Lost passport – what to do?

Once in such a situation, you need to take into account that the restoration of a biometric passport takes about a month. In the case of a simple passport of the old sample, this process will require less time, but in the case of a biometric document, it will not be able to accelerate the case.

Lost passports in the Russian Federation

In the event that the passport was lost in the territory of the Russian Federation, its owner, first of all, it is necessary to write a statement and contact him to the district police station at the place of residence asking for a certificate confirming the loss of the document. After receiving the help, you will need to assemble the entire package of documents for registration of the new "gear" – these are the rules.

To make a new outlet document you will need:

  • Application form with ones on the front photographs (in 2 copies);
  • Passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation, as well as photocopy of pages containing personal data, registration and pages 18-19
  • Lost passport - what to do
  • Employment history or a certified copy of the records for ten years
  • Military ID (for men aged 18 to 27 years) or certificate of the military commissariat)
  • If a citizen who lost his passport is less than 18 years, then the list of documents required to receive a passport, accordingly looks different.
  • Special profile application with photo
  • Photocopy of child parents passport, including personal data, registration and 18-19 pages, and photocopy of birth certificate
  • For born until 2002 &# 8211; Copy of the liner about the citizenship of the Russian Federation
  • For citizens aged 14-18 years – Copy of passport Personal data, registration and 18-19 pages

Lost passports outside the Russian Federation

Also in both cases the applicant is obliged to pay.duties and attach a receipt to the above documents.In case the passport was lost outside the Russian Federation, its owner, first of all, it is necessary to apply for a passport loss in law enforcement agencies. The application is submitted in the language of the country in which the person who has lost the passport is at that time. In response to a statement by law enforcement agencies, a certificate is issued on the basis of which a citizen of Russia may receive a document allowing entry into the territory of the Russian Federation.

To obtain a return on returning to the Russian Federation, it will be necessary to contact the Embassy or Consulate of Russia in the country of location and in addition to references, to provide any document confirming the identity of the applicant. Such a document can be a copy of a passport, internal passport, driver’s license, and t.D. Also, before going to the consulate, it will not be superfluous to do 2 matte photos in size 4×6 cm. After passing all these documents, you can hope that in two days will be ready so precious testimony.

If there are no documents certifying what to do?

And how to behave in case the lost passport, there is no document with it certifying his identity? In this case, it is necessary to enlist the support of compatriots. Their written statements confirming the identity of the applicant will be the basis for the conversion of the consulate in the Russian Foreign Ministry. In this case, the time to receive the evidence will be required more than two days. As a rule, this procedure takes about twenty working days.

However, it should be noted that the certificate is only fifteen days. During this time, it is necessary to have time to buy a ticket and return to Russia, and upon returning home for three days contact the Department of the UFMS, where the lost passport of the old sample was obtained, to pass the certificate received and start the process of registration of the new document.
You can find out the duration and cost of services for urgent registration by reference.

Lost passport - what to do

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