London 2012

Over 25,000 artists from all 204 countries participating in the Olympic Games, more than 10 million free tickets, 12,000 events and views at 900 sites throughout Britain, including 130 World and 85 National Premier.

From Stonehenge to the road of the giants, from Adrian Vala to the throne Arthur, from the Raploche region in Sterling to the most distant Shetland Islands, from the shores of Lake Wuntdermir to the forests of North Wales – everywhere you will meet with art taken into these unusual places from galleries, concert halls, Theaters and cinema halls within the framework of the festival "London 2012". Many magnificent events will be held on the grounds, the location of which is still unknown – so it is recommended to obtain current information to periodically go to the London 2012 festival website, as well as monitor messages on Twitter @london 2012.

Here are the main events of the festival "London 2012" according to Visitbritain:

May 11 – September 25: The British Library in London presents a fantastic exhibition of the creations of the legendary authors "Britain writing: from the abandoned edge to the country of miracles". This is a meeting of amazing treasures of English literature (some of them were not previously represented by the general public), which includes 150 great works written in more than a thousand-year history. Among the main exhibits – Manuscript Book J.TO. Rowling "Harry Potter and Philosopher’s Stone", handwritten originals "Beatles" songs, illustrations of j.R.R. Tolkien to "Hobbit" and manuscript Charles Dickens. The British Library will also provide the project "Olympiad 2012" (July 25 – September 9) – this impressive exhibition will tell the history of the past and present Olympic Games on the example of 2500 brands and other curious collectible items related to the Olympiad.

June 21: A huge ship boils to the center of Victoria Square in Birmingham and moored at the city hall building, and then dancers and air acrobats will present a multimedia performance on board (June 21-24). At a big concert in honor of the opening of the festival, which will be held on the background of the Sterling castle, under the control of Gustavo Dudamel will perform the Venezuelan Symphony Orchestra Simon Bolivar from 200 musicians together with children from the group "The Big Noise" (Raploche).

June 23-24: "West End Live" is a spectacular representation made up from the West endan musicals that will show live in Trafalgar Square in the days of opening the festival "London 2012". Last year, half a million people scene scene scene; This time, the classic works are performed here – "rejected" and "Ghost of the Opera", new products – "singing under the rain" and "Susini Todd", as well as West End Live Cards – Broadway Music "Billy Elliot", "Chicago" , Disney "King-Lion", "Combat horse" and much more.

June 26 – July 20: Air acrobats under the maintenance of live music, as if angels will soar under the domes of the four magnificent cathedrals of the United Kingdom, representing the show "How Like An Angel" show.

June 28 – August 12: Cheerful barge "River Patrol" will go to Edinburgh in Edinburgh: On the way, a group of comedians will arrange improvised concerts.

July 19-22: Deborah Warner and Fiona show will present a joint action "Camp of the World" – a series of installations at eight remote coasts – from the county of Antrim to the tip of Cornwall. Created under the influence of love lyrics, these magical "camps" are waiting for visitors from sunset to dawn.

July 20 – August 1: Monti Paiton Star, Terry Jones, took part in the creation of a new Children’s Opera "Filin and Nature" – this production will travel through London channels.

London 2012

July 28 – August 5: Mobile exhibition show will turn one of the richest cultural terms of London’s streets (where Victoria and Albert Museum are located, the Museum of Science and Museum of Natural Science) in an unusual focus of knowledge and entertainment. Sculptures in which bees live, a real meteorite cut into the ground, bicycles orchestra, a collapsible dance platform, where everything is dancing – from the waltz to the dance, the accelerator of elementary particles is just some of the "exhibits". In the framework of the festival, live rates, scientific experiments, mass games and fun performances will be held.

July 21 – August 6: BMW collectible cars with the designer execution of the body from such artists as Roy Liechtenstein, Andy Warholl and Jeff Kuns, will be presented to the public in one of the districts of London (which – while remains secret).

July 27, 2012., 8:00: "OPUS № 1197. All the bells of the country for three minutes call so quickly and loudly, as they can "- this is the work of the Turner Prize laureate, the artist and the musician Martin Crery will perform thousands of people across the UK in honor of the opening of the Olympic and Paralympic Games in London 2012. The event has already agreed to participate the royal naval forces and supporting services of the Royal Fleet – the maximum possible number of ships, coastal bases and naval departments in the country and abroad will join this action.

August 9 – September 1: Runners in luminous costumes illustrate the night throne Arthur in Edinburgh.

August 16-19: "I do not see evil" – a large three-day urban festival of world-class street art, the most modern music and ideas with 3D projections will be held in the heart of the Bristol free enterprise zone.

London 2012

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