Loop Mae Hongson for 4 days by car or motorbike

Make a few days in a pleasant relaxed atmosphere of Thai deep, visit the village of Longly Women, Little Atmospheric Temples, Caves and National Parks. Try the local food and appreciate the hospitality and good nature of local residents.


Countries on the route: Thailand

Total length: 700-750 km

Route duration: 4 days

Travel period: Round year

Transport on the route: Rental car

Approximate budget: 130-150 $ / person (calculated under the budget options for housing and transport. In useful links to the route), plus food (15-20 $ / day) and 20-50 $ for shopping, massages, local tours and TP.

Loop Mae Hongson for 4 days by car or motorbike ; The route is suitable for those who want to get closer to the nature and culture of Thailand, in addition to staying in Chiang May. The base route can be complemented by stops for a day or two in the cities on the route.

The route begins and ends in Chiang May (looking for tickets to Chiang May).

The route can be combined with rest on Thailand Islands.

Car rental or Motobike in Chiang May

You can choose and book a car online and pick up in Chiang May at the arrival airport.

Search options and book a car here (the system is looking for available options for the bases of local car rental companies in Chiang Mae, carefully read the booking conditions, as the conditions differ from the operator to the operator). Booking in advance, you can save significantly on renting.

The car can also be rented on the spot (convenient option for those who are planning before traveling to spend a few days in Chiang May and return to the city, and not fly away immediately after traveling to Bangkok or to the islands). Alternatively, in Chiang May, you can also rent a car with a driver (cost of about 50-60 $ / day plus payment of gasoline and tips), ask in guest houses or tour offices Chiang May.

Circular automotive route can also be driving on a motorbike (cost 10-20 $ / day, depending on the chosen bike). You can rent a motorbike in Chiang May on arrival either in advance online (see options and prices here). Make sure your insurance applies to motorbike trips. Always wear a helmet and do not go behind the wheel, not being confident in my skill ; Roads of Northern Thailand ; not a place for learning.

Remember that in Thailand left-sided movement. Best GPS, download and / or update the map of Thailand. Take your smartphone and buy a local phone card with the Internet to be able to access the Google map. On the Google map you can find almost all the sights of the route.

Approximate budget

  • Rent a car US $ 30-50 / day plus gasoline
  • Car rental with driver ; 50-70 $ / day plus gasoline and tip
  • Motobike rental ; 10-20 $ / day

Day 1. Chiang May – May Sariang

Explore the beauty of the incredible Doy Inhanon, visit the waterfalls, take a walk along the pedestrian trails, climb the top to the magnificent steps of the King and the Queen, visit beautiful temples and enjoy a pleasant relaxed atmosphere of Thai deep.

Length: about 250-300 km, including Doy Unthanon. Route 108.

Stop on the way

  • Temple on Wat Phra That Doi Noi Hill, from which a magnificent view of the Ping River. Temple is located near the highway, 45 km from Chiang May, before turning to Doy Unthanon.
  • Doy Inhhanon National Park (Doi InThanon) ; Take a map in the information center at the entrance (a couple of kilometers from check-point 1, road 1009), select a couple of waterfalls, climb the top and to the steps of the king and the queen, go down to the check-point 2, roll up on the road 1192 and you again send to the main route. Before departure on the track 108 there is a small local restaurant where you can dine.
  • Upon arrival in May Sariang, dine in the hotel restaurant (on the outdoor terrace overlooking the river)

Where to live

Riverhouse Hotel ; Not the cheapest (for May Sarianga), but one of the most pleasant accommodation options in the city. Good clean rooms, good restaurant, located on the terrace over the river, parking for cars and bikes, good Wi-Fi. Book in advance in high season!

Looking for another housing in May Sariang: on Booking | on agoda | simultaneously in different booking systems

See where to look for accommodation: Travel Guide for May Sariang (section where to live)

Approximate budget

  • Hotel in May Sariang -30-35 $ per room / night
  • Doy Inthanon ; About 9-10 $ / ticket
  • Loop Mae Hongson for 4 days by car or motorbike

Day 2. May Sariang – Mae Hong Son

Stroll early in the morning according to May Sariang and explore the local small temples, climb to the temple on the mountain, spend a couple of hours on hot springs and enjoy a chic foot massage. In the afternoon, on arrival in May Hong, visit one of the villages of Karenov (long-haired women) and stroll through the long bamboo bridge through rice fields to a tiny temple . In the evening ; Stroll along the lake and admire the night reflection of the temple in the lake.

Length: about 200 km, including attractions in the vicinity of Mae Hong Son

Stop on the way

  • Wat Chom Thong Temple ; Temple on Mountain in May Sariang.
  • Coffee shop and view-Point Mae La Noi ; 30 km from May Sariang on the highway 108.
  • Hot Springs (PHA Bong Hot Spring) ; 10 km from May Hong Son.
  • Huai Seua Thao village ; Village of longest women, 7 km from May Hong Son
  • SU Tong PAE Bridge ; Bamboo Bridge and small village temple, 12 km from May Hong Son

Where to live

BOONDEE HOUSE ; Cute guest, conveniently located ; not far from everything ; ; Lakes, temples, markets, restaurants and city cafes. Pure, pleasant atmosphere.

Look for another housing in Mae Hong Son: on Booking | on agoda | simultaneously in different booking systems

See where to look for accommodation: Guide to May Hong Son (section where to live)

Approximate budget

  • Hotel in May Hong Son -20-25 $ per room / night
  • Hot Springs and Landmarks ; about 10-20 $

Day 3. May Hong Son – Pai

Lear to the white temple on Mae Mae Hong Son. Complete on a bamboo raft by a completely stunning cave of Tham Lod and admire the luxurious views from the browsing attacks on the road to Pai and pay, finally in the waterfall)

Length: about 110 km


  • 1095, Tambon Pang Mapha ; Watching halfway to the paul
  • Tham Lod ; Here it is worth taking a tour on bamboo rafts
  • KIEW-LOM ViewPoint ; Bindow at the entrance to the paul
  • Waterfall MO Paeng Waterfall ; La Waterfall A la Natural Water Slides
  • Upon arrival in Pay, walk through the night market Walking Street by the river and plunge into a pleasant and easy atmosphere of the Becpecker.

Where to live

Rim Pai Cottage ; Cute bungalows along the river next to the center. Bungalow themselves ; Simple, but clean, plus you have your own small terrace and a charming garden in which strange huge birds walk. There is parking on site (a convenient option for those on the car or plans to rent a motor-bike).

Looking for another housing in Pai: on Booking | on agoda | simultaneously in different booking systems

See where to look for accommodation: Pai Travel Guide (section where to live)

Approximate budget

  • Hotel in Pai -30-35 $ per room / night
  • Swimming elephant in the river ; About 35-40 $

Day 4. Pai – Chiang May

Refresh in the morning under the cool waterfall, look at the rift of the Earth and try fruit fruits in a local atmospheric cafe, go through a narrow trop of the canyon, visit the elephant Kemp and, if you wish, take away the elephant in the river.

Length: about 130 km

What to see

  • Pam Bok waterfall ; waterfall in which you can swim
  • The Land Split ; gap in the ground and atmospheric cafe near
  • Canyon Pai
  • Elephant Kemp Thom&# 8217; S PAI Elephant Camp

Approximate budget

  • Swimming elephant in the river ; About 35-40 $

The path from the share with stops will take all day, so plan a return with overnight in Chiang May.

From Chiang May you can fly to the islands of Thailand. The budget airlines of Thailand are joking Chiang May directly from Krabi and Phuket Island, as well as with many other Thailand Islands with added to the flight with additional transport (boat or bus + boat). See tickets on the sites of Thai state employees and / or here (Russian-speaking booking system)

Plan a dock between the flight of the aircraft and the arrival of the solder at least 3 hours.

Loop Mae Hongson for 4 days by car or motorbike

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