Lost world on the border of three countries. Mount Roraima

Nature has long been striking people with a variety of their creations, sometimes so amazing that amazing imagination. One of these natural creations are mountains, at first glance resembling a huge table: a flat top, on which, as it may seem, huge creatures carried out their feast. Mount Roraima, located on the border of Brazil, Venezuela and Guyana – one of the most famous representatives of the mountains. At the first glance, a feeling that nature hides something mysterious from humanity on its surface, biting the mountain with milk clouds almost half of the year. The feeling is true, because the unique fauna lives on the mountain and it grows no less unique flora, while the whole mysterious nature of the dining area is protected from people with various natural phenomena.

Indians of South America, Akin to the ancient Greeks who considered that their gods live On Mount Olymp, thought that their gods arranged their home on Mount Roraima, covered by watering milk clouds from ordinary mortals. But the South American Dining Room hides not the gods, but a certain mystery, seasoned with delicious species and not at all delicious hazards.

Christ, Symbol of Rio de Janeiro, Standing On Top of Corcovado Hill, Overlooking Guanabara Bay and Sugarloaf, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

What is hiding in the South American Olympus?

To explore what is hidden behind the clouds surrounding the mooring, it is necessary to climb on it. And this is a rather complicated and dangerous thing, as the road to the mountain passes through the Amazon jungle, famous for their obstruction and dangerous inhabitants, so the most correct will be ascent accompanied by a guide, and a trip to the "Lost World" is prohibited on a mountain without a specialist in this matter. The campaign lasts from 6 to 10 days, so you need to choose the time of the hike in advance, since the rainy season is in this area, and the rainy weather campaign is especially dangerous due to slippery winding path to the upper surface of the mountain, as well as lightning that constantly Bew on its surface, as if Roraim is the only one in the commander around.

After the ascent on the South American Olympus, just breathtaking views of both the terrain and its surface are opened. The lost world is replete with swamps, small lakes of amazing forms, predator plants who eaten insects, as well as trees that are clearly reflected by the consequences of lightning. Interesting is also the fact that almost the entire surface of the mountain has a black color due to microscopic algae, inhabiting the surface of the "Lost World".

What you need to do on the moorime?

Lost world on the border of three countries. Mount Roraima

After hitting this place, each tourist must necessarily do the following to brag all familiar:
Sit down and breathe legs from Mount Roraim – it is worth a lot. Getting the feeling that you sit on the steep bankcloth of the island, which is surrounded by non-mysterious waters, but by magic clouds that hug the mountain from all sides with their lungs – this is a feeling for real lovers of peace and bliss. And how well the understanding of the fact that a person is an ordinary buckacha in front of nature and its creations ..

See amazing tiny frogs. These amphibians are unique inhabitants of Mount Roraim. They have a completely black color that sometimes even scares those who wish to hold these amazing animals in their own hands. But even more surprising is that these small creatures believe in the rain are published, like a whistle, as if rejoicing in precipitation, or not at all of joy … Interesting is that they do not know how to jump, but at the sight of predators pretend to be stones and just fall. It is a rather strange way of escape from danger.

Spend the night on grief. Because of its special climatic conditions, the mountain is very non-smarter, which makes the night on it enough serious test, for Extreme lovers: Unpredictable rains, constant thunderstorms and lightning. But tourists and the Indians, accompanying them, found certain places where it is possible to wait for night weather with relative comfort – these are peculiar "hotels", which are in the rocks and are blowable caves. It is very important at night in such an unusual "hotel" – it takes care so that the tent camp does not poured with rainwater flowing down from the mountain.

In general, each Visitor Rooraima It will be found that he will be interested in seeing the "lost world" and will surely get the right feelings. This is an amazing place that is protected by nature with the help of rains, thunderstorms and lightning, which makes the journey to the top of the Mountain Mount Roraima with a real adventure, but this interesting and dangerous adventure is definitely worth committed due to the gamma of the emotions provided by South American Olymp Each wishes.

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