Look at the bottom of the high kitchen

Imagine that you spent the whole day on fashionable defile and type show "nail art", admiring the mannequins in incredible wigs, with sticked eyelashes and painted nails, and clothing in which you can not imagine yourself even in a terrible dream. And after high fashion you demonstrate a high kitchen in a high-class restaurant. This is delighted? So you fan "Art for art".

Personally, I believe that clothes must be comfortable, but the food edible. We eat to live, but do not live to eat and all that. I do not mind consider cooking with art, if only art it was clear to everyone, and not chosen, "Happy lucky idle".

Journalists if you can attribute to the lucky ones, then not to idle. Frankly, at the end of the working day I really want to eat. Therefore, the proposal of the organizers of the shopping festival in Cannes to complete the evening dinner at the hotel’s restaurant "Carlton" was taken "to bang". It is likely to warm up the appetite, the receiving party kindly reported that all the rest who came to the restaurant in a goodwill, dinner will cost at least 193 euros. The menu immediately intrigued with its semi-way: whipped proteins with caviar "Osolter", nine delicacies "Earth and sea", Fillet Tubatka, Frcasse from squid and donaks with pickled tomatoes, gentle vegetables for a couple, for dessert – Gingerbread Kroshevo and pear, caramelized in semi-salted oil, with cinnamon, mint and black chocolate. To all this was offered champagne "Moet and Shandon", White wine "Chabely" and red "Savigni le Bon".

"And the soup?" – My neighbor was alarmed. The question about SUP occupied her from the aircraft, and I explained to the view that in France if we eat soup, then for dinner. And now it seemed to be disappointed. True, a large spoon lying on the table and, judging by her position among instruments, intended for the first dish, inspired some of the hopes. And suddenly soup from black caviar? The French are such custodians.

Nunted all over the world dirty frogs, the French actually adore snails. In early August in the Burgundy town of Diguen, a snail holiday is held (naturally, tragic for the mollusk). While the record in the personal standings among the eaters is 24 dozen, that is, 288 snails, arched by butter and parsley. Dozen eat still oysters. Truffles, probably, consider things, – no wonder they are called "Black diamonds".

But here we brought the same thing for what a spoon was lying: a pretty thick white liquid was poured into the children’s semi-duct plate, in which the yacht Konyukhov was swimming a piece of omelet value with a ruble coin and a top of a tenth. Memory came by the forgotten commercial bank "Imperial", in which Louis XIV cut the cherry knife, and then paid for it a hundred francs. Here it is, aristocratic kitchen.

France is still still a country where there is a network of good and inexpensive restaurants. However, this network is experiencing a severe crisis due to lack of working hands and faste-food rustic competition. The younger generation trusting allows you to put yourself in the network insidious Ronaldam McDonaldam. In the restaurant, it is often possible to see such a picture: parents are savoring oysters, and the children stuff in the mouth of potatoes. In order to instance, national traditions, in France annually conduct "Week of taste", During which the glorified chefs give lessons to schoolchildren, forcing them to recognize blindly four basic taste – salty, sweet, sour and bitter; Students make discounts in 450 decent restaurants, and class restaurants "lux" offer more accessible menu. At the same time, the restaurants give jackets to visitors, dressed in inappropriately – put the culture of the feast in the complex. Children’s menu at the hotel "Rit", For example, for "Children’s" Money – About 14 euros: Flubs with sesame, with a garnish of carrot puree and vegetable gravy, Cordon-Block Cutlet with Mozzarella cheese, rolls with vegetables, quince in dough and vanilla ice cream with coconut.

. Meanwhile, we have already put a rectangular dish under the conditional name "Try, Guess". Still, it’s hard to enjoy meals when you don’t understand what you eat. Nine intricate lumps reminded to taste something denoted by averaged term "seafood". Tied in a nodule fish, not broken with his fins, I did not solve.

The price of the feast included the settlement of not only taste, but also eyes and hearing. In the breaks between changes in dishes around the hall, the mannequins were defiled in dresses and decorations from the Dius, visually showing their example, which stunning weight loss results can be achieved thanks to the correct nutrition. In the interruptions between the aisles of the mannequins, the relay was taken by singers who knocked out visitors from behind the tables – to dance so that already absorbed food is better learned.

In Paris, the exhibition of tastes is held annually, dedicated to the art of cooking, gastronomy and guilt, and Fuding weeks (this word is formed by merging the English Food – "food" and Feeling – "feeling"). In 2000, a Paris bioreso restaurant was recognized as a week in the world in the world "By Mana", in which food is prepared according to the laws of Ayurveda. There you will be offered boiled rice with roasted mint and vegetables (carrots, podlock beans, maize), peas with stewed tomatoes, yoghurt cream with saffron. Before politely refuse, remember that France leads in Europe for the use of pesticides in agriculture, and biorestoms use only products obtained without any "Chemistry".

Look at the bottom of the high kitchen

On the table in front of me a plate with another culinary masterpiece. I wanted to scream: "And I know, and I know it is a fish!". The plate was attached to the plate in the form of a glass jar with a hermetically closing lid, in which sad asparagus languished and sluggish carrots. Even looking at them was sad, nothing. It is noteworthy that dessert is usually served in such vessels – "Panna cotta". What I wanted to say the chef restaurant, replacing the sweet boiled vegetables, left the mystery.

Few people know that every year in different countries of the world is held "Summits" Chefs of heads of state. The head of the country in which the meeting is held, receives the title of an honorary member of the Gastronomic Association. Bill Clinton and Former Canadian Prime Minister Jean Coton. And the highest honor for the chef of the French restaurant is to enter the trade union chamber of high French cuisine, regularly updating its composition.

In France, there are many guidebook guidebooks for restaurants, the most famous of which is "Michelin", first started to assign restaurants "stars", like hotels. Higher score – three stars. In February 2003, the Chef Bernard Luazo shot himself from a hunting shotgun after the Gault-Millau directory lowered his restaurant’s rating at the Côte d’Or in Solo from 19 to 17 points from 20 possible. "We just judge, and not kill", – compilers of the reference book were justified. And the experts of the story recalled an example of the famous vitel, chef Prince Conde. In 1671, the prince took the chantille king Louis XIV in the castle. Having learned that the tide was late, which means that tomorrow there may not be fresh fish to the table, the sword is sword. In my opinion, the greatest trust deserves a directory "Zaga", in which visitors act as critics. For several years in a row, the championship in the quality of food in it holds the Paris Taillevent Restaurant, named after French culinary XIV century.

. Dessert eaten at one moment. The plate was sprinkled with a plate on which a vase with a pear jelly was stood decorated with a tube from the finest chocolate chips. Kroshevo, like many other ingredients, declared in the composition of the dishes, was used only for decoration. Estettes!

In just a quarter of an hour, black coffee with a pair of tiny cookies. Sorry, and where cheese? This, by the way, your Bryia-Savaren said that lunch without cheese – a beautiful woman who does not have one eye. You can, of course, argue that now is not dinner, but dinner, but still insult. In half the twelfth dinner, which began at nine in the evening, finally ended, not leaving the sensations of the filled stomach. With a cheerful thought about breakfast, on which we take our own, everyone went to bed.

Look at the bottom of the high kitchen

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