London shops

Visit for 2 days all the most interesting shops of such a huge city like London is an absolutely unprotected occupation. Therefore, it was necessary to impose a list of shops on the route of their movements and fasten the heart to twist one institution after another. Attached almost half, they would have struck out the clothing store "All Saints", If their branches were not scattered throughout the city.

The chip of this relatively young chain stores in the interior. And there is its own sewing machine wall in any branch. In Moscow with Peter, it also has, albeit a bit smaller.

But the stores Bitles in Russia are not exactly.

Here is collected an impressive collection of goods that can make the heart of any Bitloman have been rapidly clogged. Copies of tools, vintage posters, plates, "Real" John Lennon’s glasses, the mass of cheap souvenirs and the very far autographs of the group members. It’s very brief.

On the same famous Baker Street located a shop that successfully combining chess and bridge.

In the spyware store I expected to see something more than anything not noteworthy tracking chambers, microphones that can be bought in any self-respecting supermarket and T-shirts with the inscription SWAT (OMON) inscription where real Jamesbonda stuff, I ask you?

From the whole spy arsenal showed only the Golden iPhone.

The well-known network of confectionery sells fashionable Cupcakes today, but I didn’t take a picture of them, but a couple of calorie cocktails.

She went to department store "Selfridge" with one goal, find a machine selling champagne. The machine gun did not find, but I saw a huge crowd of the people, hardened to ice cream. Think, you can configure the essimo yourself, what is because of this stand in the hour ago?

On my modest look, "Liberty", is one of the most atmospheric stores in Europe! Made from the remains of two vintage wooden ships, "Liberty" Itself seems like a ship, sprievable in the noisy waters of Oxford and Regent Street.

Inside the impression of the ship is only enhanced, you walk like not on the floors, but on the decks. Squeaky parquet, wooden floors, an old staircase with memorable boards (I told about them in the subject "Normal London") In such decorations, the goods somehow go into the background, but believe me, they fully match the place. Quality without any compromise, for the appropriate fee, of course.

World famous department store "Harrods" Little give way "Liberty", In any case, at prices exactly will not be given. Yes and adherent tea shops in "Harrods" on high. It is clear that for ordinary mortals such shops and non-shops are not at all, but showcases, with the ability to breathe portion of a special atmosphere of wealth and success.

Shopping Passage "Burlington Arcade". One more elite place. If you wish, you can tell you about any store, you will not be mistaken, it either will be an exclusive supplier of the royal family, or just just a place with centuries-old traditions. On the Internet page of the St James’ area, it is argued that somewhere here are the best shoemakers in the world. Very can be.

But let down from aristocratic heights of sinful land. Passing by some shoe store on "People" Trade Carnaby Street, I saw advanced advanced kest. And no complaints that they say, are the best sneakers in the world!

It turned out inside a lot of similar products.

Disney store did not show anything special. Ordinary plush collapse with a specialization in its famous characters.

Other things "HamleyS", Whether the halo of the oldest in the world of the toy store makes his job, whether the organizers of this store really did not have time "Drink out" like in disney but visiting "HamleyS", every time brings something special! Last time I was surprised to look at the trading attraction: "Choose and paint your bear", This time, with a few surprise, he considered a book: "Coloring the Duchess of Cambridge". Oh, clatters.

Yes, and their toys are more fun of boring Miki Miusov and Donald ducks.

Impressive set of magic chopsticks and other Gary Potter attributes in a specialized store at Kings Cross Station. Among other things, surprised the set of sweet "Magic Bobov" with taste of rotten eggs, blax and ear sulfur. Strange addictions in these potterplates.

The shop in the British library pleased with thematic products like a bubble: "Drink Me".

And adopted under the sonnets of Shakespeare Version of Star Wars. Polystal the book, if it were not for the cover, then you can easily confuse with the text of our Villema!

But the store in the British Museum is not very original not remembered. Heroglyphs covers for smartphones, grid with ancient Egyptian papyrius motifs and rosette stone everywhere – from keychains and pastes, to umbrellas and rubber replicas. Something is missing.

In the zoological museum, an order of magnitude more modest. A few cards of a jug with crots, a couple of booklets and everything.

Shop "Transformation", How can I guess from the name, offers products for transvestites. What is the most amazing, this institution is already 30 years old! I did not dare to go inside, although it was open.

Now about Nabolevs. I have one weakness, I love to sweat the cherry cola. I love so much that I once visited America, I arranged a whole tasting tour. Came to the case seriously, with a detailed description, ratings and naturally a separate topic in the blog. Why I tell it, the thing is what, I go to the usual London supermarket (modest sizes of Tesco) and see there the winner of my American cherry chart! In America, he will not get it with fire, but here is gently beloved "Bolane", radical black and cherry color, lonely standing on the shelf with no one needed! In general, I referred to this reed stake with a rich cherry aftertaste on the most glands and everything was wonderful, while in a few hours of festivities in London, I did not stumbled upon a lemonade paradise.

Speech about the store "Cybercandy". Here collected a museum exposition of lemonade from around the world. A small two-storey shop under the eyepage is naked by tourists, with surprise we consider this soda variety.

There is everything, alone by bolelanov I counted 4 varieties. Mostly lemonade came from America and need to say directly, the guys know there a sense in perversions. In addition to quite standard chocolate count, you can try lemonade from peanut butter, or with taste of chicken wings.

Want a cucumber lemonade? No problem!

If you eat on the shelves, it would probably found a carbonated drink "Buratino", or in extreme cases "Kryuton" with "Tarkhun", but I saw only converted by the Germans "Baikal", which they called "Wostok". But immediately 3 varieties. I shared my opinion about the Christmas Baikal in the topic of Berlin stores. You will not say anything, the ceremony of the Germans turned out.

Amazing place. In Berlin, I saw the East, in New York, Boilan, in Las Vegas Tea Cole, and it turns out that all these drinks could be found in London. Well this saving is obtained! It was decided that next time in London immediately go here and I begin thoughtfully and tastefully savor soda with a wedge syrup and bacon!

London shops

Other Unusual Place – Mumitrolle Shop. I would never have thought that these characters would be so popular to make a specialized store in Covent Garden.

Sorting Expected: Books, Dolls, Souvenirs. I remember, except that the staircase and mailbox drawn by book motifs for sending letters to the Mumbitol Valley. I understand the case of taste, but I am Soviet cartoon mumyrtoli somehow the millet of these white hippos.

Not quite in the subject, but it seems "Stanley Gibbons", This is the most famous phylathelistic store in the world. In any case, the fact that this company produces the world’s oldest brand catalog, accurately. Unfortunately, on Sunday the store was closed and therefore I can’t show what is inside, but I suppose that there are postage stamps, many brands.

Shop in a skyscraper "The Shard", In principle, nothing special. Nominal champagne, nominal mineral water, book: "The best skyscrapers of the world", in which the London fragment itself was not for some reason.

Bear Mr. Bina as a symbol of Britain in a tourist store "Cool Britannia" on Piccadilly.

Barboardized shops during Notting Hill Carnival. It is noteworthy, the carnival goes only 2 days, and they have already managed all the fences of advertising to fuck.

I was looking for a souvenir shop dedicated to Pandas, did not find. I had to take a picture of the photo maternity, offering retro snapshots. Also not interesting.

Shop "M&M’s World", Really whole world. Huge 4-storey chocolate candy temple. I have something to compare with, I was in the same store in Las Vegas, but everything seemed an order of magnitude more modest.

There was also a whole sculptural gallery of dragery stylized under the Beatles, police officers, football players, knights. All marketing tricks allowed.

Enrolled on the holy – on the coward!

You do not know what color to buy chocolate, they will help you, scan, the mood will be measured and the appropriate color will determine.

There is a periodic system. On the right there is a machine helps to buy chocolate in all kinds of options.

Here is the most interesting, you can create a dragee with your inscription. The pleasure is not from cheap, a small cup costs 20 pounds, a glass of just bigger all 30. On the other hand, it is London, cheap pleasures here only in the British Museum from 10 am and before closing.

And finally, another item with the shop windows for monsters struck me with so hit me (about which I told in the topic of unusual London) a canoecy. I understand it – the thing!

Briefly about failures, in the conditions of hard cement, and without them. It seems to be completely close to the antique cartographic store, but I forgot completely about him. As well as located nearby the geographical store of the Company "National Geographic", But judging by the photos, there is a very curious place. The store of balloons, it seems, did not live to my visit. I already mentioned about failure with pandas. Burned with a BBC store and did not go to Greenwich to look at "The world’s first store" (in the sense that he is first geographically) unusual shops of taxi-sodermists, who are not alone in London and not two, remained without my attention. Incredible ancient shop of focal supplies accommodated damn it knows where, and the concentrated workshop of clothes for fairies is even further. There is also a store dedicated exclusively to Alice’s adventures in Wonderland, a unique ukulele store, a shop for modern Vikings and a store selling vintage electrical appliances. I wanted to go to the famous shop of whiskey in Soho, but there was not enough time for him. Also had to easily forget about all sorts of authentic tailors, shoemakers, hawks, ultra -odels, and so on, other. All the next time!

London shops

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