London vacation

In 1777 Samuel Johnson said: "If you are tired of London, then you are tired of living, because there is everything you can wait for life". And today he would find out many places in the city, spreading on the shores of the Thames current from Hemton Court and Parliament buildings to the Cathedral of St. Paul and Tower, and further – to Greenwich and the Sea.

When the Writer Herbert Wells wrote in 1911: "For me, London is the most interesting, most beautiful, most amazing city in the world", – The era of horse-drawn carts and luxury King Edward approached the end.

The twentieth century was already preparing to drastically change the outlines of the city: skyscrapers in City, the tower of the central postage, the center of the art on the southern shore of the Thames and stand out against the background of this reports – the business center of the twentieth century. However, London, which many call "Capital of Mira", It remained faithful to himself. Samuel Johnson and today could drink coffee in Covent Garden or to go to the church with narrow alley sites, meeting passersby in costumes resembling Middle Ages. Herbert Wells today could be present on debates in parliament, walk to a concert in Albert Hall or listen to the military orchestra in the Royal Park.

Sky London.

Today London is a large international center and covers an area of ​​625 square miles. This is an amazing world, which many foreign tourists see first from the aircraft portholes, surprised by the bizarre bendes of the Thames and the beauty of numerous bridges.

There, far below, millions of people live, inhabiting not only the neighborhood of the British capital, but also small towns, previously considered by the districts of London, and Westminster, and large areas, which preserved the features of their provincial past – Marylbon and Kensington, Hampested and Hegent. Where the central streets and historical monuments are reminded of the London, which every generation opens up for itself.

The history of London, fixed in the documents, dates back to the time when Westminster was still swamp. The Romans settled on the territory of the modern district of City in the 60s.NS., Built the bridge over the Thames and created the famous commercial center, attracted many merchants from different countries. The value of Westminster, which was originally built as the Royal Palace, began to increase after he was made by the government’s residence.

About palaces, clocks and monarchs

Big Ben – "voice" London, shows the exact time in Greenwich since 1859. Why did this watch with the bell called Big Ben? There are two versions. It is possible that they were called so in honor of Welsh, Sir Benjamin Hall, who in those days ruled the construction. According to another version, the name was given by the workers who transported the bell from the casting shop Whitechapela on the cart, harvested with 16 white horses. The hero of those days was a boxer-heavyweight Benjamin Cadlet, and his name could well be assigned to the clock. And the author of the watch project – Sir Edmund Grimtorna, and their architect and designer suffered a sad fate – they died before the bell weighing 13.5 tons was installed on the tower for four clocks of hours, each of which is 23 meters in diameter. By the way, the first huge bell cracked and cast it again, he cracked a second time, and now continues to publish his famous, slightly prison.

Near the Parliament is Westminster Abbey, whose beauty was created by members of the royal dynasty of different generations. The abbey was founded in 960.NS. and is the actual temple – the place of Christian worship. This is the place of coronation of English monarchs. Abbey demonstrates the noble, military, political, aristocratic history of England. Here are the burial of members of the royal family, science and art, political and church officers. Today there are about120 burials of writers, poets, actors, musicians, scientists and politicians. Near the grave of an unknown soldier, Sir Winston Churchill, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin and other famous people. Black and white paved platform and elevation Before the main altar – location of coronations and farewell ceremonies. Here they were accomplished on the last path of Princess Wales Diana, and her majesty Queen mother. Here daily and at a certain time sings choir.

At the very beginning of the street, Mellee overlooks the Buckingham Palace – "study" British monarchy. The palace was built on the project of the architect John Nash. The cost of construction reached 700 thousand pounds of sterling due to the use of 500 blocks of the most expensive and exquisite carrack marble with streaks. Personal apartments of Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh are now located in the northern wing of the building, the windows of which go to Green Park. Visit the palace only 2 months a year – in the summer, when the queen rests in the mountains of Scotland. About 30 thousand guests attend this palace every year and take part in receptions in the Royal Garden, where there are lakes and waterfalls. Pictures of natural nature complement the birds Flamingo, the rest of which do not disturb even royal helicopters, circling over the garden.

From here, many royal ceremonies begin, for example, the public discovery of parliamentary sessions in the fall or ceremony "Corping de Color" In honor of the birthday of the queen in June. This year, Queen Elizabeth II turned 80 years. In honor of this date, visitors to the palace could admire the collection of 80 of the Queen’s best outfits, as well as the jewels of Her Majesty, with more than 3,000 carats. Royal stables with horses, luxurious poppers, magnificent state carriage painted by the Italian artist Chipriani, and more modern crews are also open to the public.

Buckingham Palace – one of their most recognizable buildings in the world. Like a parliament building and a two-story bus, it is an international symbol of London, and in a broader sense – the symbol of the United Kingdom as a whole. It forms the center of London, the form itself and the type of which is the result of the consecrated time of ceremonial functions. But unlike many of the most famous buildings of the capital, he is not a museum. Palace is the current body of the control monarchy, where Her Majesty Queen executes its official and ceremonial duties as the head of state. The queen holds a working week in the Buckingham Palace, weekend – in Windsor Castle.

The government, the judiciary and the armed forces act on behalf of the Queen, and the monarch is the main symbol of the unity of the nation. The queen is constantly being aware of what is happening in the country and every week, when the parliament meets, the Prime Minister (which during the current reign has already changed eleven) receives a personal audience in the Buckingham Palace. For queen keeping certain "Putrogatives" authorities who include the appointment of the Prime Minister and the dissolution of parliament.

About parks, theaters and galleries

The center of the cultural life of London is Royal Albert Hall, which was laid by the Queen Victoria in 1868. It is designed for 7000 seats and has an oval shape, covered with a dome from glass and steel and rises to a height of 135 feet. Royal Albert Hall is famous for its magnificent acoustics and organ, the sound of which is ensured by nine thousand pipes. On the opposite side of Albert Hall in Gydpark, a monument to Albert, the work of the architect D. Scott, who was dedicated to Knights for his skills. Monument was established in 1876. Exactly after 100 years, the British Festival made the Royal Hall of the Citizens Cultural Life Center. Around the concert hall there was a center for arts consisting of the Hall of Queen Elizabeth, Persell Hall, Hayword Gallery, National Theater and Cinemotography Theater.

In 1982, the Queen opened a barbican center, worth 153 million pounds, in the London City district. Barbican became the venue of the concerts of the London Symphony Orchestra and performances of the Royal Shakespeare Theater.

In the museum of wax figures, Madame Tussao in Marylbons are waiting for you to meet with famous and sadly glorified personalities, with members of the Kingdom of the Kingdom and Stars of Pop Music, and in the horror room – with executioners dealing with their victims.

London vacation

Royal Parks London – St. James, Green Park, Hyde Park, Kensington Garden, Reegens Park – are "lungs" Central London. On the shores of the lakes there are cafes and art salons, orchestras play, horseback rods are performed on Rotten-Row, the boats are transporting willing through Serpentine, and in the summer on stage of the open theater are submitted.

Square Piccadilly Serkus was founded in 1819. This is a favorite meeting place of residents of London and tourists. Joyful and festive atmosphere always reigns here. A monument to the legendary Admiral Nelson is installed on Trafalgar Square – the winner of the Trafalgar Battle of 1805. The National Gallery and White Hall are located here. At the popular area among Londoners, there are always many pigeons. Every year here from Norway send the Christmas tree around which thousands of people are going to celebrate the most beloved holiday.

Soho – the birthplace of striptease, film studios and international culinary art – is located next to the rain theaters and has a rich history and cultural traditions. Now in the area there is a whole Chinese quarter, and in restaurants offer samples of culinary art of different countries of the world. Opera House – Covent Garden, where the artists of the royal opera and ballet are acting, is the third building of the theater in this place. It was built on the project of architect Berry in 1858 and over the past 10 years expanded and was upset. Currently, the Opera House is famous for its magnificent productions and best in the world.

Down the river

Thames called "Water history" and "The most noble river of Europe" decorated with many bridges and tunnels. Before the opening of the Westminster Bridge in 1750, the London Bridge was the only "transition" Those. The beauty of bridges and the course of the Thames fascinate. Here is the world’s largest ferris wheel in the world "London I", From which only 24 minutes you can see the unique beauty of London and its surroundings within a radius of 40 km. On the Eggs of the Thames installed the needle of Cleopatra brought from Egypt.

Tower Bridge leads to London Tower. In the book dedicated to the 900th anniversary of Tower, Duke Edinburgh wrote that "For its history, the London Tower was a fortress and a repository of royal jewelry and national treasury, and arsenal, and a mint, and a prison, and an observatory, and a zoo, and a place attracting tourists". Today, Tower has retained his traditional features, starting with Bifuters’ clothing (protection soldiers) and ending with the night ceremony of keys, he is famous for its magnificent productions of the Thames called "Water history" and "The most noble river of Europe" decorated with many bridges and tunnels. Before the opening of the Westminster Bridge in 1750, the London Bridge was the only "transition" Those. The beauty of bridges and the course of the Thames fascinate. Here is the world’s largest ferris wheel in the world "London I", From which only 24 minutes you can see the unique beauty of London and its surroundings within a radius of 40 km. On the Eggs of the Thames installed the needle of Cleopatra brought from Egypt. Tower Bridge leads to London Tower. In the book dedicated to the 900th anniversary of Tower, Duke Edinburgh wrote that "For its history, the London Tower was a fortress, and the repository of royal jewelry and a national attractive tourist". Today, Tower has retained his traditional features, starting with BifiTer’s clothes (Soldiers of Guard) and ending with the time of the head of the Guardsman Yoman, dressed in a long red raincoat and takes Tudor, carries a lantern in the direction of the blood tower. Most royal jewels are kept here. Among them – the crown of St. Eduard weighing about 5 pounds, the crown of the imperial state, decorated with ruby "Black Prince".

In the subway and – shopping.

In London, it is logical to make various kinds of purchase. Today is London Department Store "Harrods" is one of the most famous and luxurious stores in the world where you can buy everything – from the piano to the puppy. Especially popular here is a gastronomic department. In London, the largest metro in the world, the first line of which was opened in 1863, and the famous two-storey buses (Omnibuses) run around the city since 1850. Story about London can be continued for a very long time.

I am happy from what was able to get in touch with the history and culture of the great city of the world created by architects, artists, poets, writers, musicians, artists, politicians and ordinary people. Being in the atmosphere of majestic buildings, palaces, squares, museums, theaters, monuments surrounded by parks, squares, gardens, lakes, and famous Thames, breathing in the air aromas and enjoying all this, you only think about one thing: "Life is the most beautiful thing that we are given".

London vacation

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