London’s viewing platforms

Watching platforms are attracted with elegant panoramas, prospect to see the world from a height. Almost all famous cities in the world enjoy high-rise platforms to demonstrate a wonderful review. London use geographic points of terrain and build special panoramic sites. The oldest points of the inspection are regularly restored, but the classic London fogs can prevent enjoyment of fascinating species.

"London eye" – The world’s largest ferris wheel, swelling up at 135 m. The circle of its rotation lasts 30 minutes. The wheel is located on the banks of the Thames next door to Parliament. At its upper point, the city review is deployed in full force, and Windsor varies into clear weather. Nearest Metro – Waterloo Station.

The wheel begins to work after the New Year holidays from January 22, from 10 am, in the winter months ends to work at 20:30, 1 hour earlier than summer.

Monument "Great Fire London" Repeated the entrance to the viewing platform after the restoration, which takes place in the century. The monument from 1677 holstered the city at a height of 61 m in memory of the great fire in London 1666. Inside the monument resembling a Roman column, 311 steps of a spiral staircase lead to the viewing platform. A new safety net prevents the complete inspection of London City. From the site you can determine the path of fire. The flame has reached the Tower bridge and moved through the river port to the Cathedral of St. Paul. The monument is open every day from 9:30 to 17:30.

The cathedral. St. Paul, The residence of the bishop is bangible at the highest point of London. Service is held from 1697 g. The architect managed to embody the dream of the construction of the dome, not inferior to the magnitude of the Dome of the Roman Cathedral of St. Peter. There were three galleries under it, one of which is no coincidence that "Whispering". Its design transfers voice from one end of the room in another. It is in this gallery that opens a good view of the mural. Two towers are attached to the Cathedral. In one of them placed "Large floor", 16th ton bell largest in the UK.

The cathedral is open all days, except for the resurrection, from 8:30 to 16.

Royal Observatory Greenwich Located near Zero Meridian. From her observation deck a great view of the eastern part of the city opens. Around a well-kept park, creating a good holiday atmosphere.

Tower Bridge – London business card from the date of discovery in 1894. Covered pedestrian walkway at an altitude of 46 m above the Thame, allowing you to admire the beautiful view of the city, even when breeding the bridge, is the most visited viewing platform. The bridge is bred on schedule once a day. Ships swimming up and down the river complement panorama. Since 1982, a museum has been operating in the bridge towers, demonstrating technical devices of bridges of different years and all sorts of interactive models.

It works from 10 to 18:30 from April to September.

Tate Modern Gallery, Included in the Teit Group, engaged in propaganda of modern art of Britain and world modernism.

The premises of the former power plant on the southern bank of the Thames moved to the museum in 2000. The upper floors occupies a restaurant, with balconies of which Panorama London is revealed. From the Soutwark Metro Station to the gallery, the Hiking Route will point out orange lampposts. The hiking path leads from the cathedral. Paul through the Millennium Bridge. Next to the gallery there is a river berth bankside, and passenger boats are regularly sent from Greenwich. By 2012. Gallery will acquire a new major building and will significantly expand the exposure.

London's viewing platforms

When there are no exhibitions in the gallery, the entrance is free. It works from Sunday to Thursday from 10 to 18, on Friday and Saturday to 22.

Skyscraper Mary-Ex, nicknamed "Cucumber", decorated London Financial Center. People’s name 40-storey building received for an unusual form. The building configuration allows you to penetrate the sunlight on the lower floors, and creates a circular motion of air, conducting natural ventilation of the room. In the skyscraper with restaurants and offices, the observatory and the observation deck, opening the delicious panorama of London, are adjusted.

City Hall occupies the city hall of the city. The building of a bully form in the 10th floors towers over the rates in the Tower Bridge area. The bottom of the building is much wider than the upper floors. There is the same struggle for sunlight. Internal architecture is also interesting. Amazing translucent screw staircase stretches throughout the height of the building and represents the full view of the interior. On the top floor there is an observation deck working in coordination with the city administration.

Observation platform Addington Hills Located on the top of the same name Park, which is part of the London orbital path – the recreation area adjacent to the city. Park is close to the center. Before it can be reached by tram. From the site, the Towers of the Town Hall, skyscrapers and high buildings of the city. In sunny weather, from here through suburban plantations, the borders of the county of Surrey and the new Arches Wembley. Being under local government London, the park is available at any time.

Observation deck "Orbit" Start work during the Olympic Games in the summer of 2012. Elevators and spiral tracks will deliver visitors to a height of 115 m. From two viewing platforms to the public a view of the Olympic Park.

About prices for viewing sites. Some work for free. If you plan a visit to other museums, Tickets for joint visits will reduce the cost. The cheapest is the rise in the London Monument, 3 pounds. The most expensive view – riding on the ferris wheel, 18.6 pounds. For children’s tickets Price fastened.

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