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Since 1998, from time to time we visit some places on our globe – mostly Europe. Egypt and Hainan is a separate story. And now it came to us the idea to swalls on William "OUR" Shakespeare. In the country, the crisis, in the world – Damn those that, and we swung. By the way, to say that the whole cost of this trip was no more than any trip for the week to continental Europe.

So: London, 8/7, from 02.05.2017 to 09.05.2017, breakfast, MOWBRAY Court Hotel 3 *, Metro Earls Court, Chelsea and Kensington. Great location, quiet, cozy. Hotel cost 695 pounds for DBL. Pluses and cons of hotels Everyone chooses himself, but you always need to make a difference – for what you have a hotel: Beach – you spend time more in the room, there is a minibar, air conditioning, view and t.NS. Excursion – mostly come to spend the night. Cons of this hotel: no minibar (the room is small and put it difficult there), no air conditioner (but it was not needed to our trip – the temperature was around 10-12 degrees). There is no meat cutting on breakfasts, eggs. But these minuses are conditional. Pros: settled 10-00 without surcharge, water every day in unlimited quantities, coffee and tea in the lobby for free. The hotel is new and therefore there are two large pluses: a mixer in the sink and a Euror dress.

Yes, I’ll be back a little back. I flew by the British, tickets to May were taken in September – 40,000 two tickets. There departs 05-55, airbus 320, back 10-55 Boeing 777.

Yes, more – visa. No additional documents, except for the main – nothing. Passports passed 14.03.2017 and 26.03.2017 visa was ready. Everything is simple and clear.

Now. , Abbey Road Well, and everything that happened on the way – Parks, Streets, Shops, Cafe.

I will not include a photo in my story – they do not pass emotions and everyone can either find a photo in the internet, or make them self.

And now advice to all those who want to repeat our way or somewhere to change or supplement it: London is an expensive city, but you can save very well. What we did?

Upon arrival in Heathrow, we purchased an Oyster card and put 10 pounds on it (I write for one person). We drove on the subway to our station on this map. Settled and went to Victoria Station – also by Oyster. There, 7 Days TravelCard with the Logo of the Railway were purchased at the box office – they gave a pass and a card with our photo (took preliminarily). This ticket was used by all seven days and rolled over the pounds 60, while 33 pounds. But the main feature is that there is such an offer – 2 in 1, WWW You print all the vouchers on the sights (one on two people) and upon presentation of this voucher and the password with a photograph of 2 people pass at the price of one. Go to sites of the specified attractions and count the difference – it is essential. The only thing that was booking and paid here is parliament. Excursions only on Saturdays and recording and payment on the site of the Parliament. On the day of departure, we again used the Oyster card and on arrival in the tricky handed over it and got it back 7 pounds.

Nutrition. It’s fast food, high-quality, delicious. Famous Fish & Chips – 30-50 pounds with a drink for two depending on the establishment. Food – purely individually – who is used to.

Weather. Cool, umbrella always wear with you, the blouse will not be superfluous. Scarfic and gloves do not draw hands and saved from possible wind and cold.

London Is The Capital of Great Britain or the proletarians of all countries united! London,

Take the hazelnut nuts with me – a lot of protein in the parks, and it is impossible to feed the peanut protein.

Londonians. In the title, the main idea – all nationalities united and live in peace and respect for each other. For a week of staying not a single drunk, not a single scanlad in stores, on the streets and anywhere.

Summary: Drive and do not regret. Everyone will find or discovers something for themselves.

If I have a desire to go again – I will definitely do it.

Thank you for the time you have shifted this story, write – I know – I’ll tell you, I will tell you, advise.

London Is The Capital of Great Britain or the proletarians of all countries united! London,

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