Lookers and low cost airlines with which it is really cheap to fly

The first airlines, which tried to fly from Russia, using the low-budget airline model, was the Italian "Alpi Eagles", its aircraft flew back from Moscow in Bari and Venice for 70 euros (back), but soon the company was ruined. Today, a dozen airline-louxers fly from the Russian Federation, some of which are only conventionally considered. Currently there is no clear division between traditional airlines and loupes, airline business models are mixed. We will not argue and argue on whether AIRBALTIC LOOKOSTER is, and we will give a list of those with whom you can actually save.

Airlines flying from Russia

    This airline does not need a view. Despite the constant scandals with her participation, you can fly the victory is really cheap, the main thing is to carefully read all the conditions. The airline often suits sales and opens up new directions – if you act quickly, you can buy tickets at a very attractive price (from 499 rubles. one way).

Flights from Moscow to Budapest and Debrecen stand from 50 euros one way. Having entered the Wizz Discount Club, you can additionally save – membership is bought for a year, and the benefit is felt at the first trip, if you buy tickets back to two. This is the first inexpensive option to fly to continental Europe from Moscow. From Budapest and neighboring European cities, the same airline can be flying to other cities. Budapest – a great option to start a budget trip.

Read examples How to use Wizzair flights when drawing up budget routes: "Five countries for 20 thousand rubles" and "Four countries for 17,487 rubles"

From the cities of Russia to the city of Turkey, Europe, Central Asia, the Middle East, Northern Cyprus with docking in Istanbul. The opportunity to fly at a low price from Moscow, Krasnodar, Mineral Waters (from 50 euro flight to Istanbul, from 80 euros Flight over Europe and a little more than Bahrain, Kuwait, Georgia and Asian cities).

Flights to the UAE and the city of Europe, Asia and Africa from the cities of Russia (from Moscow, Kazan, Rostov-on-Don, Ufa, Samara, Krasnodar). Quite often a good cost of flight from regions to Nepal, Sri Lanka, India.

Flights to Barcelona, ​​Alicante from Moscow and St. Petersburg from 95 euros one way.

German airline rushing from germanwings. Flying from Moscow and St. Petersburg to Frankfurt and Munich.

Czech airline flying from Moscow almost across Europe. The lowest flights for flights to Prague – from 95 euros one way.

Direct flights from Moscow to Italy (Naples, Milan, Verona, Pisa, Genoa and Olbia on Sardinia Island).

Flights from St. Petersburg to Iceland, as well as flights to the USA and Canada with a stop in Iceland.

Flights from Moscow to Antalya and Istanbul from 65 euros one way.

Lookers and low cost airlines with which it is really cheap to fly

Departures from Moscow to the city of Middle and Middle East (UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan), North Africa (Sudan, Egypt), India, Nepal, Bangladesh through Sharjju (UAE).

Some airlines can be found inexpensive flights for a number of directions (This may be due to low load, promotion, high competition and T.D.). For the completeness of the picture when searching for tickets, we advise you to analyze the proposals of these airlines:

Loaders of Europe

    – the largest louker. At the Irish airline, the fleet size is twice as much as the Aeroflot aircraft park, the airline per day arrives about 2000 flights around the world. Be sure to fly this airline, traveling around Europe. You can love the airline not only for the opportunity to fly from the countries adjacent to Russia (from Lithuania, Latvia, Finland), but also for bold advertising campaigns, rumors to make standing places for passengers and a calendar with half-color stewardess, which can be bought on board.

. Basic hubs in the cities of Paris, Milan, London, Lyon, Nice, Berlin, Rome, Naples, Amsterdam, Lisbon, Basel. The flights "Amsterdam – Prague", "Barcelona – Paris" or "Lisbon – Funchal" will be extremely useful in the preparation of routes in Europe.

Flying mainly from the cities of Eastern Europe to Western, main airports they use, Budapest, Warsaw, Riga, Prague, Belgrade, Sofia, Kiev, Vilnius and T.D.

Lookers and low cost airlines with which it is really cheap to fly

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