London and penny

My son and I were bored in a small queue for tickets for the funicular in Hastings, and I pulled out a booklet on the wall of the wall, inviting to visit the Aquarium Museum. The booklet it was written that the checkout of this in the aquarium is relying a discount on a ticket to 50 pence. Inspired son grabbed another booklet: we go tomorrow together – Skonomim Pound.

At the checkout offered to buy a combined ticket for inspection of the castle together with the caves on 60 pence cheaper than two separately purchased.

– Saving more pound – whole ice cream, – made an instant calculation of the son.

In Batle, Museum "Yesterday’s world" (Charming establishment, by the way to say, a very familiar Elderly Englishwoman said that it even smell – "that", Former) After inspection, you can go into the garden, where the cafe, playground, mini golf course. For mini-golf need to be paid separately, but a ticket with a 50-penette discount, which my son could not not take advantage of the ticket to the museum.

From that day an excitement woke up "Discount hunter". He was looking for them like mushrooms. Collected in stores, hotels, tourist information centers, railway stations. Sometimes (honestly, infrequently) discounts came across very tangible, the best – in booklets at the station.

The result of this hunt was an unusually extensive excursion program. We visited many attractions of England, leaving there a whole condition – despite discounts. And do not regret. And I completely had to pay only for the Windsor Castle (the royal residence, what’s said here), Tower and two complex Museums Greenwich.

The great was our annoyance, when after the excursion we found a discount and on Greenvic attractions in the booklet of the Dock Railway, which leads to Greenwich (from the final stop, you only need to switch the tunnel under the Thame).

In our last trip to London, we set a sequence of visiting attractions dependent on whether we have a discount on them, or not. Appeared – Shli. Found there the following – went to another. Practice in reading the son was unlimited and, most importantly, completely exciting. I insisted that he studied all the offers and advantages on his own.

Oshiving tourist discounts, we expanded our hunting grounds. We only went to those pizzerias, where you get for one ordered pizza for free second. Or free drink.

There was a seasonal sales time, and we rushed to the pledges with the inscription – "BUY ONE, GET ONE FREE". Among a certain number of low-fat things we had two pure wool sweaters and two pairs of leather shoes on a ridiculous price – 10 pounds for two things.

We learned to use preferential "family" tickets – for two adults and two children – in museums, to attractions.

London and penny

Studied the possibilities of the railway for distant travel – in Bristol, York, Bat. On Saturday Train ticket London – Bat – London, for example, costs 37 pounds. And on weekdays and Sunday – 27. In July-August – in the season – to "expensive" Saturday is added Friday. Downturning further to this question, we found one-day bus tours to the same Bat and back for 10 pounds in the booklet bus company "National Express". (Tickets are sold at the bus station by Victoria Station.) True, with a fixed time of departure and twice the longest expensive. But where to rush to tourists?

To travel inside London it is profitable to buy "TravelCard". They are for the day and a week (you need a photo for week).

Two more varieties have recently appeared "TravelCard" – "WEEK-END TravelCard" and "Family TravelCard". The map on the weekend is 25 percent cheaper than two cards for the day. Family – on families of any composition: from one adult with one child, up to two adults with four children.

Fans of museums are convenient to enjoy a special tourist map by 7, 15 or 30 days. She gives the right to visit 500 attractions. Savings – in own legs: the more places you communicate, the more profitable will buy. But I wouldn’t go to such a risk.

How would not use the discount tourist program "London for less" (there is I "Bath for less", "York for less", "Edinburgh for less"). This is a detailed way developed by the program of discounts on museums, tickets to the theater (not you selected), food in restaurants (not in all), hotels, water and bus tours, even on purchases in certain stores.

So all discount cards are covers: lubricating discounts, they force you to spend more money. But travel is always surprises, and what they are more, the more interesting.

London and penny

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