Los Angeles History

September 4, 1781 – 44 Spanish missionaries founded Los Angeles.

Long ago, when Buffalo (for those who do not know – American Bison) were calves, and the Indians are sober, the Spanish Governor Felipe de Nezve sent 11 men, 11 women and 22 children to wild, but fertile lands, soared by the Sun. And they laid the settlement on the shore of the warm ocean, and dedicated him to the Great Lady – El Pueblo de Roos Senior La Reina de Los Angeles de Panzkula. Was the Queen of the Angels beautiful as a day or in the best Spanish traditions is terrible as a mortal sin – no one is unknown. However, the settlement in the north of Mexico proudly wore her name.

In general, the future California settled spontaneously and unevenly, but actively. Not only Spanish missionaries tried a track, but also soldiers, merchants, peasants and adventurers – including pirates who decided to tie with their past. Thanks to their desire for rooting, San Diego, Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, Monterey, San Francisco and DR were founded.

On the shores of the Pacific Ocean, not only Spaniards, but also the British, Russians, and later and the Americans. All of them admired beautiful natural harbor, high mountains, fertile valleys and almost the perfect climate. Warm waters off the coast of California, Russian ships were visited, faded on seals and marine outers.

By the way, shortly before the appearance of 44 of the Spaniards, in 1778., English navigator James Cook explored and mapped the coast from San Francisco to Alaska. According to unverified data, the plans of Cook had to return here for the next year and go along the Mexican coast, but the poor fellow was lucky – he was ate.

In 1803. To the territory, stomping from the Pacific, to the Rockies and from California in the south to Alaska in the north (it was called Oregon Lands), Spain, Russia, USA and the United Kingdom claimed. Although California belonged to Spain, the births of the British and Americans were stronger. And those and others have trading factors.

Los Angeles remained under the wing of Mexico, although English and American merchants became influential people here. In 1819. Under the contract with Spain, the boundaries were established between the United States and Spanish possessions in Mexico, which were distributed to the huge region of the current states of Texas, Arizona, Utah, Nevada, New Mexico, California and part of Colorado.

Although the Americans traveled to Los Angeles on ships, overcoming all difficulties and dangers (from the shores of the Atlantic, around South America, through the stormy Magemellan, and then north), they were adamant in their desire to take possession of the promised land.

In 1832. Migrants mastered the land route, which entered the story called Oregon Trail (Oregon Trail) and was hardly harder to the sea. He began in the town of Independence on the Missouri River and a winding path with a length of 2 thousand miles (3.2 thousand km) taken to Oregon. At the same time, no row road was laid, immigrants armed with primitive navigation instruments were aware of only an approximate direction of movement through the great plains. For big money mined hand-drawn cards indicating river brodes and affordable mountain passes. People walked and walked like ants, endless stream, and thousands of their floods in the floods, snowy beran, steppe fires, drought, accidents, diseases and collisions with hostile tribes of the Indians.

Borders of the United States, England and Mexico were open – come who you want, got down where you want. However, the end of free migration put the rebellious general Antonio Lopez de Santa Ana. In 1833. He made a coup and proclaim himself with a dictator of Mexico. Texans undergoed by exorbitant taxes. The struggle for and against independence was with varying success, but the legendary hero General Samuel Houston in the battle of San Hasinto on March 21, 1836 defeated Mexicans. The Independent Republic of Texas was up to 1845., after which I became an American staff.

Los Angeles History

Mexico refused to recognize the new staff, began to raids on the territory of Texas hot mexican guys and border skirmishes. The bowl of patience of the Great Nation overflowed on April 24, 1846., When 1600 Mexican soldiers killed 63 Americans. US declared Mexico war that she lost. According to a peace treaty, signed on February 2, 1848., The boundaries between Mexico and Texas were installed on the Rio Grande River, and for 18 million. 250 thousand. Mexico dollars inferior USA huge territories of California and New Mexico (current states of California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona and New Mexico).

Existed without a small 70 years, in 1848 the Spanish village of Los Angeles was joined to the United States. April 4, 1850 he received city status.

Now it is the largest city of California, the entire agglomeration has about 14 million inhabitants. City buildings occupy more than 1,200 square meters. KM. Los Angeles ahead of the planet of the whole of the film industry (Hollywood). In 1955, Disney itself opened in anheim (one of the districts of Los Angeles) The world’s first Disneyland.

The US Champion in the number of murders Los Angeles is not, although a strong second place (after New York) has been occupied by many years. In 1989. 877 people were killed here, in 1990. – 983 people. "Capital Gangster" Chicago breathes Los Angeles in the back of the head – 742 murders in 1989., 850 – in 1990.

But not only this problem worries local authorities. In May 2000, there was a rumor that the state government is going to replenish the reserves of drinking water due to. Wastewater. The population is indignant, but officials stand on their: they say, after a multistage purification for 5 years, water will be quite suitable for use inside.

To drink all the water in the district, the residents of Los Angeles took 219 years.

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