Longierebün – "capital" Spitsbergen

Lionierbuen – the largest village on the Svalbard archipelago, one of the northernmost in the world. It is located on 79 parallels, 1320 km from the North Pole, and is located on the south side of Adventfjord along the Longierelva River.

The village is named after the American entrepreneur John Longiera, who at the beginning of the 20th century bought the land here, created a coal company and together with the village laid the first coal mine. In 1916, the coal mine was sold by the Norwegian company "SNSK", which began to play a dominant role in the management of the village: not only by the process of coal mining itself, but also to manage placement, communication and inventory. Among the miners who came to Longierebün were only men who were placed in barracks. Their families remained on the mainland. Gradually, SNSK monopoly led to Longiezerbien.

In the 1970s, the Norwegian government bought the company’s shares and passed to active policies for the archipelago. It was decided to develop the village: hotels, restaurants, sports facilities were built, Longierebün was to become a traditional Norwegian city. In 1975, the airport was opened, and together with him the opportunity to stay in touch with mainland Norway.
Together with airplanes "came" newspapers, fresh products, as well as relatives and friends of miners. Now about 2 thousand people are constantly living in Longiezerbayuen, a large number of people come here for seasonal work. All necessary infrastructure was created: roads, shops, hotels. Longierebün is a popular holiday destination among the lovers of the Northern Lights and White Bears.

How to get

Before Longierebyuen, where the largest airport airport is located, SAS can be reached, which is regular flights from Oslo and Tromso. The cost of the flight on average is 12-14 thousand rubles (back-trip). It is better to book tickets in advance, so you can save decently. Lionierbien Airport is three kilometers to the west of the village. You can get to it on the bus shuttle (ticket price – 50 kroons), the schedule of which is synchronized with all arrivals and departures from the airport. Upon arrival, the bus awaits at the exit from the airport building, and when departing, it collects all passengers, having driving all hotels, 2 hours before departure. Before the village can be reached and on foot, but it is not recommended due to the threat of plain bears attack.

Port Longierebienu ("Bugaia") is located near the center of the village and airport. The embankment is 84 meters long, depth – 9 meters. Because of its small sizes, only one ship can take at the same time. It is available only in the "warm" season, until the ice closed the whole bay. Full schedule of the nearest arrivals, see the website. It is from here that water excursions to Barentsburg and Pyramids are sent daily.

What to see?

The main attraction of the village for lovers "culturally acquaintance" – "Svalbard Museum", which exists for more than thirty years. In 2006, he "moved" to the Scientific Center. Here is a large exposition, more than four thousand photos are presented on the history of Spitsbengen’s development, the oldest of which are dated to the end of the XIX century. Museum’s task – show visitors how life has developed on the archipelago over the past four hundred years. Input ticket cost: 75 kroons.

The Svalbard Gallery presents the works of local artists – the Kore of the Twueter (more than 40 paintings) and Olafa Store. Thomas Viderberg’s photographs are also exhibited, which captured the Northern Lights during the year and composed music to its exposition. In addition, in addition to permanent exhibitions, there are always temporary dedicated to the history of Svalbard, scientific expeditions and others.

In Longierebün, there is the northern Lutheran Church in the world, in which various local events, concerts and festivals are also held in addition to church service. And in the evening you can go here to drink a cup of coffee and read Norwegian newspapers.

The "Museum of the Airship", which was opened in November 2008, is the history of the three Arctic expeditions on the airships, trying to reach the North Pole – America, Norge and ITALIA. Among exhibits of the exhibition – photos, documentaries and magazines. And in the souvenir shop of the museum you can buy a book, a model by plane, jewelry, magazines, etc. "Dirify Museum" is located near the Church.


Lovers of active recreation will find how to do in Longiezerbayuen. Local tourist companies offer a wide selection of entertainment, but, unfortunately, the cost of most excursions are satisfied high.

Dog sledding – one of the most popular tourist classes. What is important, it does not require any experience and suits almost everyone. Tourists are collecting together, give the necessary equipment and shoes and will be dismissed into a dog nursery, which is 10 kilometers from Longiezerbayen. Tours are available from December to May, and the cost of a three-hour excursion is an average of about 900 kroons.

Extreme lovers can go on conquering an ice cave near the village. The only limitation is this tour is undesirable to those who suffer from claustrophobia and has problems with their backs. Travel companies will provide everything you need for this event, and guides will take care of security. Tour cost about 750 kroons.

Northern Lights – one of the main reasons why so many tourists come to the archipelago in recent years. You can watch this natural phenomenon, you can absolutely free right in the village in the period from mid-November to the beginning of February. Well, or, if you do not feel sorry for money, join "Safari" -the, together with the same lovers of the Northern Lights. The cost of a two-hour excursion is about 650 kroons.


Do not forget that Spitsbergen in general is the best place in the world (along with Canadian Churchill) to observe white bears. In the vicinity of Longierebuen, they are about two thousand, which is equal to the number of people living in the village (for some information of polar bears here much more – about six thousand). You need to be very careful and not to go beyond the borders of the village marked with a special sign with a warning about the danger of attacking these animals. It is best to book a tour and not look for them alone.

It is also worth saying about organized trips to Barentsburg and Pyramid.

Barentsburg – the only not canned Russian settlement, which is literally 20 kilometers from Longiezerbayen. Visiting Barentsburg – Mandatory item of the program of each tourist coming to the archipelago, because this is one of the few preserved "fragments" of the Soviet Union. This mining village is a complete antipode of the "successful" neighbor – Longierebien: People live here modestly, getting a low salary, entertainment for miners here is also no except football field, local lore museum, cultural and sports complexes.

But even more popular among tourists, the Russian village of Pyramid is enjoyed in March 1998. Getting to it is not so difficult – you only need to twist Isfjord (about 50 kilometers north). Once the pyramid was one of the most prosperous mining settlements of the archipelago, but then coal mining activities were considered excessively expensive and was subsequently discontinued, which turned the village to the Ghost City. Pyramid, perhaps, one of the most beautiful settlements on the archipelago: everything remained untouched from the moment the last miners left for fifteen years ago – all infrastructure, buildings, monuments, furniture, signboards.

Excursions to Barentsburg and Pyramid are organized by the Arcticugol tourism department (by prior arrangement and in the presence of a sufficient number of tourists), as well as a tour. companies directly from Longierebien, both in winter and summer. Cost – about 180 euros.

Budget accommodation

Camping is not only the most budget type of accommodation in the capital of the archipelago, but also an excellent chance to make a complete immersion in the harsh Arctic climate. "Longyearbyen Camping" – the world’s northernmost camping, which is literally 500 meters from the airport on the shore of Fjord. Proximity to the airport should not scare: regular flights are not very much, so there will be no noise to interfere. The cost of "overnight" is 100 crowns (not counting the cost of rolled tent). Camping is open all year round, but its service (shower + toilet + water) is available only in the summer season (from June to September). Tourists who want to use the territory of camping outside the season can do it completely free, but at the same time they should take their inventory and gear.

Among all hotels and hotels in Longierebien, the cheapest accommodation offers guesthouse "102", located in the Nyubyuen area (two kilometers south of the center of the village). From the airport, it is possible to get from the shuttle, as well as on the bike (you can hire). On the two floors of the Guesthouse for visitors, 31 rooms are available, among which there are "singles", "dubla" and rooms for several people, as in hostels. Each floors have shared bathrooms with shower and toilet. Those who wish can try local wine, which is called the same as the hotel – "102". Breakfast and bed linen include breakfast and bed linen, access to luggage storage and room. If desired, guests can rent a bike. Night cost of living (low / high season) in single – 390 and 550, and a room on four – 300 and 320 kroons, respectively.

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