"Loss of faces" In Thailand

Thailand – a comfortable country for independent travel, especially for first trips. To rest successfully, you must know some of the features of Thai society. Because if before that you traveled in Europe, in Thailand (as in other countries of the SUV) there will be a cultural shock. European and Asian thinking differs radically. At first glance, Thailand seems chaos, but it is an ordered chaos living in its laws. Local vowels and unlawful rules It is important to know that your travel travel around the country is comfortable and simple.

Several articles will be devoted to the peculiarities of Thai culture that any foreigner should know in Thailand. I want to start S "Persons", or rather with its loss and preservation. For trying to keep the face just the most absurd (at the European look) things in Thailand occur. Face loss is very thin, incomprehensible to foreigners. Can be compared with the Russian "fall into the dirt", only with a shade of special tragedy, resentment and humiliation. Residents of Thailand are trying to save their face with any ways. Examples will explain how you can lose face to Thai or yourself.

Indicate errors

In no case can you directly indicate their mistakes directly. Especially public, as for them is public humiliation. When I did not know about the preservation of the face so deeply as now, at times lost her face with his Thai colleagues. And then they did not talk to me for weeks. Direct comments will not give results. For example, if the driver is not knowing where your hotel is located, he never confesses because he will lose face. And if you specify my ignorance, then Taac will also get angry, maybe even revenge. If the seller say that in the next store this thing is cheaper, the Tapet will not reduce the price and even considers you greedy – and in this case you will lose your face and respect Thai. How to do in such situations? With the driver you can completely rely on it, let it seek. But if you are circling on Bangkok on the meter, give the driver’s phone number. In the case of the seller, it is better to complain that earlier and the grass was greener and the price is cheaper, then it is quite likely to achieve a discount. It is necessary to avoid direct confrontations with the local population.

And, of course, you need to be polite – this is one of the main virtues in Thailand. Although sometimes you may notice unacceptable actions from Thai. For example, in queues, some tend to squeeze the first. And this is done not from evil intent, but by inertia, like children. What grandma is a schoolgirl that a solid businessman. In this case, it is necessary to gently indicate them for an error that is equivalent to the face loss.

Criticize Thais

Thais need to very carefully criticize. Loss of face fraught not only loss of respect, but also revenge. Shame should be washed off. So a public swing with one Thai can lead to a situation: he will leaving the face, but then return either with a weapon or with friends. Any fight in a nightclub or a bar for a foreigner at all is inexpensive, the surrounding Thais will be connected to it from a sense of solidarity and will be on the side of their.


Creek or voices increase – this is a unambiguous face loss. Parents rarely scold their offspring. In Thai understanding of children "Naaraq" – such cute creatures, giving joy. Losing a face and respect in the eyes of Thais can be swearing or punishing your child in public or loudly quarreling with a satellite. It is believed that in such people there is no internal force, which teaches the Buddha to keep anger and irritation with you. Self-prosecution and self-provenancy are more important than emotion deposited. This also applies to the promial manifestations of love. Kissing couples in public places are murdered.


Loss of face in Thailand - rules of behavior, useful tips, how not to offend Thai guide to

Poorness is also a loss of face, for example, leave a tip 1-2 baht. Thais has not accepted to bargain to save face. But Europeans who are accustomed to trade in Turkey and Egypt, often immediately call a high price. Another thing is that in tourist sites not all sellers Thais, there are Pakistanis, and Burmese, and Indians. With them just need to bargain.


Thai complaints and Thailand is a loss of faces, so you are not an object of conversation in the wrong light, but yourself. It should be divided into the hotel room or to complain to the acute Thai food, normally. But to say, all the thais is bad – it is a loss of faces. Imagine if a foreigner who came to you would say in a similar way.

Like each medal, attempts to keep the face has a backpage. Thais hide their emotions than periodically cause the accumulation of negative and explosion, fraught with the yield of aggression. In Thailand, violence is almost not found for violence, like football fans or gopniks. There is always a reason, as a rule – loss of face. Then the chairs are boiling, and the lid tears. Thais has their exits of aggression – this is Thai boxing and other martial arts. But should be careful with young people, especially in alcoholic intoxication. In general, it is better to avoid conflicts by any way, issuing a famous Thai smile and deepening in his comfortable calm inner world.

Full understanding of the term "Loss of face" comes only over the years permanent communication with Thais. Next time I will tell about other vowels and unlawful rules that you can apply in your travel in Thailand, and Thais will not seem so incomprehensible.

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