London – the capital of Misty Albion

The capital of Great Britain Always on the leading positions in all sorts of ratings of the most popular tourist routes. London More than once became the center of political, economic, cultural and sports world events, he was always and remains one of the most significant cities of the planet.

Location and climate of London

London Located on the shores River Thames, in the southeastern part of the largest of all British Islands. Shipping Thames connects the capital of England with the Northern Sea. In the limits of urban traits, large tributaries fall into the Thames twelve rivers, as well as a few small tributaries.

Climate London formed under the influence of warm current Golfstream and characterized as moderate marine. The amount of precipitation here is approximately the same at all times of the year. Soft winter makes it similar to subtropical Sochi, and moderately warm summer is cooled here than in St. Petersburg.
The average air temperature in July is +17.9 S. The average maximum keeps on tops 22-23 degrees. V August 2003 the year of the chamber of the thermometer passed for 37 Degree. The average temperature of February +4.9 C. Middle at least in December and January keeps on the mark -3 S, At this time, minor snowfalls occur here.

Long time London fogs, Mixed with automotive exhaust and emissions of industrial enterprises were a real environmental disaster of this city. London and now can not be called the most prosperous ecology city of Europe. But the efforts of the authorities managed to achieve significant reduction in air pollution, And the Thames River is considered one of the cleanest rivers, flowing through the territories of modern metropolitan cities.

London Attractions

Life Capital of Great Britain always filled with a variety of events. Alone alone tourists comes here annually over 18 million people. And attention to this city is quite understandable. Here Interesting city architecture, many museums and memorable places. The names of many city streets and quarters are displayed in the most famous literary works, the main character of one of which is even dedicated to a whole museum.

Museum of Sherlock Holmes

London - the capital of Misty Albion

Baker Street 221V – One of the most famous addresses among lovers of detective books, movies and comics. The museum organizers tried to make sure that his building itself did not stand out among the other houses of typical streets of Old London. The presence of the museum gives only a queue from its potential visitors, some of which subsequently leave here in full confidence that Sherlock Holmes – not an invented literary character, and Rectantly existed man.

Globus theatre

Historical buildings First London Theater It was not preserved, but in the construction of the new building of the theater, every effort was made to bring its appearance as much as possible to the appearance of his famous prototype. The basis of the theatrical repertoire here, quite explained, make up the works of the William Shakespeare, And during the presentations here Not used microphones and electric lighting, so that the viewer could fully plunge into the atmosphere Shakespeare’s time.

London cultural life very saturated and diverse. Museums, parks, art galleries and all sorts of festivals – this is, for what is worth visiting this beautiful city. Here you can focus in a quiet contemplation historical sights, Make selfie on the background famous for the whole world of structures or dissolve in the fierce noise of London Football stadiums.

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