the alley between the Luxor temple and the Karnak temple. Taste Many tourists are not praised, but some like some.

Now produce three varieties: Classic (4.5% alcohol), Weizen (5% alcohol), XXX (10% alcohol). Price – 20-25 pounds for a bottle (bank) 0.5 liters.


Beer of local production, welded under license of the Dutch Heineken on Al Ahram Brewers. However, it is difficult to talk about licenses while the fact that Al Ahram is now belonging to Heineken.

There is only one variety of Egyptian heineken – alcohol 5%, density 11.5%.

Price – about 30 pounds per bottle (bank) 0.5 liters.


Third popular Egyptian brand and also from Al Ahram. This beer seems to be pretending to be European, but nothing to do with Europe has.

An ordinary variety is called "Meister" – fortress 5.2%, density 12%. There is also a variety of Meister Max – Fastened, alcohol 8%.

Prices: For the usual Meister – 30-35 pounds, for Meister Max – 35-40 pounds.


This is a very interesting Egyptian beer drink. Since 2008, the Egyptians began to do their tequila from the fruits of Cactus Agava. Egyptian tequila has no big popularity.

But the beer drink based on it was very successful. We recommend trying. It is a pity that in hotels on All Inclusive Drink Desperados do not serve. Need to go to the store.

Price – 25-30 pounds per bottle (bank) 0.33 liters.

Strong alcohol

Auld Stag

The most popular Egyptian whiskey, it produces company Al Ahram since 2004. On the label you will see a deer and the European title of the brand. But this whiskey has nothing to do with Europe. But it tastes quite well, although it clearly "does not reach European samples".

Price – 180-200 pounds for 0.75 liters.

Blue40 and Black50

This is one of the latest innovations of Al Ahram, together with Heineken. Blue40 and Black50 brands launched in 2015. It is a PREMIUM-class vodka, although many tourists to premium refuse it. But still vodka is not bad.

This vodka is released only in bottles of 1 liter. Fortress – 40% and 50%. Prices: about 300 pounds for Blue40, about 400 pounds per Black50.


This is a single-beam whiskey, and it is Devlin that is considered the best Egyptian strong drink. And naturally the most expensive. And dear, he even on European standards! Real Scotch or American Whiskey Varieties are cheaper!

Price – 400-500 pounds for a bottle of 0.75 liters.


Local Egyptian alcohol

It would seem that! Egypt is obliged to become one of the world leaders in the production of Roma, because the Egyptians grow a lot of sugar cane. But no. Cubana RUM is the only relatively popular brand.

Cubana Rum sell only white (filtered). Price – about 200 pounds for 0.75 liters.


This is Egyptian Tequila. Produced both white (silver) and gold. Since 2008, it is made from imported cacti. Egyptian tequila is clearly cheaper than mexican, but it clearly suffers.

Price – 150-170 pounds for a bottle of 0.75 liters. The price is gold and silver the same.


This is anise vodka, analogue of the Greek Uzo or Turkish Cancer. Now it is the cheapest strong alcohol in Egypt (from legally produced or imported). The taste deserves estimates "Drinks can be".

Price – 40-50 pounds for 0.5 liters. Fortress – 42%.

Whiskey, rum, gin, vodka bolarachi

And it is these drinks most of the hotels serve resting on All Inclusive to tourists.

Al Ahram company produces a large line of low-cost drinks under the Bolanachi brand.

Drinks: Jean Oxford, Marenos Uzo, Rum Aloha, Vodka Volga, Tequila Sombrero, Brandy Normandy and 1884, Whiskey Highlands Black and Highlands Red.

Prices – 55-60 pounds for 0.75 liters. All these drinks "drink can be", but do not wait for a good taste.

Omar khayam

The name is subtly hinting that during the beyona of this wine, philosophical thoughts should come to the mind like Omar Khayama. The taste is quite demolished, you can have a little poflocher.

Wine Omar Khayam is very popular primarily due to low price. And according to the price-quality ratio, it is exactly one of the best in Egypt. Price – 100-120 pounds per bottle of 0.75 liters.


This wine is produced from Egyptian grapes with three plantations in the Nile Delta. SHAHRAZADE wine is famous for a long and rich aftertaste, rich bouquet.

Produces Kouroum of the Nile. They have a corporate store-bar in Sharm El Sheikh on Soho Square.

Price – 130-150 pounds for a bottle of 0.75 liters.


It is considered one of the best wines of Egypt. Obelisk wine is red, white and pink. White grade is considered the best, pink is the most unsuccessful, red middle.

Wine Obelisk can be found at any store Drinkies. Also, it is often served tourists on All Inclusive.

Wine in Egypt is a big lottery. There are very tasty wines that could compete with European. But more often the wine is quite low quality and mediocre taste.

In addition, now the winemaking in Egypt is actively developing, and the Egyptians are constantly experimenting. Wines of different years can be very different. Try and buy if you like it.

Wine at the All Inclusive Hotel is also a lottery, but the chances of winning it even less than in the store. Hotels often try to put the wine that did not take shops and restaurants. On All inclusive, we recommend trying all the wines in small doses and then decide whether any of them are ready to actively.

Egyptian national drinks

Unfortunately, there is no national alcoholic beverages in Egypt. You will be outraged now: "This is an Arab country, how can there be your alcoholic drink?". Islamic countries have their own alcoholic beverages. In Tunisia there is a "buhi" ("Boukha", vodka from figs). In Turkey there are "raks" ("RAKI", anise vodka) and excellent pomegranate wine. But in Egypt nothing like this.

Although theoretically, the Egyptians have some right to consider beer with their national drink. The right to be considered the inventor of beer challenges the ancient Egypt and ancient Assyria.

Modern Egyptians have a mediocre attitude to ancient. Culturally, they have long been abonounced, although from a genetic point of view, they did not completely with the Arabs, we were told about this in the article "Population of Egypt".

It is important and useful to know

– If you decide to bring any alcohol, then remember the constraints. Read our review "What can not and can be exported from Egypt";

– Alcohol in Egyptian hotels Tourists take up relatively rarely, and the meal is much more. To avoid such problems, read our review "How not to poison in Egypt";

– We remind you that we are drunk in public places (not at the hotel) in the Egyptian laws are punishable. Read our review "What is impossible in Egypt".

Have a good holiday, and read our articles about Egypt (Links below).

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Local Egyptian alcohol

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