Love at first sight – Altai

But here an unexpectedly nigandanno dad (a big lover of mountains and at my youth many times went to mountain trips) I declare: there is here, says tours to Altai. Horse, auto, water and t.D. But after the word "horseman" I have everything like in a dream – I don’t hear anything else, I want, I say, horses, and point! And of course, how to go to Altai and not check out there rafting! So, began to watch. Options, of course, a lot, eyes scatter, chose according to the principle "Where is the cooler of the mountain" And with great difficulty found our perfect route.

We were taken from Barnaul, and we went to the point of departure of our route ⎼ Village Tungur. The road was wriggled between the forests and mountains, and on the way we met such guys:

Got watches 15, arrived at the place at night. Our tour suggested accommodation in tents, but it was raw and cold, there was so strong humidity and fog that you physically feel this moisture in the air. And, although further for us, such nights (and with even greater dampness and cold) were the usual phenomenon, few decided to spend the night in the tent. The next morning we woke up, clouds floated us, clinging the mountains surrounding the village, we had breakfast, began to put our things in the Archeake – special hiking bags that throw off the horse’s back, and went on the road. Every day we passed 20-30 kilometers while in the way of the riding clock on 5-6, and then 8 (so it is written in the route, but I myself completely lost the time bill in the way).

In the photo the very beginning of our campaign: the last settlement on the way to Belukha – Kucheral village

Our route

1 day
Transition through the Kuzuyuk pass (1513 m.), overnight in the meadow at the river Akkem.

2 day
Transition through the most fabulous forest along the rouch of the orochat (1100 m) to the parking lot at the Tukhman’s stream (2000 m), where we were suiced to a lonely tent (in the photo below). Guys, probably, thought to admire the view of alone with nature, but it was not there, they had neighbors playing the mafia by the fire until the night 🙂

3 day
Long transition from the creek Tukhman to Lake Culdaire without particularly complex sites, the Alpine meadows surrounded us on the way and "Mountain tundra", Poles of flowers of waterborns and dwarf willows and birch.

Opened panorama of Katunsky ridge.

The completion of our path on this day was Lake Culduire (2000 m), not far from which we smashed the camp.

That night was outstanding, probably the coldest, since she was the most clear. Sitting by the fire, it was possible to clearly feel that face, hands, feet hot, and the back is terribly cold. Such here contrasts.

4 day
Unlike the previous one, this day was saturated with steep lifts and descents. From Lake Culduyra, we went to the Telel River (1800 m), had to lead the horses in occasion, and not to descend, and after the prival, we were waiting for a very cool rise to Sarybel Pass (2300 m). I do not know how horses overcame it: a strong set of height (≈500 m), piles of stones, streams of water and dirt, and how patiently and gently demolished these tests! By the way, a lot of honeysuckle grow on this altitude, and while the horses drag us upstairs, I got a berry, tearing them right on the go 🙂

On the pass, we have long stopped photographed:

And they began to descend down to Lake Akkem (2000 m):

Camp we put a little away from the lake, in the valley of the river the crime, where they stayed for two nights.

5 day
On this day, we had a large-scale radial yield around the Lake Akkele to the most high-mountainous chapel in Russia and to the foot of the Mount Akoyuk, towering over the "Valley of the Seven Lakes". In total, we went to the kilometers of 25 then up, down, under the sun and rain, and then returned to the gorge.

6 day
The transition of Lake Akkem – Pass Karatyrek (translated from Altai – "Black Heart", 3060 m) – Cedar Polyana (≈2200 m). Probably the longest transition from all.

We switched to the accumulation, said goodbye to the beautiful glazing of the lake and the view of the beauty-Belukhu and began to rise to the passage of Karatyrek (3060 m). There are no shrubs, no herbs, no vegetation – only naked stones snow. And a stunning view of which the spirit captures.

My eagle, or affectionate – Orlik, this difficult path did it for the first time, since he is very young and before that only went to shorter routes. We got friends with him 🙂

I remember how many times on difficult risks I leaned forward, almost lay on his neck and talked to him. He told him that he was well done, left a little bit and that he is the best horse 🙂 In general, horses, I think everyone understands. In any case, intonation and your attitude to them. So say with them, and you do not have to be afraid of them 🙂

After a long tedious transition, we finally came to our glade. Near the flock of barishs:

Our Polyana had a gentle down descend down with an extensive panorama of the mountainside and lowland, but where there was like this in the evening:

Love at first sight - Altai

In the morning it became like this:

In the mornings, low clouds wrapped the camp and as if she was glasses from the mountains. For me, still is a fairy tale fact that it is right in the cloud when it sails by 🙂

7 day
Return to Tingur. Our last transition passed through the forest, in these places a decent rain passed, and the path was blocked little:

Splashes of dirt from under the hooves reached Makushki, we overcame the obstacles from the roots as could. My horse did not fall. That’s how I took, slipped and fell on the left side. By the lucky random, at that moment I went without stegraded, my legs were free, and I just jumped on the same side, where the horse fell. Moreover, he began to ride through his back in my direction.

I will not say that "All life flashed before his eyes" and T.D., and T.NS. I didn’t have anything to understand anything. Someone may not be sat down after that back to the saddle, but I feel sorry for my handsome. Fell, and also coughed a little leg (but it seems like everything went around). I stroked it, cleaned and said that "Nothing terrible, you are tired, but there is a little bit" 🙂

Yes, I still listened back there, yeah

In general, in the way to home, he stumbled a couple of times, so, apparently, in a hurry, and I already began to laugh, they say, "Dash, well, why collect stories for friends, maybe it’s easier to come up with?" 🙂

When we approached the database, I began to catch the network, everyone took the phone to call the experienced relatives, and no one was dismissed that when my horse stumbled for the second time (did not fall, of course, just shook me), I’m with the phone in my right hand, The reins and chomburh in the left went further as anything happened 🙂

Maybe someone will think that I brag here, what I am cool or something in this spirit, but no, I am writing about it just to tell you the story. The story of my adventure and story that you do not need to talk on the phone riding!

Upon arrival at the base, it was a pity to say goodbye to our faithful companions, we have passed so much. But a farewell dinner has been waiting ahead of us with those who did not go further on the rafting, sauna, fire, kebabs. This time no one went to sleep in the house, everyone was accustomed to her tent 🙂

At the conclusion of the above described, I want to say: solve such things. But the most important thing is when you decide, leave the thought in the civilized world that uncomfortable, cold, wet, firmly, difficult and "Kamon, where my bed"! It will not give you pleasure, understand and feel this nature, these places. These or any other. Enjoy the fact that others can only be seen in the photo! This is the most unreal!

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