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Observation Deck AT 300 – This is the best place to look at Abu Dhabi from a bird’s eye view. How to get? How much does the ticket cost? What time is the best for visiting? What objects from here can be seen and what no? Read in our article.

As of February 2021, the observation deck 300 is open to visiting tourists. But remember the covid security measures that read the article on the link above.

Brief description of the sights

On the western edge of the island and the city of Abu Dhabi there is a complex of 5 towers Etihad Towers. The highest of them – Tower 2 (Tower 2) with a height of 307 meters and 75 floors (including technical). On the 74th (last residential) floor, at an altitude of 300 meters there is a restaurant and an observation deck with a review of 360 degrees.

At an altitude of 300 meters

Tower 2 opened in December 2012 and became the highest building on Abu Dhabi Island and second in the altitude in the city of Abu Dhabi after Sky Tower’s skyscraper on Al-Rome Island. Now Tower 2 occupies 4th place in the ranking of the highest buildings of Abu Dhabi. The observation deck was and remains the highest in Abu Dhabi.

It can be said that this is an affordable alternative for those tourists in Abu Dhabi, who does not want or cannot be financially afforded to go to Burge Califa.

From the observation deck you can see many attractions and interesting buildings Abu Dhabi. Which, let’s tell below.

It is especially interesting to observe the sunset from the observation deck and look at the beauty of the city in the rays of the setting sun. However, this can be done only from October to February, and during the remaining months, the sunset occurs already 19-00 (closing time of the observation deck).

What can be seen that it is not visible

In guidebooks and tourist sites they write: "All Abu Dhabi is visible as on the palm". Of course, this is not the case, because Abu Dhabi is a very big city. But the central part of the city is visible in good weather. On the perimeter of the observation deck installed stationary binoculars.

The famous Emirates Palace hotel is best visible, which is located across the road from the Etihad Towers complex. To the left of it you can see the Palace of Casre Al-Vathan.

View of the hotel and the palace

Next to the left of the presidential palace. It can be seen perfectly in any weather. However, remember that according to the UNEA’s laws, the military, police and other government facilities are prohibited. If you take pictures, the guard will suit and ask you to erase the photo, it is better to do so.

To the right of the Emirates Palace Hotel, you will see Al Qasir Island, on it there is a Marina Mall shopping center, a luxury residential complex Marina Village and the famous Fairmont Marina Abu Dhabi. This area is the local "ruble", the villa there stands from 10 million dirhams.

Also on Al-Qasir Island is the village of Heritage and the biggest flagpole with the national flag of the UAE. The village of Heritage is seen partially, but to see anything impossible in it even with binoculars. The flagpole is not visible at all, it closes the skyscraper of Adnoc Headquarters.

The right to partially seen the embankment and the beaches of the Kornish, but it is not particularly noted that. If you turn away from the sea, you will see a beautiful building of the UAE Foreign Ministry, which is easy to find out by the Big Dome.

Many tourists are trying to see the Great Sheikh Zaid Mosque, and some it can even succeed. It can be seen, but only in good weather. See anything in it, except for the outlines, you can only through binoculars. Distance from the observation deck to the mosque – 18 kilometers.

Where is and how to get

Towers Etihad

On the western outskirts of Abu Dhabi Island, west from the Kornish Embankment, right next to the Emirates Palace Hotels.

At the time of publication of this article only the bus 034 goes here. If somewhere next to your hotel it stops, you can rent just 2 Dirhama per person. Go out at the Emirates Palace Hotel stop. For travel on buses you need a Hafilat transport card, which can be bought from the driver.

Faster and easier to get in taxi. It is difficult to predict the cost of the trip, it depends on the location of your hotel. A trip can cost from 12 to 50 dirhams. Taxi Tariffs Watch our article "Taxi in the UAE".

From other emirates to go here we do not make sense. However, if you gathered to come from Dubai, then read our article "From Dubai in Abu Dhabi and back".

Ticket price

95 Dirhamov. With a ticket, get a 55 dirham voucher, which can be spent on snacks and drinks in the restaurant. We warn you right away that this money is not particularly "walking". Current dirhama rate to ruble, dollar and euros, see our article "UAE currency".

Afternoon Tea

From 14-00 to 18-00 there is a special offer "Afternoon TEA". For 250 dirhams, tea or coffee and a tray of three tiers with 12 types of cakes and 5 sandwiches are served. What it looks like, look at the photo next, click on the photo to enlarge. A good option for two or more people, but one is difficult to master it.

For guests of the Conrad ABU Dhabi Etihad Towers (Located in Tower 2).

Features of the voucher and prices in the restaurant

Lookout 300

Important moment! Prices in the restaurant do not include local taxes. That is, to prices add about 20%. Although we hope that by the time of your visit the menu will fix – will make prices with taxes included.

Prices in the restaurant (including all taxes):

Greek, "Caesar" or other salads – 45 Dirhams.

Sandwiches with turkey, beef or cheese – 65 dirhams.

Tea – 40-45, coffee – 35-40, Cola or other soda – 35 Dirhams.

Cookies and buns – 35 Dirhams.

Ice cream – 20 dirhams.

Opening hours

From 12-00 to 20-00 all days except Sunday.

From 19-00 to 20-00 in the restaurant usually plays live music.

Tips for tourists

– Do not forget about the dress code. In the Etihad Towers buildings may not let in shorts or T-shirt. Shoulders and knees must be covered, no neckline or open back. About the dress code in the UAE, we talked in detail in the article "What is impossible to the UAE";

– to go only on the observation platform there is no point. Go to the Casre Al-Vatan Palace, see the Hall of the Emirates Palace Hotel, visit Sheikh Zaid Memorial. All these attractions are near;

– The trip is better to plan on a weekday, people will be less. We remind you that the weekend in the UAE is Friday and Saturday. Thursday and Sunday can be weekends from some employees. The best days for visiting any sights are Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Details in our article "Friday and weekend in the UAE".

Successful walks on Abu Dhabi, and read our interesting articles about the UAE (List of articles below).

Lookout 300

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