Long journey with baby. Useful advice

Long trips with a child &# 8211; Stress source for many parents. Simple thought about traveling long distance with baby introduces parents to stress. Not surprisingly, because it is not easy to travel with young children, whatever the type of transport is not chosen. However – it is possible. So how to make a journey with a baby pleasant to all?

Long journey with a small child: plane.

To travel with the baby went nice, you need to prepare. In the end, the guarantee of a good vacation &# 8211; This is an organization and planning. Worth as much as possible listen to your common sense, Although it is clear that when it comes to children, much is out of control.

When planning a trip, two factors should be considered: child age and transport. These are two pillar on which planning will be based. When traveling by air transport you need to think over the following points:

• Where will the baby sleep?

Depending on the age of the child, you can ask for a trick for traveling by air. Many flights have special chalicles for newborns, children under 8 months or with a certain weight. Often they provided free of charge. But it is necessary to reserve the cradle in advance, as flight attendants may not provide it at the last minute. Before reporting the need for cradle, it is worth checking on the airline’s website requirements for the maximum age, the growth or weight of the kid.

In case the child has already grown the cradle, he will sleep with his parents. If the baby has not yet turned 2 years old, You can not pay for him a separate place, because in any case most of the time he is likely to spend on hand.

In the case of a flight with a child in hand it is worth taking with you Ergonomic neck pillow. It will allow mom a little rest.

• What will happen on the baby’s trip?

The question of the child’s nutrition in the plane is easier if the baby is still on breastfeeding, because it is not necessary to pack with it a special food. However, if the child eats from the bottle, you need put a mixture in it in advance and ask the flight attendant water when she need it. Most aircraft on board also usually have milk (small portions).

Take off and landing &# 8211; Optimal time for breastfeeding or bottle. Kids usually nervous and even cry at these moments from-For laying ears, And the process of the power will be able to distract them well and calm.

Remember that jars with children’s nutrition Allowed in hand bag, traveling with baby up to 2 years. So, if they are required to kid, parents can be taken a few of the aircraft.

• What about hygiene?

During the flight you need to have with you The right amount of diapers in the bag and a few more in the additional suitcase. Also need a baby blanket and, at least two shifts of clothing in hand. In addition, just in case you need take a shift of clothes and for adult.

Worth not to forget and About baby napkins. It is still important to put medicines with you that may be needed to a child. Just in case you can take a thermometer. Baby food, a bottle of water and a toy should also be always at hand.

Another important advice: the justified measure will take with you at least Two large polyethylene packages, so that you can put inside polluted clothes. Thus, it will be possible to separate it from clean things and store separately until it turns out to get to the washing machine.

• Road clothing.

Going to a long trip with the baby, it is important that the child and his mother felt comfortable. Better forget for time about stylish clothes and allow the child Travel in the most comfortable pajamas.

Dressing the child better than layers so that you can remove something when the child is hot or, on the contrary, something else to wear for insulation when it takes it. Also important capture a blanket, since sometimes there is very cold in the cabin.

• Traveling with baby: crying &# 8211; this is normal.

An indisputable fact: small children often cry. Do not stand too worry about this, because the mothers concern will be even more nervating the baby.

If the child cries on the plane, No need to despair – you need to try to eliminate the cause of discomfort in a child and calm it.

Pay attention to the offended lady and her grumpy husband behind you there is no point, it is better to keep calm, take a deep breath and carefully try to calm the child. Focusing all your attention on the baby, most likely will give the result.

Long Journey with a Little Child: Car.

The biggest advantage of traveling on the road is that it is possible to independently control the pace of your trip. Besides, You can adjust the temperature in the cabin and do so many interruptions as you need. What else can you take for the comfort of the baby and the whole family?

Long journey with baby. Useful advice

• Select the best time to travel.

It is best to go by car while the child sleeps. So you can travel, not distracted by the constant calming of the baby. If you can go at night – this is also a great option.

• Ensure that the child has a comfortable seat.

Car seat must correspond to the child’s age and growth. After landing a child, you need to make sure that it is correctly adjusted and the child is convenient in it. It is also important to check the seat belt again.

• Do stop.

During feeding, the baby is better to take a break in motion. The child to eat on his arms during the stop will be more comfortable. it will give him the opportunity to stay from the seating and get closer physical contact with mom or dad. Remember that it is not recommended to keep a child in a car seat for a long time.

• Do not forget the spare wheel and shift clothes.

As when traveling through the air, it is necessary to take with you enough clothes and diapers and keep them at hand. Although in an emergency You can stop and if necessary to buy something new, this is not the most convenient situation, and this possibility may not be everywhere.

It is also important to make sure that there is a spare wheel in the trunk just in case.

Long journey with a small child: only in comfortable clothes.

Comfortable clothes suitable for travel, important for the comfort of a child. It is better to avoid too thick or very thin wool. Remember that the child may be too hot or, on the contrary, it is cold.

If the seat belt is running about the skin, it can cause discomfort at the kid – you need to help the child eliminate this trouble (slightly weaken the belt or put something soft under it).

In general, the trip over long distances with the child requires patience and careful planning both before and during the trip. Make a deep breath and Enjoy adventures. Be sure: it will be easier than it seems!

Long journey with baby. Useful advice

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