Love Smirnova: "Moving under the palm tree is not a guarantee of happiness"

Love Smirnova has long written his notes on the site of Mishka.Travel. She tells our readers about the beautiful corners of Russia and no less beautiful overseas Dali.

Born and rose Lyuba in St. Petersburg. Now she is studying in graduate school of the Faculty of Sociology SPbSU. By 27 years managed to work both the waiter and an accountant in sex shop, and the secretary in a detective agency, and the teacher, and the PR manager, twice was seen in senior positions. And in the intervals between this Lyuba travels. Many and serious. Foreign internships, volunteer projects, independent conquest of countries such as Egypt, Cuba or Bosnia and Herzegovina. In general, our edition was terribly interested to chat with any. About all this below.

Hi, Lyuba! Where are you now and what you see around yourself?

I’m at home, in St. Petersburg. In my room, besides me and a drunk red cat, you can see a bunch of things from different cities and countries. For example, a shabby car room from Cuba, a poster from Italy, a picture from Rio, fake 10 dollars from Ecuador, baseball bat (Suddenly), an old radio, which is written "Ural 57", books, photos within, and more 3 mugs on the table is good already from Russia.

How long have you been traveling and where it all started?

Up to 20 years, I traveled a little in Russia, and then won the grant and went to learn from the exchange in Finland for 3 months. It was my first time abroad, went alone with stolen eyes. In general, it began to be pretty late, but then it turned around and rushed. However, it is due to the experience that I have formed a taste for a certain type of travel – independent and with benefit. In "All Inclusive" I feel close and nothing to take yourself.

All your travels – essentially more than traveling. Because you have time to work, experience, get on volunteer projects. Tell me why all this you need.

I am very interested in people and life itself. There is such a phrase "Life is a book, and without traveling you read just one page". I want to try to read as many pages as possible, and maybe leave your notes on the fields.

So as not to get into this trap, it seems to me, you need to give more than you take. You want to quit everything and go to the other end of the world? Super, so be useful there! Work with children, let the baby turtles under the ass, so that they get to the sea faster, build houses and roads, learn, work, help random fellow travelers and find new friends. In general, the desire to do something for this world and curiosity is my motivation and engine.

Where have you already managed to go?

At the moment I was on 7 internships in different countries. Studied in Finland. Worked in social and educational projects in Romania, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Italy and Colombia. T.E. I was somewhere a volunteer, somewhere worked for money, but in most cases it worked with children or young people, lectured, organized all kinds of interesting events, participated in trainings and t.D. If we talk about travel, then I was in 25 countries and I don’t know how many cities. Geographically, this is the European part of Russia, some of the CIS countries, Europe and Latin America. A! In Egypt, was still.

What adventures with you happened in the way?

Oh, yes a lot of things! For example, I was lost on the gay parade in Rio, participated in the Gypsy festival in Romania, cut into a great police car in London, asked alms at the airport Havana, saw the Pope of Roman in Italy, was on the Kalmyk wedding. To be honest, with me on the road constantly something happens.

How often your family sees you?

Love Smirnova

Often. Now we are negotiating about the extradition of three mugs from my desk in the kitchen.

Do you have some kind of your own way to get acquainted with space?

I am going for a walk. To go alone on an unfamiliar city – this is an incredible feeling. We must listen to yourself and be open new acquaintances. And do not be afraid of the language barrier. It is scary to think about what an incredible amount of ridiculous or funny stories I could not get without him.

What are your future plans?

For the coming year: continue to learn, work and discover a couple more interesting places on the map.

What is the most important on travel?

Go where your heart and people you meet are on the road.

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Love Smirnova

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