Loeven – University City

No other city in Flanders does not cause so much admiration as the centuries-old city of Lyun. The first mention of it is found in the chronicles of the IX century. In the XI and XII centuries, numerous churches, monasteries and abbey are being built here. Take a walk along Lönauu and enjoy the magnificent beauty of the City Town Hall, an impressive University Library, Big Finger, Museum "M", numerous street cafes and t.D.

Lyuven is in close proximity to Brussels and National Airport. From there, the city can be reached by train for 15-20 minutes, thanks to which this place is perfect for a day excursion. Bondgenotenlaan Avenue will lead you from the station to the historic center of the city. This wide prospectus, which is similar to Avenue, will immediately create a suitable atmosphere due to the shops and boutiques. Here you can find everything: from exquisite clothing stores to fragrant flower boutiques, from book shops to souvenir kiosks.

Gothic architecture with a capital letter

Lyuven is a city of gothic architecture. Here you will find such magnificent ensembles, such as the City Town Hall, the Church of St. Peter with its unique interior, the clouds and the church of St. Gertruda. Facade of the City Hall decorated with 236 sculptures. They depict famous people of Lyovna, artists and scientists, saints of patrons and kings, graphs of Löwensky and the Dukes of Brabant. Having affects its beauty meeting room on the second floor, in which there are pictures depicting important public events from the history of the city. In the Church of St. Peter you will find three "Pearls" Fine art brush Flemish primitivists, and in the Treasury of the Church – a collection of rare religious objects and jewelry. The Church of St. Gertruda is an architectural miracle, fully built of stone without a single nail.

City in the city

Big Beginage was founded at the beginning of the XIII century and combines the weave of the streets, squares, gardens and small parks with a dozen houses and abode, built in traditional style of brick and sandstone. It seems that it is a city in the city. Dale river flows through the courtyard and shares here two sleeves and a small connecting ditch through which three bridges were transferred. In the period from 1964 to 1989. The complex was renovated by the Löwensky Catholic University, which acquired a big feuginage in 1962. Today, students and university staff live here. This historical monument is included in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List and it is worth visiting. What Lyuven is the biggest student city, it is difficult not to notice. Students enliven the city with their presence. Catholic University is the oldest university of the Lower Land and acquired worldwide fame due to such scientists and professors, like Erasmus Rotterdam, Nezali and Mercator. After six centuries after its foundation, the university is placed today in the impressive buildings of the buildings.

Loeven - University City

Museum "M"

In September 2009. A new museum has been opened in Liewen – Museum "M", Which is a continuation of the urban museum Vander Kelen-Mertens. "M" – This is the name of the new building and a new concept. The museum offers the public of the work of ancient and contemporary art, reflecting the polymanity of the city of Lören: the historic city of art, an innovative city of knowledge and t.D. "M" Located in the complex developed by architect Stefan Beell. The complex is the largest cultural center and the new face of the city of LEV. "M" Promises after the first exposition of the works of Rogyr Van der Vadena, the Great Flemish Primitivist, surprise visitors with new interesting collections.

The longest bartar stand of Europe

Lyuven has a thousand and one cozy street cafe. Also, like in all Flanders, LEVENSK CAFE DO NOT FIND THE LAW "O closing time". This means that the evening will end only when you wish it yourself. Especially distinguished by cheerful pastime. At this time, residents of the city are simply "Live" Outside until it is possible. The old area did not just get his nickname "The longest bartar stand of Europe". This is one big street cafe. Lyuven is not so big, but a pleasant and beautiful city in which life beats the key. It is his small size that makes Lyuven so cozy.

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