Region Lombardy (Ital. Lombardia) — This is the most populated region of Italy, as well as the most economically successful, industrially developed and, of course, the most fashionable, because the capital of the region – Center of Italian Fashion, Milan City.

Lombardy is divided into 12 provinces. This is: Bergamo and Brescia, Como and Cremona, Lecco and Lodi, Mantua and Milan, Monza E-Bryanz and Pavia, Sondrio and Varese.

Square Lombardy – 23’856 kV. KM.

On the territory of Lombardy there are mountains – Alps and prehamps. Also here you can see the magnificent mountain valleys – Val Camacon, Val Serian, Val Bremban and Val Trompiy. In addition, Lombardy is rich in forests and meadows.

In the area of ​​Lombardy, agriculture is widely developed, especially in the south, along the river. Grow wheat, rice, vegetables and feed crops. In the mountainous regions of the region are pastures, grapes are also grown here. Meat, butter, cheese and milk are also produced in Lombardy.

Tourists are primarily visited by Milan – The fashion capital of Italy, however, travelers are popular and other resorts of Lombardy – Mantova, Brescia, Bergamo and DR. In particular, cultural tourism is common here, as well as wine and gastronomic.

The best cities and resorts of Lombardia

What is interesting to see in Lombardy?

Climate in Lombardy

Climate Lombardy Pretty pleasant for tourists. In the summer, the weather in Lombardy is rather hot, in the fall and in winter in Lombardy is often the formation of persistent thick fogs. In winter, the weather in Lombardy is cold enough. But Spring in Lombardy – Ideal time for cultural tourism. Please note that in the foothills, the formation of fog – not so frequent phenomenon, however, summer here is less roast and arid.

The climate in the Mountains of Lombardy is more severe, however, in the Alpine Lakes, the weather becomes a little softer.

Video from Lombardy

Excursions and events in Lombardy

Tourists can be recommended to visit Milan, go to the hidden cognitive tour of Milan, and then commit and travel on other interesting cities of Lombardy. For example, go on an excursion to Breshiya or Bergamo.

It should be noted that something interesting is constantly in Lombardy. For example, the most bright Events in Lombardy You can call famous exhibitions in Milan International Level, Rosa D Motorsport Festival’Inverno, December 7 – Holiday of St. Ambrojio, Opera Season in La Scala Theater and DR.

It will be interesting to visit the annual carnival in the cream and costume historical parade in Persparolo called Mille Miglia Storica: these are unique racing on rare retro cars passing in May. And in Lenyano, tourists will be able to visit the races and visit the unique costumed ball.

In June, the holiday rice is held in Willfent. In Komesadzhio, tourists can see the regatta, which is held on the Canal Navolo in July.

In September, a larger number of events are held in Lombardy: So, at this time, tourists can visit the festival «Baradello» – The holiday of the Middle Ages, as well as colorful competitions in the town of Como. Jumps on mulas can be seen in Sollarolo-Rinerio, and tourists can have fun at the celebration of grapes to celebrate.

History of Lombardy

Where better to stop, traveling in Lombardy?

Activities in Lombardy

Lombardy, Italy - Recreation, Excursions, Reviews, Landmarks Lombardy Travel Guide

In Lombardy there are several popular ski centers among tourists from around the world. So, the most famous ski resorts of Lombardy – Bormio, Livigno, Aprica, Madezimo, Santa Caterina and Valdidenter.

Besides. Lombardy is famous for unique national parks – Bormio and Stelvio, perfectly suitable for ecotourism.

In the summer, Lombardy provides tourists wonderful conditions for water sports, swimming in the purest lake water. Also in Lombardy to fish well, to make hiking through the thick forests of the region, arrange picnics.

Transport features of Lombardy

Lombardy boasts a branched network bus routes. Also all the Lombardy crosses the railways connecting the cities with each other.

In the Lake Como region, loved by both Italians themselves and foreign tourists, run buses owned by Societa Pubblica Trasporti.

Water transport is also developed in Lombardy. Its navigation is carried out on the lakes of the Italian company Navigazione Lago di Como.

We clarify that by the pawn dresses it is convenient to move by car, even taken for rent. And the best travel for travel on small towns of Lombardy – This is a scooter and bike.

Lombardy: how to get there?

Not far from Milan is Malpensa Airport (50 km). You can get from the airport to the city by bus or on renting a car, as well as taxi. Travel time – no more than 1 hour.

In addition, Linate Airport is actively used in the region, which is 7 km from the center of Milan. For example, airlines such as Air Baltic and Scandinavian Airlines fly from Moscow at this airport. Direct flights to Milan make air carriers «Aeroflot» And Alitalia.

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